“Yeah, I kinda wanna watch this,” said the REAL hero. (Via Abroath.)

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  1. This is a whole lot less glamorous than what Baywatch led me to believe. Why isn’t the camera shooting him from the front so I can see his oily pecs get all scratched up from trying to swim on the sandy beach?

  2. Why did they cut there? He was just starting to do a flipper moonwalk through the breakers! Fire that camera person or editor.

  3. “Not now, sweetie. Daddy’s watching a man drown.”

  4. Virginia. That explains a lot. Virginia is basically the Florida of America.

  5. Dude! Forget the flippers! Run your fat arse out there and get that drowning man!

  6. I’m so glad he’s there to protect and thrash around Virginia Beach.

  7. Anyone here from Virginia? I spent a weekend in Virginia Beach and it was fun and everyone was nice and it felt like 50% of the cars down there have vanity plates. Are vanity plates free in VA? Do you have to pay a surcharge to NOT have vanity plates? Is VA just super vain?

  8. The real hero sounds like Danny McBride.

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