• John Barrowman, AKA Jack Harkness from Torchwood and Doctor Who (AKA Dr. Who), got married yesterday. Congratulations, John Barrowman, AKA Jack Harkness from Torchwood and Doctor Who (AKA Dr. Who)! -Dlisted
  • Ellie Kemper kept a diary for Vulture during UCB’s Del Close Marathon and it is a very fun read. You should read it! She seems great. -Vulture
  • Steven Spielberg is going to produce a Grapes Of Wrath remake. Who should play Tom Joad?! RYAN GOSLING? A woman? Vincent Gallo? Both of the Olsen twins? They can read the lines at the same time but one of them will always be off camera. I have lots of good ideas get at me, Steven!! -/Film
  • Are you a veteran or active member of the military and do you want to see White House Down for free on July 4th, which is tomorrow? You can! -NextMovie
  • One of the awful people from Big Brother was dropped from her modeling agency for being awful. Being awful at modeling or being awful in general? Click 2 find out! (JK it’s the 2nd.) -ONTD
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  1. I really enjoyed white house down

  2. Linking to ONTD makes me very grateful that I can visit a place where they have GIF avatars, but that I don’t have to live there.

  3. I know I am very late here, but I think E.T. should have a GRAPES OF WRATH cameo.

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