In a segment last night called “Let Us Play With Your Look” that was more vintage SNL than late night, Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell gave an audience volunteer a makeover she’ll never forget. Ferrell seems to be channeling his Mugatu character from Zoolander, and Fallon seems to be doing something he should do more of on his show: playing a weird character unlike himself and going really far for the joke, like he did on SNL:

This sketch was positively Craig Fergusonesque in its randomness. (That’s a compliment.) (Via The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon blog.)

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  1. Whoever is coming up with these things, keep up the good work.

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    • Evan  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 +15

      Oh yeah, you’re right. Except for the fact that Tim and Eric is a goldmine of comedy.

      • Agreed. Tim & Eric Awesome Show is the funniest thing being made right now for American television.

        • Tim and Eric exploit a mentally ill public access Jesus freak for hipster yuks. That’s not what I consider original, clever, or illuminating. Hey, everybody! Laugh at the pathetic nutcase with the puppets we found on the street. At least it fills up time in which they would otherwise be deploying another round of stuttering video edit effects for no discernable purpose.

          • Get over yourself.

          • I didn’t realize that holding the same opinions about comedy as “CarolineA” was required to be a civil participant in this forum! Thank you for the etiquette primer.

          • I’m just saying, if you don’t like the show that’s fine, but don’t make us out to be criminal insensitive exploitative “hipster yucks” for liking it.

          • I think it should be questioned, rather than accepted as par for the course, that David Liebe Hart, who is on almost every episode of that show, is not a comedian. He is a person who does puppet shows on the sidewalk in which he tries to teach lessons about UFOs and the Bible. He is not on the show to be laughed with he’s there to be laughed at. I can understand placing up to mockery television evangelists who exploit others for financial gain, but this guy is operating at a mental disadvantage and Tim and Eric are exploiting this street nut’s desire for attention in order to entertain Robot Chicken and Family Guy fans. To me, that’s not the cutting edge of comedy, it’s a freak show.

          • While it’s fair to make qualitative judgements about what you find amusing, there is nothing worse than nagging about how something doesn’t qualify as good humor for some arbitrary moral reason. It’s either funny or not funny, don’t make it a crusade.

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          • I think there’s a difference between “getting a sick thrill” and just being insensitive pricks. I doubt they’re sadists. They just don’t give a fuck about using this guy like a cheap whore.

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          • Have to agree with you there. How exactly is questioning exploitation for the sake of a cheap laugh “arbitrary moral?” Sounds pretty on-point to me.

          • It’s a figure of speech. Obviously holocausts and dangerous amoral comedies are much worse.

          • While I don’t necessarily agree with Jemiah Sludge, I fail to see how he’s “nagging.” Just because he disagrees with you and made you think something through for a second? There is plenty of pretty offensive and morally questionable shit out there that gets a free pass as some sort of sacred comedy cow. Grow up.

          • Home Movies, on the other hand, is an Adult Swim show I love.

          • To clarify, I haven’t seen the show in question. My point is that it doesn’t make sense to argue the Tim and Eric show can’t be funny due to some arbitrary standard. If it strikes you as funny, you hardly have any control over that.

            If we’re going to hold the Tim and Eric show to the “no laughing AT people” standard, we will also have to dismiss the freak shows that are reality TV and Youtube.

            The conceit of idiocy is necessary for almost all comedy. Any awkward comedy or any comedy featuring buffoons similarly uses exaggerated characters to ridicule buffoonish and awkward people. Do these types of shows pass your moral laugh standards?

            The question of how to determine whether or not it is okay to laugh at something is difficult enough, why should you try to impose your views on others?

            I have bothered to comment so I hope you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt when you decide whether or not I’ve spent enough time considered my views. If you extend that courtesy, I’ll try to keep an open mind.

          • “why should you try to impose your views on others?”

            In what alternate dimension would it be considered “imposing my views on others” to simply state my opinion that I don’t like a TV show? When you get the chance, send me a postcard.

          • That’s sort of a cop out in my view. To say something is “mentally ill” and for “hipster yuks” and then post a bunch of comments about how it is morally bankrupt for including an eccentric is definitely belligerent and accusatory. You’re not exactly holding a gun to anyone’s head, but you are making the imposing argument that if you watch and enjoy that show you are a mentally ill hipster yuk.

            So in some respects, my language was inflammatory, but I think there’s a big difference between “this show is not funny” and “this show is amoral and if you watch it you are a fool.”

            Also, after If I were to mail this postcard, would you be sending me your response on a postcard from far-too-complicated-jokes-involving-interdimensional-mail-in-a-far-too-long-off-topic-argument-land?

          • I don’t know what you’re arguing about at this point. I didn’t call people who watched the show “mentally ill,” I was describing a specific person on the “Tim and Eric” comedy show. If you would like to become more familiar with this person I’m talking about, search YouTube for the words “David Liebe Hart” and watch the video “David Liebe Hart – Public Access Hollywood.”

          • Liam   |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2009 -3


          • fud  |   Posted on Jun 14th, 2009 0


          • Ummmmm How dare they exploit that poor Davd Liebe Hart for “yuks”! I feel sorry for anyone that dares exploit that poor fellow uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    • Terry's Chocolate Horse To Ride In On  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 0

      ^this exactly. Will Ferrell’s facial expressions were funny, but everything else was annoying.
      Tim & Eric blows this away with “Here She Comes”.

    • Andy Kaufman’s “I Trusted You” bit?

  3. Its weird seeing the host play the “I’m insane and now I’ll collapse” character. Not that its terrible or anything, just hosts are usually behind desks.

  4. mezzy  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 0

    i liked the sketch a lot. The SNL sketch they starred in together (“Jeffrey’s” – I think it was called) had a similar vibe as well. They both seemed to be having a lot of fun in the interview and Will’s new line of sunscreens was pretty funny as well…

    I still refuse to watch Craig Ferguson… it’s a quick lunge for the remote when I see that guys mug on the screen. I know he’s got some fans on this site but my personal opinion is that he is the worst… absolutely unwatchable.

  5. Steve  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 -14

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    • Nope
      I mean, love Conan. Watched him every day since I started. But Fallon is just more…fun, I guess. The Roots are rockin, AD Miles is hilarious, it’s just a great show.

    • no.. you are not alone. i’ve been brought around, and conan is looking less appealing on his own, and especially by comparison, and i never believed i would think that.

  6. Really I could have gone without seeing Fallon’s bulge.

  7. Hey..Jimmy Fallon stole my avatar!!

  8. Person L  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 +1

    Fallon does have a fun show. It’s doesn’t always work, but there’s a lot to be enjoyed from it. Gotta say though, he hasn’t had the show for long and it’s already a fun show with a lot energy despite the learning curve they are going through. He’s been on a roll lately.

  9. Chadams  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 +2

    This was an okay sketch bu Ferrell’s interview (with the “serious” Q&A) and Ferrell’s shoehorning of Kyra Sedgwick’s interview were MUCH, MUCH funnier. My use of capital letters expresses emphasis on how much funnier it was.

    Fallon’s quick to laugh, but seeing Will Ferrell successfully try not to laugh while tears form in his eyes via extreme close-up was incredible.

  10. I really wish I could see this. To bad I live in Canada and the internet here hates us.

  11. Cute bangs.

  12. I’m starting to love Jimmy Fallon again. I know, I know… It isn’t cool to like Jimmy Fallon, but I’m challenging the status quo, goddammit.

  13. I was flipping between NBC and CBS last night (I just can’t decide!) and I came in on this sketch at about a minute in. I was like, “What the FUCK is going on?” And I still don’t know. But it was funny.

    Also, I liked the beef resolution between “Clay Aiken” and “Adam Lambert” and Will having to cancel.

  14. I met Fallon recently (he was filming a movie in Detroit) and he was great. I mean, really great. No lie.I’m totally rooting for him and Late Night. That said, I can’t help but think “low rent Mike Meyers” when I watch this skit. Not his best.

  15. nope. fallon fail. i didn’t see him “selling” anything. and he looked frightened to death. a 10 year old in a wig could’ve given the same performance. fallon was/is/and will always be the worst.

  16. See? This is exactly what I was saying last week. Most everything on this show is amusing, minus the interviews.

    • but that’s usu. how i watch these shows: rec., FF thru monologue and guests, just watching the set pieces– if i see a good guest, i make exceptions– but usually it makes quick funny shows. watching them live is torture.

  17. The only I can say positive about this is that Jimmy really sold it towards the end, otherwise, this is another Fallon FAIL that is neither amusing nor funny. And also, how is this so drastically un-fallon like of a character? Wearing a stupid dutch inspired wig and dancing side to side isn’t a drastic change and isn’t notable at all.

    Sorry Lindsay, but this and you’re obsession with anything Lonely Island related is not your best work, not at all. More cat videos plz.

  18. Joker's Lady  |   Posted on Jun 11th, 2009 +2

    funny. liked it.

  19. It was random but funny!

    And a good interview from Will Ferrel for a change!

  20. Fucking BRAVO! This is my kind of comedy. Short and absolutely bizarre.

  21. Ha! You wrote it twice, with different words! Me and my buddies have never done this so prepare to be mocked mercilessly!

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