• “Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me,” says Chris Pratt in the Instagram of his Guardians of the Galaxy figure. Nice figure, Chris! -ChrisPratt
  • Who is staying at The View? Nobody? Is Whoopie staying, and is she the only one? I’M ASKING YOU A QUESTION! Answer meeeeeee! Anyway Jenny McCarthy might join the show as Joy Behar’s replacement. All right. -US
  • The Lonely Island have released a video for their track “We Need Love” and it is the best. My fave track on the album and my fave video so far. A real treat. -Stereogum
  • Here are a few clips from the Nicolas Winding Refn documentary NWR (currently unreleased in the US) in which he talks a bit about the making of Only God Forgives. -/Film 
  • Finally, James Franco is going to appear in the Veronica Mars movie as himself. Sure he is. -Zap2It
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  1. Oh em gee Chris. I have to say I like you better a little “charminy”.

    • I’m telling everyone I know about this picture. I don’t really get into people who are, you know, “physically fit” so it’s more out of shock and awe than anything else.

    • It’s not the muscles putting me off, so much as it;s the invocation of “duck face” that has come with them. The muscley can still goofy grin, Chris Pratt!

      • I don’t know why people make those faces. I was with my friend on Grindr and he was showing me these guys and I was laughing and he’s like “are you crazy, they’re hot!” And I honestly couldn’t get past all the duck faces or “tough faces” they made. What’s wrong with smiling these days?

  2. Ok but, correct if I’m wrong, which is entirely possible, but isn’t Chris Pratt playing a giant talking raccoon?

    • Nah he’s playing Star-Lord. I think they’re still trying to nail down who’s playing the giant, talking racoon.

    • Can you please explain this graphic novel/comic book whatever to me? Because it seems like some cool people are going to be in the movie, but then I hear about giant, talking raccoons and I don’t know what to think.

      • Well, there’s a talking tree called Groot as well. When I say talking, I mean that he/it (no idea whether or not the character has a biological gender) can only say “I am Groot”.

  3. Six months no beer sounds miserable.

  4. Jenny McCarthy gets a daily TV gig? In your face, vaccines/modern science!

  5. Who is Chris Pratt? Since I have never heard of him, I assume this is a typo and you meant “Chris Trash”. In which case, congrats on your abs Chris Trash.

    • Ohhhh “Andy”! Yes this is a sad turn of events, he went from loveable to douchy looking in just six months, this is not a good diet plan at all.

  6. Unless James Franco is hired to shoot Piz in the cold open, I don’t like this news at all. Fucking Piz. Ugh.

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