Personally, I do not understand the fanfare surrounding Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Why is this the song of the summer? Because we’re all getting to the age where we understand that sometimes you just have to settle and move on? UH YEAH, NO THANKS “BLURRED LINES”! I’ll settle on lots of things in life, for sure, but my song of the summer will NEVER be one of them. I’d honestly take Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” over Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” as my SOTS2K13 AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING, BECAUSE THAT IS A VERY BAD SONG! Anyway, what? Oh, right. Far be it from me to deprive you of your mashup of the summer, just because I don’t happen to be on board with half of it. Here it is! You guys into it? I hope so! Enjoy! (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. That song is TOTALLY my summer jam. But you’ve got it wrong; Robin Thicke has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the Pharrell. He usually makes everything better.

    Either way, I am NOT into this mashup, because that is not the real song. Listen to it. That is someone else singing that song.

  2. Kelly, imma let you finish, but Blurred Lines is the best Summer Jam of 2013 of all time.

  3. We have the radio on in my office pretty much all day, so I’ve heard all of this year’s summer jams more times than I can count. And Blurred Lines is by far my favorite.*

    *I may not be an expert on summer jams, as this is the first year I’ve been aware of them since some time around 1990, when DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ruled the charts with Summertime

  4. Kelly is right on the money. It’s not a bad song, but I don’t see the mass appeal. Also, I thought the summer song of 2013 was already determined.

  5. I’m totally into this video because Lisa Bonet was my idol growing up. She had the BEST outfits and was so pretty and cool and then was in Angelheart with Mickey Rourke and pissed off BC and THEN she was in Lenny Kravitz’s “Let Love Rule” video and was all hipped out and I was like whaaaat ??? I want to be her.

    I have not heard this Robin Thicke song – I have seen people watching the video on the treadmill at the gym. My summer jam is Icona Pop’s “I don’t care”.

  6. My favorite summer song is all of the birds’ songs from my backyard, on the rare occasion I can hear them over the neighbors’ %%^$#()(&^ LAWNMOWERS! Neighbor lawnmower is my least favorite summer song. Also neighbor nail gun.

  7. The only time I hear the new popular tunes is at Dunkin Donuts and I’m usually too asleep to notice them. I’m declaring “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” as the Song of Summer because I woke up with it in my head today.

  8. I don’t mind the song, but the video ruined it for me. It practically puts Terry Richardson on a cultural throne and says “I really will just keep objectifying women, because so many people keep paying me to.”

    Mrs Huxtable, on the other hand. Try telling her that she’s the hottest bitch in the room, and you’ll get slapped so hard, your dog will bleed.

    • Have you seen the new Justin Timberlake video? It also has three naked ladies dancing around. It’s a lot less Terry Richardson looking, but it’s the same dumb idea* as the Robin Thicke video.

      The Justin Timberlake video also features Timbaland playing air trumpet, and I find that very weird.

      *music video + naked ladies = $$$$

      • Yes, it drives me crazy. The whole clothed-male-with-several-naked-females creates a visual power dynamic that really does legitimately piss me off, and I’m generally pretty thick-skinned, because pop stars tend to be annoying, and you just can’t get that riled up ALL THE TIME!

        I tried bringing up to a JT fan, and I said “You know, it’s really disappointing, because while I doubt JT is a living-breathing sexist, people really need to recognize that women shouldn’t be used that way. How do you have “tunnel vision” for 3 naked women?” and she said “Who cares, he’s hot, he can do whatever he wants.”

        Later that night I was taking a bus, and I hit the “Stop Requested” button and it was particularly poignant.

        • (btw, “used that way”=used at all, like in this example of women clearly being used, among many other examples one could give in this sad fallen world.)

  9. I HATE HATE HATE that blurred line song. HATE IT!!!! Its like nails on a chalk board. The video is stupid too. Sure the naked models are “pretty” as you would expect but the stupid dancing and the guys looking like fashion plate douches while looking at the camera to that STUPID god awful song. I can’t stand it. Worst song ever.

  10. That Miley Cyrus song is the worst! It sounds like it is playing in slow motion. If it was faster, I might not hate it as much because that stupid Party in the USA song was pretty catchy.

  11. Kelly you are #WRONG. This song by #THICKE is friggin #AWESOME. It’s the hottest #HO in this place.

    But I do like get Lucky – especially the part where it sounds like the robot voice is saying “mexican monkey.” I want one!

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