Too much of my day has consisted of Gabe telling me about L.A. pool parties while I sit in my Brooklyn apartment, far from any (in-ground) pool (my neighbors have an above-ground pool but they are a family and I don’t think they want to be friends, plus above-ground? no thanks), desperately wanting some sort of pool-and-friend-related relief from this disgusting muggy heat wave that I will almost certainly not get, so, uh, my day has been AH-NOT SO GREAT! Just kidding, my day has been fine. Disgusting, but fine. At least when you compare it to the day actress Rachel Leigh Cook is having, during which she discovered that she suffers from FACE BLINDNESS! From SFGate:

The pregnant “She’s All That” star plays an FBI agent in drama “Perception,” and she admits she has learned a lot about neurological behavior while researching her part – and now she’s convinced she has prosopagnosia.

She says, “It’s where you can see people out of context that you completely know and you don’t recognize them. … If I see you at the grocery store. … I’d be like, ‘Did we go to school together…?’”

I don’t think that face blindness isn’t a real thing (translation: I do think that face blindness is a real thing), but, uh, I don’t think that Rachel Leigh Cook has it? NOT THAT I KNOW ANYTHING! But it sounds to me like Rachel Leigh Cook has more of a case of the I’m-not-too-good-at-remembering-the-people-I-meets. (Because also, if you don’t recognize someone, why do you ask them if you went to school with them?) (Rachel Leigh Cook walking around a grocery store, asking EVERYONE if she knows them just to be safe.) Which is fine! Lots of people suffer from that same disease and go on to live very happy lives in which many of their acquaintances think they are jerks. C’est la vie. (For some.) How was your day, though? (Thanks for the tip, Michael!)

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  1. Its funny because I know several people who went to High School with Ms. Cook, so if she asked us, she’d be partially right! (FACT: Minnesota has 7 people)

    And my day has been ok! I am well enough to be out of the house which is really nice after three days of self imposed exile. There are so many things outside! I mean, I get wheezy if I try to walk to them, but it makes for nice background. Also, I had a fever for the super hot days so if I wore a nice sweater it seemed fine out.

  2. I don’t know if it’s possible for Rachael Leigh Cook to have a bad day because HELLO she is married to Elijah from The Vampire Diaries and he is a stone fox.

    I am not married to Elijah from The Vampire Diaries so my day has been cold and empty. JK it hasn’t been so bad I guess? It was pretty slow at work so after spending the morning listening to all of the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears songs I had on my iPod, I made a playlist of all ’90s music and it is a thing of beauty. Earlier it went from “Prisoner of Society” by The Living End to “The Sign” by Ace of Base which tells you pretty much all you need to know about my taste in music as a child/teen.

    ALSO I finally started reading Steph’s book today (when I got my copy I had just started reading the complete Sherlock Holmes and that is A LOT of pages long) and I already like it very much.

  3. Yeah when famous people claim to have “face blindness” I’m often skeptical and think maybe they’re just, you know, too concerned with being famous to remember people.

    • Also the fact that they meet roughly 10,000x as many new people every year as us normals. As a non-famous person, it’s very memorable when you meet a famous person (or you had a vague inkling and did some research and found out that you went to school with them at some point after seeing them on the TV or whatever), but I imagine as a famous person you’re much less likely to remember every non-famous person you’ve ever met.

      • For example: I went to junior-high with Misty Mims (nee Bass) who is Chubby Checker’s daughter and now a WNBA player. I had classes with her, and probably said a few things in passing, but she’s much less likely to remember me than I am to remember her — I’ve seen her picture and read about her basketball career and such since then since they love reporting on her in the local paper.

        She has probably met 100x as many people as I have after playing for Duke, the Phoenix Mercury, the Houston Comets, etc. etc. She has not read anything about me in the intervening time. Now, if I saw her in the grocery store, I would definitely recognize her, but should I expect her to know who I am? Does it mean she has face blindness if she can’t place me?

    • I know a regular person. More than once it seemed like she had “face blindness” but in actuality she’s a huge racist.

  4. first arrested development and then hannibal and now america’s sweetheart rachael leigh cook? eesh, new york’s hottest club is FACEBLINDNESS.

    my dumb band was supposed to have a show tonight, but the venue bumped it for a private party and neither they nor the promoter felt the need to tell any of us, so instead i went to get lunch and comics and am now sitting at home listening to xtc and reading said comics and stealing occasional glances over at the contemporary nutrition textbook i know i should be reading instead.

    my friends’ not dumb band whose album art i did have been blowing up (showbiz term) lately and now i’ve started gaining twitter followers by association and it is super amusing to me for some reason.

  5. My day has been okay. I haven’t been feeling well as a result of this new medicine I’m taking which is kind of lame but the side effects just started to be bad, so maybe they’ll mellow out. I brought my stuff to go to a yoga class at my office gym but didn’t have time cause of work stuff. Now I’m gonna leave work and go get a pedicure and then go to trivia at one of my favorite bars with some awesome ladies. I hope I have good answers! I hope the burger of the month is delicious!

    • Awesome! Sad story: last night at trivia with artdork and flanny, we got second place. That’s not the sad part, we won a bottle of wine with that! The crazy part was flanny’s arch nemesis coworker’s team got first! And he blatantly rubbed it in her face! Not once has flanny flaunted her brains to said coworker. Hence, what a jerk that guy is!

      • “SUCK IT WITH WALNUTS, DAVE!!!!!”–drunken and belligerent Flanny last night.

        • I fell asleep after work watching Unsolved Mysteries (what year is it) which was on life time after wife swap. I am leaving for NY very soon and i am very excited, but i have soooooo much to do and im clearly procrastinating and will be doing EVERYTHING tom night even though i have to be at the airport at 5am. I am VERY excited though for ny and for getting drinks with some of ya on fri evening.

      • That guy called you out! You had to respond! And I hope Dave, did, indeed, suck it with walnuts.

        • You guys have no idea how much I wish I had been there and pretended like I didn’t know you and then when “Dave” was a dickhead I could have been like, “Hey, I don’t know you guys, but it seems pretty clear to me that you, Dave, are being a major dickhead and need to suck it with walnuts.” Or something super cool and that would have majorly burned Dave.

          Mostly I’m just jealous that I can’t go to trivia with you!

          At our trivia last night we lost pretty bad, but I knew a couple of good answers and figured out one answer because the guy played two Frightened Rabbit songs in a row and I was in the bathroom and I ran back to the table yelling, “IT’S RABBIT!!! THE ANSWER IS RABBIT!!!!” because of the songs. It was rabbit! And then I listened to Frightened Rabbit on the way home and that felt like a victory to me.

          And for those wondering: the burger of the month was the “All-American” with two patties, sauteed onions, thousand island dressing, american cheese, and an onion bun. And it WAS delicious.

  6. I grew up with an above-ground pool so they’ll always have a place in my heart.

  7. My day has been… hungry. That’s an apt description of a day. For one, I skipped breakfast and lunch because well I’ve been pretty busy and didn’t have time to leave my work for food. I’m not at all dying of hunger but this leads to the interesting portion of my day. Namely, my sister. She asked to hang out, and I said, of course! I even offered to make us dinner: chorizo and egg tacos. However, my sister is a 7:30-3:30 worker whereas I’m a 9-5′er. I also don’t eat dinner ’til roughly 8 pm, like any other twenty-something. But she eats dinner… wait for it… at 4:30! And is in bed by 8 pm! And so we got into a pretty weird text argument about the idea of fitting into the social customs that she clearly avoids, that essentially being, when someone offers to make you dinner you will definitely bend a little to make it to their proposed dinner time. I had planned to get groceries after work, as well as go on a run, and so I told her meet me at my apartment at 7 pm and she said, “Wow, that’s a little too late for me,” and my response, “That’s pretty early, considering.” Lo and behold, she “is just gonna eat something at home and come over at 7, hang out for an hour and then go back to her apartment and go to sleep.” I told her that I am not gonna cook an entire meal for myself so I nixed the idea.

    Now I find out she is coming at 7 and will be expecting dinner as she ate a light snack at 3:30. Sheesh, you guys. Sisters… what is a brother to do!?

  8. My day was pretty good! My dad and stepmom are both out of the hospital and home, which is great. My bff is coming into town this weekend and I’m taking him to trivia next Tuesday (manners and flanny, you guys are on alert!) I’m finally about to finish “The Diamond Age,” which I set aside to read two other books, and now that I’m near the end, it’s really great.

  9. I hid from my yacky duck painter all day. He’s doing a good painting job though.

  10. Pretty much like every other Wednesday. Though I will be going to the Cubs/Angels game tonight, which is noteworthy only because I’m practically the only Angels fan in Chicago, and Wrigley Field is a 10 minute walk from my apartment, which is kinda cool. And the weather has turned out to be really nice today. Also, my new girlfriend has to travel for work quite a bit, and she found out today that she’ll be in town an extra day in a couple weeks (the day after the Pitchfork Festival ends), so I moved a meeting so that I could take that day, because that’s the kind of great guy I am, so that’s also kinda cool.

  11. Also, I came back from a weekend-long trip to San Antonio which, meh. I’m okay seeing that city once a year. But I did go to my cousin’s art show. He calls his art “Icons” or whatever — they are all Mexican themed. There was a big art showing in San Antonio on Friday and his art was displayed. This is a snapshot of his very colorful art.

  12. Today I was very tired for no real reason, and I just hate my job sooo much, so I was in a stinky mood. And tonight is the only night this week that I have by myself at home with no plans to speak of, so that means I’m in my underpants eating Better Cheddars and watching Inspector Morse. Living the dream!!!

    • I now see that that “Living the dream” seems sort of sarcastic. It’s not! I’m very excited about my non-plans for tonight!

    • I’m pretty sure sitting around in my underwear/no bra is my favorite past-time. I have a couple of crappy housedresses that I pretend aren’t too short/falling apart. I try to do this when my roommate isn’t home, but sometimes you just gotta lie around in your underwear no matter whose around.

      • My apartment has no air conditioning and its like a million degrees, so hanging out in my underwear is pretty much the daily routine. Putting on pants actually causes me physical pain

    • I wear my most unappealing clothing in front of the tv. TV does not judge.

  13. There were two British girls sitting in front of me on my train ride home. I don’t remember what they spoke about but I love that accent and could listen to it all day.

  14. More Colin Firth, less Dick Van Dyke. Got it.

  15. Today was a bit of a let down only because how exciting the last two days were. First, I went through my first monsoon, which is odd because I live in Toronto. I only say exciting because I saw nobody died. Then on Tuesday I did my Jeopardy audition! It was a bit weird because I know I did really well on the test they gave us, but the mock Jeopardy game I went through I was picked last. Does this mean ANYTHING??? Am I too hot for TV? After that I met up with fiancee and did the last run through with our venue for our wedding which is on the 3rd (she upsold up us on gourmet popcorn). Then today, back to work, same old same old. Can’t complain.

  16. My day has been good! I actually made dinner for once, and that was after having a satisfyingly productive, relatively mistake-free day at work. Also, one of my cats has been cuddling with the book Eating Animals since I got home, and it’s soooo cute and soooo ironic.

  17. Wednesday is pretty normal so far, but one question. Do people w/ prosopagnosia actually see facial features and aren’t able to connect them to people? Or is it all just a blur?

  18. I got my car washed, then an hour later it rained. I got my hair cut, and the stupid lady gave me bangs like half an inch long (as in, way too short). My friends just canceled our dinner plans. But when all is lost, still there is whiskey.

    p.s. What the hell is Moone Boy and why are those guys sharing the same hat? How big is that hat?

    • They are siamese father and son, and the hat covers up the part where they are attached. It’s a gross-out comedy.

    • You know, I get secretly happy when plans fall through, but 1/2 inch bangs??? NOOOOOOO! I am so sorry, and if I could, I would send you a bunch of bobby pins. You’re going to need them.

  19. This morning I went to the doctor and he told me that the eye-bleeding was almost certainly nothing to worry about, just a mild infection in my tear duct, and that it was unlikely that the pain and tingling in my right leg was a deadly blood clot or even the forerunner of an immanent stroke. Maybe this is just a British Columbia thing, but has anyone else noticed a lot of warnings about strokes printed on the sides of milk cartons lately? I get that they’re doing a public service but it seems like every time I turn around I’m being confronted by another list of stroke danger signals. My imagination can do without that kind of stimulus, thank you very much, milk.

    Then I went for a walk in the sun, came home, watched the last episode of Defiance (grr, that show; for every thing that I like, there’s a thing that I dislike, and they’re often happening at the exact same time), did some laundry, did some writing on my laptop out in the sun, struggled with one sentence (ONE!) for half an hour, seriously, and it’s still not quite what I want, but that’s okay because I got a lot done anyway and most of it was pretty good.

    Right now it’s very hot and windy and the sky’s almost cloudless so it feels like the Earth is a big eyeball with its lid peeled back, exposed to the elements, but that’s okay because there’s a really beautiful movie playing. So basically the best possible Clockwork Orange scenario.

  20. My day has been okay… work is really stressful (still here now) because of looming deadlines. Also because my computer just did not want to behave today and kept crashing, so a 2 hour task took closer to 4 hours. :(

    But a friend/coworker of mine dropped off his ps3 and a copy of The Last of Us, and I am super excited to play it if I ever get out of here!

  21. I have been up since 4:30am because 4 of us had to drive to Michigan for an early client meeting. I ate McDonald’s for the first time in at least 10 years, but it was an Egg McMuffin with no meat so pretty much the same as you get at Starbucks. I also learned that a “plain” iced coffee at McDonald’s means lots of milk and sweetener. Ew. For some reason I decided to wash the one set of sheets I own (such a grownup) so I have to wait until those are dry before I can sleep.

    I lead an exciting life.

  22. I called the maintenance guy at work an asshole today (because he was being one) and he gave me a cold can of Coke as an olive branch of apology.

  23. redundant and unemployed part 2: i slept till 10 today, then had a with and contemplated my life and that takes us to now, two in the afternoon. later i’m doing laundry and ill probably spend a few hours figuring out whether to buy clothes or food next week. not the best day ever.

  24. Dealing with kid’s daddy separation issues while the almost 3-year-old is in preschool. First-world problem, I know, but makes me want to hug him and never let go.

  25. Yesterday was ok but like today I was tired and wanted to take an 8-hour nap after breakfast.

    • I finished reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and started reading The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Snow Flower almost made me cry on the subway, and Quiet seems like a life affirmation. Introverts ftw.

      • My bad. It’s called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

      • I read Networking for People Who Hate Networking, and it was like I was reading about myself!! And it made me feel a lot better about my anti-social tendencies, plus it gave me some tools to deal with the world. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of Quiet, so maybe now I’ll give it a shot.

        • I need to network but don’t like the idea of it, so I should look into that book. I’m only like 10 pages into Quiet, but so far it’s saying that quiet, introverts are cool and it’s okay to be cerebral.

          • Networking for People Who Hate Networking was great because it was basically like, “Nothing’s wrong with you just because you don’t like being dropping in a room full of strangers where you have to make small talk. Also, how awesome is downtime? Pretty awesome.” And it gave advice for not necessarily how to “fake it,” but how to handle situations with a lot of people and not feel completely drained and awkward.

          • This is definitely something I need to read. Being in a room full of strangers is total not fun and sums up my commute. At least there I get to read and ignore people with impunity.

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