Huh. Everything kind of seems harder in space? Sometimes you watch these videos and it’s like, Why do these guys even go up into space? Just stay down here! Showers are totally normal down here, every single part of them. They’re pretty much just exactly how you’d imagine a shower, if you were to imagine one. Let me know if you have any questions about showers or living in Space vs. Earth, but PLZ do believe me when I say that it is easier on Earth.

Oh well, even if we didn’t get through to the astronauts, at least we saved ourselves a trip to the Hair In Space Museum.* (Via ISS.)

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  1. It’s recommended that you don’t use Herbal Essences; in space, nobody can hear you moan.

  2. Dry shampoo doesn’t even help me on Earth.

  3. Sometimes I think about the things we do nowadays that future people are going to laugh at . Showers are one of these things.
    “They just stood there under a bunch of regular water naked while rubbing things on their body until the things got all bubbly? And then they just let the water take the bubbles off? And that was supposed to CLEAN them? WTF!! Well, nice chat, time for me to head home on my hoverboard!”–future people.

    • In the future,they’ll have a newer form of text messages, where instead of having to sit tthere pushing buttons, you can just speak and it’ll record your message. And then the recipient can be listening in real-time and immediately respond, also by speaking. It’ll be WAY more advanced than what we have now.

      And if you DO have to push buttons, they’ll be physical buttons, not on a screen, so you can eat chocolate at the same time.

  4. I don’t have sound here, so I gotta ask, has she been up in space since 2004, or whatever year those “life is good” t shirts were unfortunately still a thing? I hate those shirts. I always imagine people who wear those shirts probably listen to Jack Johnson because it’s “chill” music and choose trail mix as their snack of choice. All of these things annoy me, yet I cannot give you a legitimate or very specific reason why.

      • If I saw that kid in real life I would totally want to be friends with him.

        • Oh, definitely.

          Also, I think your imagination is pretty much spot on. One of my friends is always wearing those shirts, he has as a life is good spare tire cover on his jeep, listens to Jack Johnson, and every time I talk to him he is either about to surf or go to yoga. But I guess if you get to fill your free time with surfing and yoga, life is pretty fucking good though.

    • My parents were in town a few weeks ago, and I accompanied my mom on one of her shopping trips. We had been in this antique store for almost 20 minutes, and I got bored and decided to check out whatever was next door. It was one of the Life is Good stores. I browsed for 15 seconds, turned around and went back to staring at antiques.

    • I like to listen to Jack Johnson, because it’s nice relaxing music and sometimes it’s okay to stop caring about if it’s okay in your social circles to like a certain music, or even if it’s actually good, so long as it makes you feel okay. But the rest of what you described is terrible.

      • I am totally with you on not giving a fuck if it’s “cool” to listen to certain music. I just think Jack Johnson is incredibly, painfully boring.

  5. showers on earth are hard enough!

  6. In space, no one can hear you clean.

  7. I hate to begin the commenting day by disagreeing with Kelly, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There are at least 8 advantages to the spaceshower:
    1. I can wash my hair while wearing a shirt.
    2. I can attach my shampoo to the wall with simple velcro so it won’t slip off the shower caddy and break my toe.
    3. I can use towels for days because the A/C system sucks all the humidity out of them and they won’t become sentient mildew beings.
    4. The water is always the right temperature. Always.
    5. I never have to deal with whatever critter is in the drain.
    6. There is no curtain flopping about in the convection current and moistly glomming onto my legs.
    7. Because I am clothed I can listen to Chris Hadfield while I shower and that isn’t awkward/sexy unless I want it to be.
    8. I can look like Heat Miser whenever I want.

  8. But how does she touch up her roots in space?

  9. The music in space sounds like it’s from an episode of Martin.

  10. Packing For Mars (specifically the part about astronaut toilet situations) taught me that being an astronaut is terrible. However, space hair washing seems much less unpleasant than space pooping.

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