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  1. Y’know, I try really hard not to care about spoilers, but I just started watching Breaking Bad this weekend, it’s still on the air, and I’ve already had stuff spoiled by Entertainment Weekly and Wired without warning, so… yeah, didn’t want to see this.

    • I finally decided to watch Game of Thrones. ALL OF IT. IN ORDER. I watched the first 8 episodes over the long weekend and now live in fear of spoilers, a fear I did not suffer on July 3. Gah.

    • I agree completely, citizenchristy. This image – even if you don’t know the context at all – is such a strong one that it shouldn’t just be posted at the top of a site like this. (The image even showed up on my feedly reader.)

      • Right, there’s so much I can piece together from it if I try, and while I’m still going to enjoy the series (obviously! It’s incredible already!), I don’t like having this sort of image in mind. Also, re: Game of Thrones, I apologize for the Internet in advance. There are some things you definitely will find out, and some things you definitely won’t, if you’re careful.

    • agree with truckasaurus and citizenchristy, i’m caught up on breaking bad so this didn’t spoil anything for me but i would be really upset if it had

      like i don’t know anything about Veronica Mars season 3 but if somebody was to post some significant picture from it on the front page of Videogum I would be : ( even if the show is really old

  2. i assure you that this will not ruin your enjoyment of breaking bad at all (and i mean yeah this image reveals, i dunno something? but there are way way way more spoiler-y images all over the internet)


      I would agree that this image on its own doesn’t EXACTLY spoil anything, but to me the reveal of this moment was SO HUGE and such a well-done reveal and now when they get to the storage place, whoever will know what’s coming and it won’t be such a gut-punch.

  3. Hold on, are people really mad about a picture from an episode that aired nearly a year ago being posted on a pop culture blog? Are you guys kidding or acting out an episode of Portlandia? Calling this a “spoiler” is insane.

  4. I don’t know, you guys. I get citizenchristy’s wish for purity and all that, but after a year, I think all bets are off. Especially when everyone is excited for the upcoming season – it’s a fun time to post pictures, gifs, whatever, and comment on them. Besides, there are so many more obvious reveals out there. If you waited a year, whatever the reason, I think you just have to suck it up.

    • #cinephileproblems

      • I hear you! And it’s cool to discuss it, God knows I discuss things that occurred on TV the night before when we’re totally not out of the spoiler zone. But this was something that came up on the site without clicking, and was at the top of the site for a while. That was my qualm, not that it existed at all.

        Also, I think that’s my first negatively rated comment ever. I can’t tell if this makes me happy or sad or sends me into a fit of ennui (which I bet you didn’t even know could happen).

        • Yeah people are downvoting us! Hilarious. I agree that the point is that you see this image before clicking on anything. Plenty of sites talk about stuff after the jump or before mentioning spoiler and this was just up at the top with no warning.

          Also, to the fact that it’s a year old – I somewhat agree, and yet it’s still from the last episode that aired and before the show is available on DVD or streaming so unless you DVRd all the episodes last year, you might not have a way to see them (other than paying for each individual episode on iTunes or whatever).

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