Combine 2 Things that seem wholly appealing.
3 tbsp No thank you
1 tbsp Well, you know, I just ate actually. It smells great though.
4 Oh, from the movie Grown Ups? Yeah, no, I didn’t get a chance to see that one unfortunately.
6 oz Oh, this is for Grown Ups 2? Ah yeah, didn’t catch that one either.
6 oz No, I don’t have plans for this weekend, why?
1 tsp Oh it hasn’t come out yet?
7 Hah. I thought that came out already. Ahhh…
1 tbsp Desperate regret
2 (15.5 oz) Cans of actually let me check my schedule, now that I’m thinking about it–
1 tsp Seriously, I do think I have something.
1 tbsp No.
3 tbsp No thanks!
6 oz Melted butter.
1 David Spade
14 Women pointing out that young Kevin James is attractive.

Throw it all into a pot and dump it in the toilet! Thanks, happy chili-ing! (Via FilmDrunk)

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  1. a man wearing ed hardy, eating guy fieri chili, walking to see the new grown ups movie while listening to muse

  2. More like Thrown Ups 2.

  3. The name Grown Ups Chili sounds like there’s a secret ingredient I don’t want to know about.

  4. 2 1/4 cups of ennui

  5. That recipe has way too many ingredients! You’d need a sous chef and a personal shopper. Also a person just to wash all of the pots and knives. Everyone knows you just get the box of “chili mix” and add the hamburger meat and a can of tomato sauce. Throw in some brown sugar and hot sauce if you’re feeling gourmet. Voila! Le Chilli de Kate! Bon apetit.

  6. 1 Rob Schneider (optional, but just put him in there. he’s your friend. come on.)

  7. God, I hate Guy Fieri. He’s like if a sticky bottle of hot sauce sharted on an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

  8. Bacon grease OR canola oil? Hey guys, would you like some aged whisky or some lukewarm tap water? Either or.

  9. I’ve never had much of a problem with Guy Fieri. He’s a total bro-douche, but some of his recipes are pretty okay? And I’ve seen his show maybe twice, so I have no problem judging solely on whether or not the food he tells me how to make ends up being delicious.


  10. Can you bring the chili into the movie theater? #MovieChili #yum

    • I bring my biggest purse to the movies, and we stop a panera for some roast beef sandwiches, and we stuff them into the purse where we’ve already hidden some single serving bottles of vino. Yes, I feel like a bag lady. But it’s good.

      • Kate, I want to see all my movies with you (sorry Flanny, but you don’t pack mini wine.)

      • Haha, my mom and sister once brought full portions of mexican food into a packed theater. I’m sure everyone was super jealous.

        I don’t carry a purse, but I have a mind to sneak a sandwich in under a cowboy hat.

      • Oooh wine at a movie theatre sounds like fun!

        • Movie theaters in Ireland have bars in the lobbies. It’s so great! Like, have you ever had trouble agreeing on what to see, and someone has to settle to watch something they’re not that into? That is not an issue when there’s a bar! “Okay, you go see this movie, and I’ll go see that movie. Yeah, I know that yours starts an hour and a half after mine. Believe me, that won’t be a problem.”

          • They have bars in the lobby of the Archlight theater in Hollywood. They even have special 21+ late night screenings where you can buy booze right outside and take it into the theater. Of course you’ll pay like $10 for a gin and tonic, so you may as well just opt for the flask. I thought everyone always took flasks to movies anyway.

          • They’re opening up 2 Alamo Drafthouses by me, so booze + movies is gonna happen. #SignificantLifeMoment

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