• Look at this life-sized soon-to-be-corpse-of-Dexter cake that was used to celebrate the premiere of the show’s final season. Very cool cake! Not gross or terrifying, just chill and cool. -LaughingSquid
  • Idris Elba on the return of Luther. -GQ
  • The Bible miniseries that I guess already came and went on the History Channel (and was very successful) is getting a sequel on NBC. Okay! -E
  • Speaking of things that are going to be on NBC, here’s how Community characters were described in the pilot alongside photos of the cast during their auditions. -WarmingGlow
  • Want to watch the original Boba Fett screen test from 1978? I’m not judging you if you do! Feel free, you can do whatever you want! -/Film
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  1. Dexter cake? I hardly know her cake!

  2. Showing your age a bit with this one, Harmon!

  3. Does the Dexter cake make lazy, heavy handed narrations as you cut it?

  4. Bible 2: Christian Boogaloo

  5. Is that going to be a sequel to the Bible, or a reboot? And if it’s a reboot, are they going to make Jesus an alien this time?

    • That would be rad. There could be a scene where he Terminators himself into Mary’s womb. The energy sphere, in the crouched position, everything. And instead of the whole manger origin story, he bursts through Mary’s chest when she’s having dinner.

      Also, wasn’t Jesus technically an alien to begin with? I think Bryan Singer already proved as much with Superman Returns.

  6. ahhh Dexter spoilers!

    …he was made of cake the whole time!!

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