• This is a new image from The Walking Dead season 4. Looks like the bottom halves of heads get replaced with scarves this season! Oh no! -PopCultureBrain
  • “Obi-wan, can you stop saying ‘sand-people’? It’s kind of racist.” -McSweeney’s
  • In promotion for his upcoming novel, The Stench of Honolulu, Jack Handey and Funny or Die created two animated videos with excerpts from the book. Watch them! -FunnyOrDie
  • Leah Remini, of King of Queens, has reportedly quit the Church of Scientology for reasons that seem just as fucking nuts as everything else you hear about Scientology. Ugh I love reading about Scientology. -NYPost
  • For those of you in New York: There is going to be a Breaking Bad exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image coming at the end of this month and staying until October! AH! -AMC
  • Over at Vulture, Margaret Lyons asks a question to which I’d also like an answer: Why isn’t there a successor to Six Feet Under? -Vulture
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  1. Do you think the Breaking Bad exhibit will be incomplete because it doesn’t have anything about the last 8 episodes or do you think they’ll just put spoilers in? I guess what I’m asking is can I go there before the season premieres to see what will happen?? What do you think will happen, guys???

  2. My favorite part of every story about Scientology is the obligatory “A Scientology rep denied all allegations” line at the end. I feel like whoever this rep is just automatically denies anything he/she gets asked.

    Reporter: I heard that you guys blacklisted Leah Remini for questioning David Miscavige.
    Scientology rep: No, that’s absurd. We don’t blacklist people.
    Reporter: Oh, ok. Cool. Do you know what time it is?
    Scientology rep: Absolutely not! Shelly is alive and well!

  3. “Mrs. Miscavige reportedly hasn’t been seen in public since 2007.”

    Oh boy…


  4. Oops, sorry


  5. Sigh, I resign. Take over, Chewie!

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