The Hollywood Reporter has some interesting roundtable discussions with the Emmy-nominated showrunners Matthew Weiner (Mad Men), Shonda Rimes (Grey’s Anatomy), Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks And Recreation), Alan Ball (True Blood) and Katie Jacobs (House, M.D.), and Jenji Kohan (Weeds) including this one, where the producers share how they really feel about anyone who dares to spoil any part of their shows. They start out talking about the network promo departments and then get into fans on the internet, and their hostility shows, so it’s kind of funny. Unannounced spoilers ARE bad, but remember guys, WE MADE YOU.

(I still can’t believe True Blood and Grey’s Anatomy are nominated for anything.)

Matt Weiner:

(The online speculation) can get kind of funny. My show takes place 47 years ago, and there are people wondering what’s going to happen with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Well, those people are dumb, but I’m still hoping they use some of the ideas I got after looking up 1962 events on Wikipedia. It’s still not too late to start Season 3 with “The Winds Of October”!

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  1. yep Mad Men speculation is silly, because the show IS HISTORY! it’s all in the books! better yet, in Wikipedia!'s_life

  2. just people really passionate about their work i suppose

  3. I love when show creators do roundtable discussions like this. I just find it interesting.

    But I don’t know why everyone has to hate on True Blood? True Blood is excellent.

  4. Amy Poehler is followed by paparazzi? really??

  5. Tetro  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 0

    Those 60′s Time magazine covers are so good compared to now. Only the ads would be in color…

  6. Don’t we sound a little pretentious, Weiner?

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