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Guys, I know you’re frustrated. We all are. Hang in there. Just keep practicing and do your best, whenever you can, to remember why you got into playing gentle folk songs in the first place. Was it because you were a rage monster filled with sour bile? No! At least I don’t think so! It sucks to mess up, but everyone messes up. Hush now. Try again. (Via RopertPopper.)

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  1. Hey man, it’s okay. Just slow it down, try again. Cut yourself some slack, nobody learns something in a day. Just slow down, believe in yourself! Hey. I believe in you.

  2. Can we all stop videotaping our friends as they get increasingly frustrated?

    I feel like this guy (and also that guy who destroyed his Xbox) would not have broken his stuff in a fit of impotent rage if he wasn’t “performing” for the camera a bit.

  3. Wow, Santa really gets testy during the off-season!

  4. That guy – guitar + controller =

  5. Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% swearing and freaking out.

  6. thank you Based God

  7. I am actually not an angry guitar player, I am really excited because my photo made it onto Gawker! I marched in NYC’s Gay Pride Parade yesterday and I guess I got snapped, neat! (there are a zillion, great, photos, i’m the awkward cat in a scarf)

  8. Guitar players are weird. Once you reach a certain level of skill, you become the coolest person ever. But all the time between when you start learning to play and when you reach that skill level, you are in this uncanny guitar valley where everybody hates you for bringing your guitar with you everywhere you go, but nobody’s going to say anything about it.

    • Yeah, plus listening to someone practice scales is pretty much the most irritating thing ever. This is true of pretty much any instrument I guess. Bringing your guitar everywhere makes you a douche no matter how good you are though, IMHO.

      • My husband teaches guitar lessons full time. He would concur with you on all points.

      • It definitely does make you a douche to a certain extent, no matter how talented you are. I mean, I can DEFINITELY see John Mayer pulling out his guitar while he’s waiting for the check after he takes a girl to The Melting Pot, but actually being able to play makes it a lot more tolerable than the guy who keeps having to start over on “Smoke On The Water” because he keeps messing up.

  9. I wish this was the reaction of every fratty douche in college who would overconfidently stumble through covers of John Mayer or whatever at parties.

    “Hey, man, I dig your guitars!”
    “You play?”
    “Um, yeah…”
    “Cool man. Hey, check this. I’ve been working on some shit lately. It works for me but whatever, I fucking love it. I bet you get into that, right? I’ve been getting into it, man, you know. You know what that’s like?”
    “Yeah, that’s great! I’m gonna go check…”
    “Mind if I play something?”

    Three minutes later…


    • I like how we both mentioned John Mayer within minutes of one another. It’s almost as if we see angry people and guitars and just assume John Mayer must be somehow involved.

  10. “John, you just broke your guitar!”

    Hey Paul McCartney, eff off!

  11. Seen this video a thousand times and it gets better every time. Treeman is a local legend. I like it when he tells his wrist off.

    My boyfriend went to see Treeman play in town but he didn’t get angry. Kind of spoiled everyone’s night really.

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