Read that headline somewhere this morning, seems important. You guys want to talk about that? You want to talk about the fact that a source close to Stacy Keibler (which already LOL) told “the press” (again: haha) that the couple, according to Stacy Keibler, had not had sex in months? “DISCUSS.” Ugh, you guys, these truly are the dog days of summer! Get it? I posted a picture of puppies. Let’s talk about those. They’re great, right? They do stink out of their mouths and their butts, but otherwise A++. (Am I talking about celebrities or puppies who can even tell anymore?!) Seriously, it’s up to you. We can totally talk about how a source close to Stacy Keibler is reporting that she and George Clooney haven’t had sex in months, if that is what you guys want to talk about. I’m the one who brought it up! It would be ridiculous of me to bring it up and then give you guys a hard time because that’s exactly what it turns out you want to talk about. But also we could just look at pictures of dogs. “But Gabe, we have been down this road before. We’ve looked at all the dog pictures.” Oh-ho, strawman! Are you too good for this road?! Is someone getting tired of PUPPY AVENUE?! Because why don’t you drive right into Whoops Ocean, you FOOL. But again: up to you! Whatta you guys want to talk about?!

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  1. We can go down the lunch road again. That’s always a good time.

  2. I also haven’t had sex with George Clooney in months, where’s MY headline?!?!? (Full disclosure, I do not find GC sexually attractive, so our bedroom issues might be on me.)

  3. I want to talk about the movie LOL. I watched it this weekend because my sister and I have a tradition of watching the most awful-looking movie we can find on Netflix whenever we bake together and OH MY GOD this movie. I’m pretty sure that it was written by an alien who had been on Earth for two days and had spent that entire time watching Yes Dear and listening to Ke$ha. By the end of the movie I was offended on behalf of French people, people with Down Syndrome, grandmas, black people, the city of Chicago (particularly the Harold Washington Library brown line stop) and women in general. Has anybody else seen it and if so can you explain it to me???

    • I have seen it. I cannot explain it to you, because WHAT WAS IT??? I believe I double-billed it with Perks of Being a Wallflower and afterward I went outside and punched the first mopey teenager I saw in the face.

      • Aww, I liked Perks of Being a Wallflower! But LOL… nope. I watched it in between going to see The Bling Ring and then watching all of Pretty Wild so I pretty much lost my faith in humanity this weekend.

        • I wish I could remember what I hated about LOL specifically, but it was so oddly paces and mashed together, I would get mad about one thing and then quickly get mad about another. And I was confused a lot. Was Lola a good kid? Was Demi Moore supposed to be a good mom? Should I have liked anyone in the movie, because I didn’t!

          • Everybody was terrible! Remember when Lola’s friend roofied her grandma so they could have a party???? The movie did not follow any kind of discernible plot structure. Things just kept happening and then I guess the climax was when Demi Moore read Miley Cyrus’s diary and she moved out, but then they gchatted about how much they love each other and something something Battle of the Bands the end? I don’t know.

          • Shit, I forgot about the roofied grandma and now that I’m reminded, my anger is renewed!!!

          • ALSO! I forgot about the part where her crazy blonde friend puts a webcam inside a raw chicken while sex-chatting with the school nerd and this somehow leads to them having sex in a bathroom stall at the high school??? Nothing makes sense.

    • This one was better.

      It was pretty upsetting and strange. Plus, early Gerwig!

      • Weird thing to point out BUT!!!: I like how every movie script has to have one unusual name in it. Ada? C’mon. Humblebrag: my half-thoughtout scripts have joe-schmoe names, like Harry and Wallace. Do we really need to encourage absurd names?

        Next summer’s teen drama focuses on Sha-a *pronounced Shadasha, as she and Blue Ivy scramble to assemble their unforeseen aspirations. Coming soon to an IMAX & 3D theater near you.

    • A movie called LOL…starring Miley Cyrus…3.8 on IMDB….a plot synopsis that reads like a boring knock off of a Degrassi episode….HOLY SHIT have we found the worst movie of all time???

    • I watched it a few months ago, but i have no memory of it?

  4. I love talking about dogs and puppies. This morning mr. truck turned on the shower and made a bunch of jokes towards our dog that it was time for his shower. The dog of course got scared and curled up next to me as far away from the shower as possible because he’s a dog so he hates baths of course. This isn’t that adorable of a story if you can’t picture him, so I apologize about that, but we like to make Game of Bath jokes that my dog definitely doesn’t get. “Bath time is coming.” “The Bath is wet and full of bubbles.”

    • Flanny and I saw an adorable little puff ball of a dog yesterday and we both really wanted to play with it. The dog, however, sensing we’re generally cat people, wasn’t as interested in us.

      • I’ll say it: that dog, while adorable, seems like a jerk! Sometimes good looking people are super jerks just because they’re good looking so maybe that applies to dogs too!

  5. Puppies are great. I am pretty sure my productivity as a worker and as a commentor will improve at least a billion percent if I had access to emergency morale puppies.

  6. If she had just stuck it out until month four, George’s hilarious sex drought prank would have been revealed. Your loss, Stacy! Never take a prankster at face value.

  7. Imagine if one of Ocean’s 11 had been a puppy. Cut Scott Caan, add puppy.

    Someone get Soderberg on the phone.

  8. I’m more of a cat person myself, specifically, this cat

  9. I finally watched Moonrise Kingdom on Netflix and enjoyed it! I also read The Family Fang on flanny’s suggestion and also enjoyed it. Although I was not a fan of the ending. Now I’m reading The Handmaiden’s Tale which is not really light summer reading but I’m a fan so far.

    • Yay! Manners read it this weekend and now Artdork’s got it! We can have a bookgum chat VERY soon!

      My complaint, that Manners did not agree with, was that I thought the characters were super flat and not very interesting. Everything they did was just a reaction. Maybe that was the point??? I dunno.

    • I read The Family Fang over the weekend and loved it! It’s a page turner, though I can’t say why I was so enthralled with it. The ending was so-so. I’ve come to understand that most endings are so-so, if you don’t expect a great ending then you can still enjoy the book. And if the ending is terrific, well it’s a lovely surprise!

      • I thought the brother was an interesting character but wanted more from the sis. Yes most book endings aren’t great which is why I think series are so popular these days.

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