We’re closing up a little early today to get started on America’s holiday weekend, so, uh-hello, our day is going PERFECTLY, THANK YOU FOR ASKING! Unlike Alec Baldwin’s day, during which he told Vanity Fair that being at James Gandolfini’s funeral made him realize how pointless Twitter is (fair enough realization, maybe the venue doesn’t matter?) (jk), and also that he would very much like to quit acting:

I’m having a baby. And everyone has seen how certain things have played out with my daughter, which as been very painful—it’s been really unpleasant. That has consequences, and I do not want that to happen with my next child. I have one dream in my life and that is that this daughter I’m having—she comes to me about seven or eight years from now, she has a friend, and she’s at her house and she says, “Daddy, Susie’s mom says you used to be on TV. Daddy, is that true?” She has no knowledge of me as a public person. That would be heaven for me.

When pressed if he is saying that he is going to quit acting, he responds:

I’d love to if I could, yeah. That would be the greatest thing in the world.

So he isn’t going to quit acting, then? Okay. Is he even really going to quit Twitter?! Ahh, WHO CARES! It’s the holiday, we don’t even have to pretend to care about Alec Baldwin’s inevitable return to Twitter or how he’s going to spend the rest of his life in movies and on television because that is his job! What are you doing for the 4th? Anything fun? What sort of snacks are you going to make? Did you buy illegal fireworks? Leave your snacks and illegal purchases in the comments. See you next week!  (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. Hey everyone, my day was okay. I had a big important meeting and then basically everyone went home! Then I went to the local beer store and got a couple of growlers for the weekend and holiday and I’m pretty excited about it! I also got some bacon laced beef for hamburgers. Basically there are chunks of bacon mixed in with the beef. Also I have a package of cheddarwurst with an American flag on the whole back of the package. So I guess you could say I’m pretty excited about the holiday! Also I don’t have to work on Friday either, so double party! Also it’s raining here which I like because it’s not so hot.

  2. It’s Wednesday-Friday for me because I have the next two days off, which means I am doing awesome today! I also get a day off next week, any day I want, so I need some advice: Do I take off Monday for a five-day weekend, or take a day off in the middle of the week to break it up?

    • Take off monday and get a good vacation in! Taking a day off mid week after a really long weekend is probably just going to bunk up your brain schedule. Where are you thinking for your mini-cation??

      • Thanks for the input! It just came up yesterday so I don’t know what to do. I live a very solitary life so it’s possible that I won’t have any human interaction the whole time… unless I manage to make the long drive to the LA Monster Meet Up that might be happening this weekend. Maybe I’ll finally go get a new cat (my cat died three years ago).

    • I think you should take next Friday off. That way you have a four day weekend now, and a three day weekend later. Enjoy all your days off!

      • Oh I should totally go to Costco during my staycation, thanks for the reminder! My boss is out on Friday next week so I don’t want to burn a day off when he’s not here. I’m deciding between Monday and Wednesday.

  3. I’m waiting for an appropriate time to leave work, which I think is in 25 minutes. Then I have to get my apartment ready for people coming over tomorrow. It’s kind of odd because I invited a bunch of random people that don’t know each other. It’s always fun to watch different friend groups either attempt to interact or completely isolate themselves. Ah well, I will be intoxicated so it won’t matter.

    There’s a dude in my office from Ohio who constantly talks about how amazing it is. All this week I’ve been wanting to scream at him about how the Ohio government just passed super restrictive abortion laws by sneaking them into the budget. And this weekend I’m going to a super Christian wedding with a bunch of people from Texas. Must resist getting drunk and yelling things. All this crazy GOP stuff has put a damper on my ‘merica celebrations.

    • Are you in Ohio Neverabadidea? My boyfriend is from there and he’d sent me an email about the abortion legislation when it was still pending, I waited a day to read the article and then asked him about, and he directed me to the subsequent article about all the crazy PASSING. I am super bummed and freaked out, even from NYC, especially a let down after the Wendy Davis victory.

      Its 2013 and this country is still trying to legislate women’s bodies, kind of completely blows me away.

      • I feel like that picture is inaccurate and vague. I mean, for it to be true, we have to be talking about bills that have passed, and only in the United States; even then, I’m almost certain it’s not correct.

        • Yes, like most things from the internet I am sure it is 1) VERY inaccurate and 2) VERY vague. But also like most things from the internet, I think it was meant more to make a general point about something (ie women’s bodies are constantly, IMO inappropriately, legislated at in the United States and men’s bodies are not) through the greatest combination of any two things in our time, iconic vintage photos and big font.

        • That was mean VG! I just took a lot of time on my way out of the office to cite you where I think this comes from, which looks very solid and accurate, and my comment got deleted (republican agenda!).

          I think this is coming from a recent Gutmacher Study, and seems to be based in solid fact though maybe presented a bit misleadingly in that rocking graphic. Here’s your weekend reading, gotta jet!

    • Granted, the only part of Ohio I’ve really been to was Cleveland, but it was not very good! They have terrible roads, and signs in some places that say “Caution: high accident area.” Maybe just figure out why there are so many accidents there and do something about THAT instead of putting up a warning sign?

      Also, I didn’t see Drew Carey or Kid Cudi the whole time I was there, and my friend’s boyfriend mentioned that he doesn’t go to the mall where we were very often, and you see a lot of “browns and Indians” there, and I spent a good 5 minutes thinking he was a crazy racist before it hit me that he was referring to sports teams.

      In summation: Cleveland does not particularly rock.

    • Not to be a buzzkill (ha), but are you sure this super Christian wedding is going to have alcohol? I’ve been to many a Texas Christian wedding with zero alcohol and they are not very fun. The last one was with both my mom and husband, and they both kept leaning over to me asking where the wine was and what did I mean there wasn’t even any wine. Just thought you might want to be prepared for the possibility and maybe pack an emergency flask.

  4. I’m having sushi for dinner tonight, so my day will be awesome in a few hours! Right now it’s fine, but nothing spectacular. But I have the next two days off, so, can’t complain.

  5. My day has been pretty bo-ring, snooze alert! BUT I just found out that our boss is giving us off thursday and friday, so I’m thinking of taking a Northeast road trip. Maybe spend a night or two in Boston, meet up with my friend’s metal band on their way into NYC, and explore the city. Any suggestions for places to visit??
    I am reluctantly going to work out pretty soon since I have off the rest of the week and won’t get a chance to go to this particular gym class without coming back into the city. My neck is still hurting from when I backflipped out of a headstand in yoga last week- oops!- so hopefully I don’t die. Stay tuned on that one.

  6. Pretty great. As usual, the manners/artdork/flanny trivia team slaughtered the competition at pub trivia last night. So I’m riding pretty high off that. I got to leave work a couple of hours ago, so that’s great too. I’m going to a potluck BBQ tomorrow, and I don’t know what I bring!! That’s not so great. But the greatest part was talking about Louis Tomlinson with gnidrah in the Jennifer Aniston thread. I know we only met, but let’s pretend it’s love, gnidrah.
    Is VG going to be running on Friday? I’m one of only, like, six people who are going to be at work at my office AND it’s my half birthday, so I’ll need a distraction from the wasted youth that is slowly slipping through from my increasingly grizzled fingers.

  7. Stephen would also like to remind everyone that he has not quit acting and is still very much available to work.

  8. My day has been pretty okay, but yesterday I got to hire someone on full-time, and he told me that I’m his role model and he wants to follow in my footsteps, and then in the same conversation said that his goal is to be rich by the time he’s 40, so now I’m feeling pretty pressured.

  9. My wonderful girlfriend made me Cheddar Jalapeno cookies in the shape of a cat, and I’ve eaten a lot today, and also there was a cake lunch in the office with a fruit custard flan and meanwhile my parents are taking us out to dinner for my grandmas 88th birthday and I’m almost definitely having a Squid Ink pasta, and since how good my days are are mostly determined by the meals I’ve had, today is an A+++ would eat again.

    For more information try djfreshiehadwhattoeattoday.blogspot.ca breakfast is for members only.

  10. I don’t know about you guys but It’s almost 3:11 where I’m at and I’m ready to sit back and listen to some holiday tunes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P2YSktr7xU

  11. Spent most of the week having dinner with friends before the holiday semi-weekend. I’m also really glad this post happened early. I’m flying down to Florida to hang out with family and friends on the Fourth, and my flight leaves at five (AHH TOO MANY F’s). Unfortunately, I planned this trip without knowing that my family is going to be out of town until Saturday night, so I’ll be bumming around friend’s house to friend’s house. I’ll make the best of it though. It’ll be like a couchsurfing adventure.

  12. It’s ok. I’m going dress-shopping for my friend’s wedding dealie and before that have coffee with a mutual friend. I have to finish a paper-like assignment, and then I can celebrate the 4th in peace.

  13. My day has been ok. I would say it’s been pretty good except there’s a person who is driving me somewhat NUTS. Like, you know when you dislike a person to the point that the sound of their laughter makes you want to vom? That’s what’s happening. But I’m trying to rise above it like the beautiful angel that I am (no I’m not, I’m just stewing in annoyance, let’s be real).

    I volunteered to work tomorrow because I don’t really care about the fourth of July and I get to take Monday off instead. Love those long weekends! There will be nothing to do here tomorrow so I will probably just sit at my desk watching Breaking Bad all day. God bless America!

  14. Not day related, but does anyone else feel like Alec Baldwin’s statement just sounds like he kind of hates daughter #1 and has given up on parenting her? “You guys all know how things got messed up with my first daughter, ole whatsername. Well not this one! This new baby is gonna be the GOOD baby”


  15. Ugh Alec enough you’re making me regret my childhood crush on you. Anyway my day is whatever. I am in count down mode to vacation ( that I was supposed to loose 30lbz for but i gained 2 so WHATEVER WHO CARES GIMMIE A BURGER) in 9 days i will be in NYC to start my 19 day vacation. BUT i have A TON of work to do and packing and lawn mowing.

    • Never regret a childhood crush, any more than you would blame an innocent baby for the numerous paperclip thefts they will eventually perpetrate upon colleagues.

  16. I’m going to a Santa Fe Fuego game tonight. They are the worst baseball team in the lowest rung independent baseball league in the country! I think I’m going to buy a hat.

  17. It’s been a long time since I’ve had time to do one of these! My day was good. I am visiting family in the great lakes area so spent the day laying around in the sun which was lovely. I’m here for 4 more days, then heading back home and bringing my mom with me! Stepdad is joining us a week later, so GIRLS RULE AND BOYS DROOL until then ladies only no boys allowed!!

    I’m settled into my house, I have job interviews next week, I have a new gentleman caller, and I have applications in at two different shelters and will hopefully very soon have a pooch! I also signed up for yoga classes. And Catticus is loving life as a window cat. He watches birds and foxes all day and has been playing way more than he usually does (which is hardly at all), so that’s all pretty great!

    The dogs I’m looking at are a German shepherd, a husky, and an Aussie cattle dog. All well-behaved and good with cats. Once my applications are approved I can take them for walks and spend some alone time with me to see who will be a better fit! Very excited!

    • Which lake?

      • They’re in the part of Ontario that chills out between Erie and Huron, but I was at Huron today

        • So Detroit, basically? I’m totally gonna go crash your party.

          • You guys, manners is trapped at the Detroit airport, not unlike Snowden. Please bust him out if there is a VG party.

          • Oh man, Tim Allen Memorial Airport is the WORST. Unless you like Fuddruckers. Then it’s not so bad, I guess.

          • He’s at Lily Tomlin International. They have a Ruby Tuesdays.

          • How long is he trapped for? I could be there in 2.5 hrs, border crossings permitting

          • I can make it in 2-2.5 hours, NO border crossings, and I’m willing to pick up sandwiches on the way. Checkmate.

          • Unknown. I think he was supposed to have arrived at his final destination by now, but his flight keeps getting delayed. Last we heard from him he was begging to be murdered. But he does love sandwiches, so maybe the idea that a man with a taco face will arrive bearing sandwiches will keep his soul hopeful.

          • Guys! They just cancelled his flight! He is trapped in Detroit!

          • Ummmmm, so I was totally bluffing. I am actually only a few hours away, but I’m also going to be stuck at work for the next 6 hours or so. Plus all the sandwich places I know of are in the opposite direction.

          • Oh man, I am going to visit my friend’s new baby and I didn’t bring my passport with me… FT, you and I both fell through! We’re awful people! If Manners can get a hold of a car and has his passport, he can come visit babies with me in Canada!

          • Update to my update. He was able to get on a flight to Austin. He’s going to crash with one of his friends there and then head to San Antonio in the morning. Manners is really high maintenance, you guys.

    • Although, I have nothing to report on the ghostwatch. Zero activity. Very disappointing. I’m going to clear out all of the Jesus medallions and rosaries that the previous owners placed all around the scary basement and murder attic, so I will keep you all UTD on that unless I get killed by the ghosts and am too busy haunting the next owner of my house to let you all know how my day was.

      • I’ve been wondering how ghostwatch was going, and was sort of nervous that I hadn’t seen you post a lot lately.

        I just don’t ever go into my basement, so I just totally avoid my ghost dungeon situation. Although i recently found out that our neighbors that share one wall with us haven’t lived in the house for like 30 years and they are apparently very creepy looking and come by every once in a while in the middle of the to check on all their stuff. And supposedly their house is just filled with weird junk like old fashioned baby buggies. Creepy.

      • You guys know about burning sage, right? You can burn sage and tell the ghosts to leave and it should help cleanse the space. Totally serious. At the museum where I used to work, we handled a lot of artifacts that were not…um…strictly free of bad vibes. And occasionally a tribal elder would come out and do a sage smudging ceremony. It will make you feel better.

        • I’ve started burning sage recently, not because of ghosts, just for fun, although I HAVE noticed odd sounds in the walls and sorta gaseous shapes in my peripheral vision that seem to cluster in very specific yet innocuous places in my apartment. And now my eye is leaking blood. COINCIDENCE?!?

          Probably. Or maybe the ghosts have been driven out of my apartment and into my tear duct for some reason (because they liked the acoustics when the Ghost Realtor showed it to them?) and now they’re so cramped that the pressure is making my eye bleed.

    • That sounds like a The Bachelorette except with dogs, which is a much better concept and I would totally watch that show.

      • Ummm, they did that show, and it was TERRIBLE. It was on HGTV, I think it was called Leader Of The Pack? And this family took a whole bunch of puppies and let their kids play with them and bond with them and then each week they KICKED THE WORST PUPPY OUT OF THEIR HOUSE, and that was a real show.

        • OK I didn’t think through the part about puppies getting kicked off the show, I was so focused on Fatima finding her doggy soul mate. I’ll have to put some more thought into this.

    • And the best part of the dog situation is no matter what you pick its a win, because now you have a dog.

    • A new gentleman caller, eh? That’s ok, OMF, I can take it. As it so happens, I have a new special lady (or is she my goddamn lady friend…? regardless). You can still be my fake Internet Canadian girlfriend.

  18. My sister-in-law just had a baby, the first baby on lady Goose’s side of the family and he’s a beautiful little brickhouse of a baby.

  19. So I already told you guys I’m temping right now, right? Well I’ve been at law firm for almost a month, and yesterday I found out that one of the (two) people I work for is a casual racist. He thought some company name in Chinese also meant dog, and I told him no, the word for dog is gou. He asked how I knew that and I said I knew just a tiny bit of Chinese (#humblebrag). Then he mumbled something about it probably being the name of a restaurant I eat at. (To be fair I guess my lunch yesterday was a dog and kimchi sandwich.)

    We do not know each other at all, and I spent all of last night wondering if I’d somehow misheard because dropping a dog-eating Korean joke on someone you just met, in a professional capacity, seemed just unbelievable. Then I remembered him making very broad statements about Japanese companies and calling one in particular a bunch of pussies. This case involves all Asian parties, so this should be a fun gig. If it keeps happening I might actually say something, since I have nothing to lose.

  20. My day has been good! I recently completed a beat tape comprising of some beats I have made over the last few years, and I am really happy with how it came out. It has received a lot of positive feedback from the people I have sent it out to, and while it is purely just for fun it is very satisfying to be able to point to a completed body of work and say “I made that!” so that has been the biggest development in my life lately.

    Otherwise everything else has been the same stuff more or less. Enjoying (not enjoying) the humidity of the summer, but I will always take it over painfully freezing cold.

  21. Today’s pretty good. We are back in the US for the 4th and that means:

    1. I got to eat Jimmy Johns and a Dr. Pepper for lunch
    2. I’m back in the land where it actually gets dark at night, so I can sleep at night, even with jetlag
    3. The baby did pretty good on the plane and doesn’t seem to be having jetlag either
    4. The weather here is almost unreal it’s so amazing,upper 80s to low 90s and no humidity.
    5. Oh and before we left last weekend I got to go to a wedding in a castle and and I finally saw a highland cow!!

    • Wait, what part of NotAmerica do you live in? I can’t remember.

      • Northern Scotland

        • That explains it not getting dark, then. It’s close to the same latitude as Helsinki, and when I was there a month ago, the near-constant daylight just about drove me insane. At least Scotland is presumably nicer to look at, though; the general bleakness of Finland combined with the light always being on made me feel like I was being Clockwork Orange’d.

          • So I have a pretty big obsession with Finland right now, mostly based on Eurovision. Last year (2012) was the first time I got to watch and during the voting/results show they had all the countries report their votes on satellite. All of the other countries had very young very pretty/handsome reporters standing in front of their famous landmarks, e.g. pretty lady in front of the Eiffel tower. Finland had a dude dressed up like one of the members of GWAR (maybe he was one of the dudes from GWAR, are they from Finland?) standing in front of a green screen with like rainbows in the background or something crazy like that. I saw that and decided that I had to get to Finland as soon as possible.

          • That would be Mr. Lordi. Lordi won the Eurovision in 2005 or so, and everybody in Finland absolutely LOVED them. They had Lordi ALL OVER the place there. Lordi Cola was particularly delicious.

            This was actually the first year I saw Eurovision live. Finland was pretty bad, but Greece was robbed.

          • That guy won Eurovision….like people from multiple other countries voted for him? Crazy. I’m going to have to look him up on youtube now. In my imagination everyone in Finland looks like him, or is at least tolerant to all of the other Finnish citizens who walk around looking like him.

            Also, yes, I totally agree. I voted for Greece and even bought “Alcohol is Free”. My husband thought I was crazy, but he voted for Romania so really, you tell me who the crazy one is. I also think those Greek dudes have some pretty big balls to come out with a song titled “Alcohol is Free” after all of the bailouts and whatnot.

          • That upvote was for your husband, if you could just pass that along please. #ROMANIA

  22. My office is closing early today, but I have to use that time to go wait on line at the downtown courthouse to resolve a problem. Months ago I mentioned in this forum I had court date over an “impeding traffic” violation? Well, long story short, the city canceled my court date… and then sent me a fine for not showing up at the canceled court date. Adurrr. The fine is $826 and they gave me 10 days to pay it. That is nuts. So I’m going to wait in line and hopefully get a sympathetic clerk who says, “Whoa, clerical error, we’ll drop that fine right now [presses button].” Maybe I’ll have good news by 4:00? But right now I feel queasy. In case I’m in jail later I’ll say it now: Happy America Day you guys.

  23. i am going to a beauty pageant tonight and a 4th of july parade in a tiny Louisiana town tomorrow, so i am PUMPED!

  24. So, my week’s been pretty shitty. My dad and stepmom were in a really bad motorcycle crash on Sunday and it’s been touch and go, although it looks like they will both be out of the hospital by this weekend. Also, my mom’s in town. Moms, you guys!

    On the bright side, I got to go see Raiders of the Lost Ark in a movie theater, with beer, with Flanny. So that was awesome. And our trivia trio added to our winning streak. So yay!!

  25. The heat broke and I’m going to celebrate with a hike. All of my friends are at the ocean this week, so I think I’m going to spend tomorrow cleaning my house and doing dumb stuff that I never remember to do. Or go to the river so my pup can go swimming. Either or. Maybe take a nap. Definitely take a nap.

  26. I get to work from home this week!

    Except I put pants on for a conference call because that felt very not okay to me.

  27. Today I exercised while watching Veronica Mars and when I was done, I noticed that my eye was leaking blood. Yay! It’s been leaking mucus (at least I hope it’s mucus and not eye jelly or something) on and off for a few months but blood is a new and disturbing development, so I finally made the doctor’s appointment I’ve been putting off for months now, and just the act of doing that lifted such a weight from my mind that I went from “Oh God, I’m dying!” to “Hurray, I’m alive!” in the space of two seconds. Now – once I’m done typing this comment – I’m gonna go sit in my parent’s shady, picturesque backyard where it’s nice and cool, unlike my apartment, and read The Metamorphosis because apparently it’s Kafka’s birthday today and – coincidentally – just yesterday I realized that a short story I’m working on shares a few similarities with The Metamorphosis. Then I’m gonna wander downtown and pick up a newspaper and a loaf of bread and maybe a six pack. Summer is awesome.

  28. My day has been okay. I broke my elbow last Friday in a car crash because some….person…ran a stop sign and hit my. It’s healing, but it still kinda hurts, which makes me grumpy.

    I also gave up Diet Coke for the month of July, which lasted all of 2 1/2 days. Also, when I bought it, I had to spend $3 to use my debit card so I HAD to buy some peanut M&M’s to go with it. Now I am enjoying while watching the Unofficial One Direction documentary on Netflix until I get to leave work.

    So all in all, my life is pretty boring!

  29. I just met our new custodian. He has a very unimpressive handshake, and his hat informed me that he is DTF. My day is starting to slide downhill a bit.

    • Have everyone at the office show up Friday wearing “NDTF” hats. If this guy has any savvy for social cues, he’ll get the message!

  30. I am proud to say I will be watching all-American icon Barry Manilow as he showcases his patriotic chops on the National Mall tomorrow (on PBS–check local listings).

  31. Oh, and I’m still laughing about Fanny’s butt debut on Antiques Roadshow and its subsequent mis-identification.

  32. I hate being in a very different time zone. I wanna tell you all about my day, but you guys are probably sleeping now or something. Ugh! Not fair!

    • Tell me! I’m awake!

      • OMG YAY! ok. i got up early, like 8, and had my breakfast. muesli and a grilled cheese. then i went back to sleep. i am unemployed, if you hadn’t guessed. then i went to the mall, which i never do. bought some boxers. drank a slushice, which gave me diarrhea when i got home. now im eating potoato salad and watching greys anatomy and thinking about staying up late. the end.

        ARENT YOU GLAD I TOLD YOU? i am.

  33. All I care about is that Usher is my fireworks ‘curator’ this year! That guy better update his LinkedIn skills and expertise listing!

    “I actually think he’s pretty good on The Voice.”

  34. It’s so hot and I just ripped the sleeve of my dress so I have to wear my sweater AND there’s no VG?

  35. Let me give you some insight into what I’m doing for work today:

    Copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste… save.

    Repeat x 50

  36. all you people seem to have really boring jobs. thats nice. what are they?

    • At the moment my job is sitting on my mom’s couch waiting for 1pm to roll around so I can go meet my friend’s new baby. This entire vacation has just been me meeting new babies. Everyone is getting babied! And they’re all girls??? Grand conspiracy to bring back polygamy???? I tell you, the 4 male babies born this year are going to be mighty popular and the billion girl babies had just better pray they’re not into each other.

      • Unless the girl babies are all also into each other. In which case let’s just hope splicing/cloning will have evolved enough in 20 years that all these gay babies can create their own babies without a somewhat even male-female ratio. Or else, adios human race which might be in the planet’s best interests anyway.

      • Until my nephew was born two years ago, literally every new baby in my life since I was in middle school had been a girl.

        Also, I am an executive assistant at at university. The very same university that artdork attends as a grad student! So basically, artdork is paying my bills. Thanks, lady!!!

      • why is everyone having babies all of a sudden?! i dont get it. what do they want them for? everyone i know are pregnant, and now it looks like i might have to share my birthday with some little dude. i dont wanna share the attention. you guys get that, right?

        • Totally. Fuck babies! Figuratively, of course. But no, not even figuratively. It’s true that they don’t really do much other than make horrible noises and leak out of everywhere they can possibly leak out of, BUT they grow into kids, who are a lot of fun, and these kids grow into adults, who have jobs and pay into my socialist pension plan so that I can retire some day.

    • Library. I just typed things I handwrote on slips into Word and now I will get some coffee and mentally check out.

    • Punctuation police.

    • Someone just called me and asked me what the difference between a labor transaction and a tool transaction was, and I worked very hard not to say, “Think about it. Just for a second. You’ll get it.”

      Software stuff.

    • I teach people how to use Outlook. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.

  37. Hi, fellow 5th of July workers!

    Since most of my coworkers are off, I should take advantage of the quiet and get tons of work done, but I’m really not sure if that is going to happen.

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