Hey! Remember Samy and Amy from Amy’s Baking Company, the Scottsdale Arizona restaurant that was lovingly featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in the spring? I wonder what is up with them! From the DailyMailUK:

Amy, 40 – who insists that THEY stopped the filming – told MailOnline: ‘Physically, this has taken a huge toll on me.’

She said the couple have been forced to call the police and make reports to the FBI, adding: ‘Over the past couple of months, we’ve gone from being completely unknown to having people call us at 3am saying they’re going to break into our house with a rifle, rape me and kill my husband.

‘It’s happened hundreds of times, with people just screaming down the phone at us. The phone is still off the hook at the restaurant.

‘God is giving us the strength to get through it, we’re fighters and survivors – and we have our cats! We’re dedicated to showing everyone who is still unwilling to accept the truth that we don’t poison the food, we don’t assault employees and customers – and we don’t steal our servers tips.’

They are also living under the shadow that Samy will be deported back to Israel by Homeland Security after serving 15 years in prison for drugs trafficking in Germany and France.

Oh, OK! So everything is going great for these guys! Yeesh. Look, everybody, that episode of Kitchen Nightmares was hilarious, and the resulting Facebook meltdown was legendary. What if we just left it at that? What if we took all of the entertainment value that we received from the exploitation of these two Looney Toons’s odd lives and left it at just that: entertainment. What if, and I’m just spitballing here, but what if people DIDN’T decide to mix it up with physical threats? (For as delusional as Amy seems on television and on the Internet, I am sure she’s telling some version of the truth here. People are truly awful!) Just a thought. Oh well. We can all dream can’t we? Speaking of dreamers, there’s more catchin’ up to do with Samy and Amy! Here:

On the verge of tears, Amy insisted: ‘My husband is a gentleman, he would never let a woman pay for anything if she was with him, he would rather cut his balls off than take money from any waitress or servers.

‘We never had a complaint in six years and we never took money from our servers.’

Her husband Samy, 63, agreed: ‘They showed us as delusional. We would never have agreed to go on the show knowing they could do this. Gordon said ours was the cleanest kitchen he had ever seen.’

Following their TV appearance, the stern contract that Amy and Samy ask staff to sign was leaked online – showing a long list of rules imposed on staff including no cell phones at work, any no-show penalized with a fee of $250 and ‘no visiting or unnecessary talking’ allowed during a shift, even going so far as to ban staff working for a competitor ‘within a 50 mile radius of ABC within one year of termination or voluntary resignation, without prior authorization.

‘Nor shall you be allowed to open your own business of the same time, within the above mentioned radius.’

Amy said: ‘We are hard people to work for, but good people, all we ask is that they pay attention – if they’re not they can hurt people.

‘In Europe they have a different tipping system, just as they do in China and Japan and many restaurants in New York are considering doing away with tipping completely.

However, Amy admitted: ‘Since the show, we recognise the outcry and now we’re giving the servers their tips. It would still work out in their favour to be be paid hourly, but now they’re guaranteed to make a minimum of $7.80 an hour and we make sure they go home with more than that, 100 per cent.’

OK, hold on. Again: I do NOT think that we need to threaten Samy and Amy with rape and murder. Call me crazy. I feel like all of this can be resolved without ever communicating with them in any way, much less a terrorizing and horrific way! But, you can’t argue that your husband would rather cut off his balls than take someone’s tips, and then explain that no one tips in Europe anyways, and then say that you have finally decided that your wait staff can keep their tips. The logic of it just doesn’t quite add up for me. But I’m bad at math! Maybe it’s my fault. I’m also pretty sure you can’t complain that the show portrayed you as delusional and then back up the fact that you aren’t delusional by pointing out that one time Gordon Ramsay said your kitchen was clean. Like, I know a lot of magic can be worked in an editing room, but there IS straight up ACTUAL FOOTAGE of the two of you BEING delusional.

The pair went to cops and say their Twitter, Yelp and work email accounts were hacked too.

Amy alleges they discovered a middle-school student had hacked their Facebook account – but claims that Facebook chiefs have not got in touch with them despite making complaints to the social network.

‘We had to get police involved and the FBI,’ said Amy,’ but the problem is that one of the hackers is a minor, but we know who he is.

Oh sure. You had to get the FBI involved with your hacked Twitter but the problem is that it’s a minor? The problem for whom? Also it sounds like you are for sure making veiled threats against a minor. Is that a problem? FBI? Obama? (I assume Obama is involved at this point.)

While this is all on-going, Amy and Samy, who have been married for 10 years, are now fearful that Samy will be deported back to Israel, where he is a citizen.

Morrocan-born Samy served 15 years in jail in Germany and France after being convicted of drug trafficking.


‘We’ve had attorneys review his case and if the case was in America he would never have been arrested – he was a victim of circumstances and surrounded by the wrong people.

Yes, for sure, sounds like circumstances and people for sure.

‘But Samy was honest and truthful and if we have to leave and go to Israel, then we have to leave.

‘Samy feels like he’s an America, he employs Americans and he’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. He does not have a parking ticket or a speeding ticket, he has perfect credit.

‘I believe if anyone deserves to stay here, it’s my husband. We will continue to fight, we’re good people.’

Anyone? IF ANYONE deserves to stay here? I am not saying that I have enough information to decide whether Samy should or should not be allowed to stay in America, but I think, for example, a natural born US citizen who has not spent any years in prison in Germany and France deserves to stay here a little bit more. He might deserve to stay here too! But I think there are maybe millions of people who deserve it more.

One good thing, Amy said, to come out of Kitchen Nightmares is that they are now bombarded by customers.

‘We have a different kind of clientele’, said Amy: ‘We’ve become a summer tourist attraction, we’re humbled when people ask for pictures with us.

‘We’re printing T-shirts that say ‘I survived Amy’s Baking Company’, ‘Here’s your pizza, go f**k yourself’’,'I’m the Gangster, and’ I speak Feline, MEOW!!’ We’re making cherry lemonade out of lemons. Never in my life would I have thought the show would launch us into this kind of stratosphere.

Oh fun. It is always cool when people complain about being victimized in the same sentence that they use their supposed victimization for personal gain. It’s just cool. Always.

‘Now we can only defend Gordon Ramsey, we support him and hope that people are not as quick to judge him and hate on him because of these accusations. Kitchen Nightmares was not doing very well and the ratings were not very strong.

Ah. The Donald Trump gambit. Strong.

‘Our show was the highest they ever had, it broke all of the records, so there are no hard feelings to Fox or Gordon. We are upset about the way we were portrayed and edited but we are focusing on our future now.

‘We wish him all the best- and now we’re working on our own reality show so stay tuned!’

I can only imagine how touched and honored Gordon Ramsay is to be given the blessing of these two entrepreneurs. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ramsay and his ratings during this difficult time. (What a pair of fucking goofballs!)

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  2. This is a lot of words, and frankly, I got stuck on the tipping thing. Because the whole tipping system is bullshit. Bullshit, I say!

    Okay, so, I used to have an hour and a half between work and school. And I would always go get a pizza and a beer, because happy hour pizza at this one restaurant was $3 for a 1-topping, 9-inch pizza. Mamma mia, what a deal! Except for the waitstaff! Because the tip from a $3 pizza is SO MUCH LOWER than it would be for whatever they normally charge for a pizza! But is that my fault? Should I feel like a bad person because etiquette would have mandated a larger tip had I come in an hour later and ordered the exact same thing? It’s nobody’s fault! It is just terrible!

    I also knew a waitress from Cleveland who claimed that Lebron James would spend all sorts of money on fancy drinks and leave really bad tips. And not to defend Lebron James or anything, but I think that’s fair enough! If he goes into a place and orders a bottle of PBR or a bottel of Dom Perignon, the waiter or waitress in question is still doing the exact same amount of work! Why should their payment be decided on something as abitrary as what the customer orders?! NONSENSE!

    Don’t get me wrong, I do tip. Usually 20%, although it can change based on service and how bad I feel that %20 is still less than a dollar. But the system is MESSED UP, MAN!

    • No one really tips but Americans. There was a great Freakanomic podcast recently that went into how stupid the whole system is. I’d link it but I’m lazy. Google it yourself future husband!

    • Here’s the thing about tipping 20% – if that means the tip is less than a dollar, round up so you’re giving at minimum a dollar (unless your bill was like $3.07 and you leave the 93 cents. close enough. but still, just pull the extra bill out of your pocket, nobody wants that change). If you order a bunch of expensive stuff that technically takes the same amount of work* as inexpensive stuff, thems the brakes, tip 20% and shut up about it and if you don’t like it, order less expensive stuff!

      *there isn’t really a definite truth that a PBR takes the same amount of work as a bottle of Champagne because with the wine you have to open it in front of them and have them taste it and then put it in a chiller thing and then come back and refill it, etc. Also when I was a waitress, the most obnoxious thing for me to serve was hot tea because of all the shit I had to bring, plus you had to find the box of teas which was god knows where and then get the person to “pick out” their tea like they care (sometimes they do!) and in general it was just a big pain in the ass but only like $1.60.

      • I’ll also add that if you’re comparing a complex martini or something to a beer (where the bottle service is not necessary) then you’re probably talking about a waiter who puts the order into the bar and the bartender makes it and then, one could argue, the waiter’s only work is bringing a drink from the bar to you so they deserve the same amount of tip no matter the cost of the drink. BUT! Most places the waiters have to tip out the bartenders and in that case it might be based on a percentage of their sales (in which case you’ll want to still tip 20%) or if you order a bunch of really complex drinks that take a bunch of time and the waiter and bartender have a good working relationship, the waiter will probably throw a couple of extra bucks to the bartender as a “thank you for making all those complex drinks that my one table wanted” in which case you’ll definitely want to make sure you tip appropriately.

        All I’m really saying is that tipping generously is never a bad idea.

        • I definitely do tip generously; I learned my lesson after a bartender cut me off because I wasn’t tipping. It wasn’t my fault! I moved to Italy whne I was 18, I had only been back in the US for a few days! I didn’t know!

          I’m just saying that the whole system of tipping is hogwash. Even if the waiter gets the drinks from the bartender and gives the bartender part of the tip, the waiter is the one being tipped! So the bartender’s tip depends on how well someone else does their job! Still hogwash!

          • It’s not hogwash though — arguably it’s more capitalism than anyone can stand, because waitstaff (and I believe bartenders) are paid gobs below minimum wage. Like $2/hour or something. So what kind of hustle you show determines 100% what money you make. And if someone is terrible at the job and costing everyone else tip money, knives will come out, I assure you. That person might well find their shifts cut to “Hey, this week I’m only on from 3:00 pm till 3:25 on Tuesday,” especially if a respected bartender goes to the manager and says “Don’t put so-and-so on when I’m on.”

            Also, let me add this. I worked in a cafe at the Jersey Shore one summer. It was cute and clean and therefore frequented by rich assholes from out of town. In many cases they”d order food to-go and not tip because they didn’t sit down and get waited on. Okay, assholes, but you just saw me make your four sandwiches while the whole time you supervised: “Take off two of those pickles. One more shake of pepper. Slightly more sprouts on the right side” — then I had to wrap em, box em, bag em, and fill condiment containers “just in case.” Other rich assholes would sit down and eat, issuing all kinds of high maintenance instructions, looking nervously out the window at their BMWs the whole time, then tip under 15%. And that sucked. But you know what? Next, some local beachtown hobo, who lived in a house that was basically a shack and seemed to own a single shirt, would come in, order a $3 cup of soup and $2 cup of coffee, talk pleasantly for an hour, and leave nine bucks. What is my point? My point is that when you complain about tipping, you risk sounding like the out-of-town jerkface instead of the lovable scamp.

            I am so rambly today.

          • It depends on the state as whether or not they can be paid below minimum wage, but that system is the main reason that people can’t stop tipping. Do that, and there are no more waiters. So it’s self-sufficient hogwash, but it’s still hogwash!

            Also, I’m not complaining about having to tip. I do not mind having to tip, as that is the established system and just the way it goes! It’s the system itself that I’m complaining about, and I do so privately, from the comfort of my own internet, not while I’m being served.

          • Facetaco, the “shut up about it” was directed at Lebron, not you. Sorry if it came off the other way. I’m sure you do tip well cause otherwise you wouldn’t even mention it. That’s the thing about bad tippers, they don’t get it. “It” being why they need to tip well, how hard the work is, etc.

            Which brings me to hotspur, you’re absolutely right, it’s almost always the rich assholes who tip poorly, and I want to believe that it’s cause they’re oblivious because they’ve never worked in a restaurant, and not that they are just garbage people. Little of both, I guess.

  3. Is that a current picture of the Indigo Girls?

  4. Nope. Nope. I can’t with these people today.

  5. “The US is well known for its incredibly lax drug laws.” – Delusionary Wikipedia

  6. Did you read the contract they made new employees sign? BANANAS!

  7. “A victim of circumstances and surrounded by the wrong people” is EXACTLY how Alexis Neiers described herself on Pretty Wild (which I watched all in one go this weekend, oh my god what is that show and what happened to my brain?).

    • Maybe Amy is the real mastermind of the Bling Ring?

    • I watched that show in one day while at work and I legit feel like it negatively affected my brain. Like, maybe I used to be smart but not any more. Oh well, it was worth it to view the phone meltdown and finally have context for it.

  8. These Men In Black aliens are doing a terrible job of blending in.

  9. So Michael Ian Black tweeted something today that I was like, “Oh Magic, you are weird funny. But I love you!” But then I saw this about Samy maybe being deported and I was like, “Okay, Magic, you’re okay. You do you!”

    Tweet in question: “The thing about foreigners is that they weren’t even born here, which is pretty insulting.”

  10. Their circular story about the tips doesn’t add up, but it makes even less sense that people still agree to work there. Why are there any employees at this place besides Amy, Samy and their cat children?

  11. Can I also just say that this whole time I have despised Amy and now that she claimed to have been threatened with rape, I kinda feel bad for her? I thought this woman was an anthropomorphized nightmare this entire time and now, with the threat of rape, I hope she’ll be okay and can get past this. UGH!

    • But do we know that really happened? I mean, she’s demonstrated that she will totally make stuff up to portray herself as a victim. I’m not sure I can believe any claims she makes at this point. That being said, I certainly believe it’s possible this happened. People say horrible things, especially when they can do it anonymously.

  12. Why is there a hanger on one of the tables in the background of this picture?

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