Reasons why it is okay to enjoy “French bulldog fart scare” at this exact moment and not at a time when it would be “more appropriate,” like when you are home from work, or on your lunch break, or at the very least during the Petting Zoo on Wednesday, which is where we generally keep these things: It is monday, for crying out loud; it is raining outside and will probably be raining outside all week; you woke up feeling a little unhappy and you’re not sure why; nobody is talking to you on gchat; you aren’t totally happy with any Google Reader alternative; you recently finished a novel you were enjoying and you feel sad about it, like you’re going to miss it; a few of your friends are still holding out on confirming their attendance to your fourth of July BBQ and, like, you know they’ve SEEN the invite and could at the very least tell you why they are unable to make up their mind as of right now; like, really, you need to buy things for it! how many things are you supposed to buy!?; work or school feels a little extra daunting for some reason; Monday; raining; FARTS.

Thank you, French bulldog! Thank you for farting and being afraid of it, WE NEEDED YOU! (Via CuteOverload.)

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  1. The squeaky fart gathers no moss.

  2. The worst part is that he’s French, so you know those are total cheese farts.

  3. I wonder what his name is…. tooty? Mr. Fluff? Bran Muffin?

  4. I switched to The Old Reader because the layout is similar to Google Reader (RIP), but items take a much longer time to show up. Anyhow, hit me up on gchat anytime, I set my status to busy but I’m always around.

  5. Fart ghost scares another innocent, adorable victim.

  6. He’s lucky they’re outside. Frenchie farts are not to be trifled with.

  7. Is it true that French bulldogs don’t shave their armpits?

  8. I love French bulldogs, and this is adorable. The family dog is an English bulldog and whenever she farts she always kind of looks around like “gee….who did THAT??” and it is always hilarious.

  9. Sometimes what happens with evite is that a bunch of your friends are waiting to see if other people are going. Like you’ll have a big group that responds as soon as someone else responds. “Oh he’s coming, cool, we know that guy” or whatever. Anyway, not responding to an evite is kinda rude but hosts should also make clear the deadline by which they expect a response. Also that “maybe” option is bullshit.

  10. What was the novel that you enjoyed and are going to miss?

  11. Speaking of dogs. I am a dogsitter for a bunch of people in my department. And this weekend I dogsat this OLD guy. Not “this ‘ol guy.” Henry is old, you guys. If I had to compare him to driving stick, I’d say he is always on first gear, and barely revving the engine and usually stalling out because of which. But he was fun.

  12. French Bulldog Fart Scare i love you,
    love is forever fan love you.

  13. This is basically how I react when I pass gas in a public place – look around as if to say ‘who did that’ but we all know it was me…

    Side note I really want a Frenchie toots and all. Maybe that’s what I’ll call my Frenchie – Tootsanall. Nope, that looks like Toots anal. Back to the drawing board.

  14. Everybody’s looking for anustart.

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