Powerful stuff. Very interesting and thought-provoking question, I’m sure. How long do you think this debate lasted? Trick question. It’s still going. If you turn on CNN right now and for the rest of time they will just be trying to untangle the rhetorical knots of our modern society. It’s almost impossible to tell which of these words is worse. Hmmmmmm. UGH, I HATE BRAIN TEASERS. You’d need some kind of genius to solve this Sphinx’s Riddle. This is like OUR generation’s Kobayashi Maru. Good luck to everyone. Show your work.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. And possibly the loss of all your endorsements and deals depending on how racist your comment is!

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  1. PRO TIP: It’s the one you’re too scared to write out on national television.

  2. They could have just had John Mulaney on and saved everyone the trouble.

  3. I can’t wait for their upcoming segments: “Are we sure the Holocaust was real?” and “But Rihanna probably kind of deserved it, right?”

  4. Is the N word Nilla-wafer? If so, cracker. If not, GOOD GOD WHAT IS THIS QUESTION?

  5. Probably not the one that makes you think of Keebler Elves.

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  7. Worst Brady Bunch ever.

  8. Next up: Homophobia or Coulrophobia: Which is worse?

  9. If I was asked this question in real life, I think I’d probably just start scratching my butt while looking like I was thinking really hard until the person asking walked away.

  10. The lady’s face says all that needs to be said. As does LeVar Burton’s. And top-left guy. Well, I guess all of their faces. Collectively.

  11. “Buy me some peanuts and *mumble* jacks. I don’t care if I ever get back.”

  12. Honestly, this whole thing just makes me want to talk about crackers. Can we do that instead? Like, what is a “scuit?” I’ve dissected biscuits and triscuits to try to figure out what the biscuit has two of, and the triscuit has three of, and I am at a loss.

  13. I guess if you make a number of assumptions, the question looks debatable. For example:

    1. Black people now face more racism than white people.
    2. It is not our responsibility to rectify the damage done by our history.

    Otherwise, there is an actual mathematical answer to that question, and it is “cracker is worse, thanks for asking, racist.”

  14. I think I’ll just quote, verbatim, a truly incredible comment some girl left on my Facebook post of this screengrab.

    Cracker and ni**er are both slang. Can very used conversationally with no bad intent, but can also be used derogatively. It is wholly dependent upon context and intent. Hate speech can be as simple as me saying that the color of your shirt is ugly. I think society has become ridiculously hyper sensitive to anything a person or group could consider negative.

    Just a peek inside the mind of the post-racial generation.

    • And yet she only feels comfortable writing ONE of those words out.

    • Tell this girl to google hate speech, then tell her you hate her shirt.

    • I think society has become ridiculously hyper sensitive to anything a person or group could consider negative.

      I love (hate) that “hypersensitive” means “not actively trying to be an asshole”.

    • 200 years of our nation oppressing ugly shirts. #teachthecontroversy

    • To be fair, English might not be her first language.

    • Once at work I overheard a young white lady about my age proudly say to a coworker, “I think we’re definitely the first generation that doesn’t see color.” I wanted to laugh SO hard but our departments already have a tense enough relationship as it is.

      • Maybe she was referring to the recent proliferation of face blindness.

      • A few years ago, my old roommate and I spent a summer living/working in New York. She’s black, and her officemate for the whole summer was white. On the very last day of work, my roommate mentioned something that referred to her race, and her officemate said, “Huh. I didn’t even notice you were black.” LOLOL favorite story. Glad I had an excuse to share it with you all.

    • I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but it still weirds me out when (white) people pull the “well everyone’s said it before, but not necessarily in a derogatory way” excuse. Like Paul Deen or this girl with her casual slang interpretation.

      It’s probably geographical, but I do not understand this at all. Even when I was growing up in a “different time” (the ’80s), the “N-word” was not a thing that anyone around me ever said casually or “only behind closed doors”. Ever. I would have gotten the food slapped out of my face if I said it at the dinner table, and my parents are conservative midwestern baby boomers. It was never acceptable in any social situation to use it at all. I still cringe slightly when I hear it, even if the person is just talking about the word objectively.

      Anyway, whatever. I’ve probably said plenty of other offensive things in my life. But the whole “we all say it behind closed doors” thing is a thing that I don’t like hearing because you are not speaking on my behalf when you say that.

  15. White people questions.

  16. I dont think Nabisco is that bad of a word?

  17. See if they’d phrased it “N word” vs. “C word,” “cracker” wouldn’t even cross our minds.

  18. CNN is not afraid to ask the tough questions, because they are the only channel that has access to the best resource for answers:

  19. once a girl i worked with said that ‘hologram’ is the next major technology trend, because she didn’t understand that will-i-am hadn’t ACTUALLY traveled to the studio.

  20. Maybe they were debating which was worse: “cracker” or the phrase “n-word” cause if they’re debating cracker vs the ACTUAL n-word it’s pretty dumb. But really, I would maybe jokingly say, “man, that guy is a real cracker!” And I would DEFINITELY never say, “man, that guy is a real n word!”(again the phrase “n-word”)

  21. *Mmmmmm-hmm* *Oh no you didn’t* *Cracker is an unfair stereotype* *Check out this mothafucka* *Best watch yoself* *Cracker is the more offensive of the two words*

  22. ♫ And that’s the way they became the Brady Bunch. ♫

  23. How soon we forget that not too long ago, the vast majority of one racial demographic in America were considered vastly inferior, forced into slavery, systematically beaten, tortured, and called “crackers” in the most derogatory way poss…wait, that’s wrong. It’s the other one.

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