Well? Ladies? You OK? Let’s do a quick head count and make sure everyone is still with us. This is why we use the buddy system! Poor ladies. You can’t catch a break! First the glass ceiling and now Benedict Cumberbatch wearing flip flops. At least The Heat made 40 million dollars. Benedict Cumberbatch knows that he is famous now, right? Like, his agent told him that the TV show he filmed has finally aired, and that the Star Trek movie he filmed is now in theaters? Someone should tell him. Because Benedict Cumberbatch somehow not realizing that he is famous now is the only explanation for Benedict Cumberbatch going out in public dressed like he’s heading for the dorm showers. Come on, man. I would say “come on, man” even if you weren’t Benedict Cumberbatch. You could be some dude walking into the dollar store, and I would be like, Come on, man. And that’s the dollar store! There is no dress code for the dollar store.

I’m not saying we all need to abandon our sweet, sweet Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s growing into his fame, maybe. He didn’t realize there were cameras, maybe, or other human beings, or something. He didn’t realize that everyone isn’t blind. He didn’t realize that eyes don’t automatically crop your head into a close up where we can’t even see that you are wearing flip flops like some asshole doing devil sticks on the quad. Yuck. But he’ll get there. We just have to be patient. And he just has to stop wearing flip flops. (Image via Celebitchy.)

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  1. He’s still wearing a scarf and too many layers on top. I don’t support this, but I will condone it, since we’re getting married soon and all.

  2. Maybe he’d gotten a pedicure. Wait, that’s not better.

  3. Why is he wearing a scarf? Pick one or the other, buddy.

  4. As a flat-footed, orthotics-wearing sissy boy, I approve!

  5. I think he’s at Glastonbury here. I’ve never been to Glastonbury, mind, but if it is anything like any other music festival ever, I’m surprised this isn’t so much worse.

    • Honestly, flip flops make more sense than shoes and socks… especially when you factor in the goddamn heat and humidity and probability that awful people will spill drinks on your feet. And also that it’s so hot that I am incapable of remembering when it wasn’t hot and I’m pretty sure that I’m living in that Twilight Zone episode in which I’m actually heading into the freezing cold of outer space. Oh man, what I would give for the freezing cold of outer space!!

    • Yeah, based on the pictures I saw, it looked like it was disgustingly muddy and wet, so any shoes you wear are going to be ruined, so you might as well wear flip-flops. Also, this is in London where it is not very warm, so a scarf is not out of place.


      • Thank you.

      • While I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of your post (particularly the closing statement), I feel compelled to point out that Glastonbury is very much not London!

        Also the scarf = because obviously Sherlock.

        I only really come here for my Benedict Cumberbatch news.

    • He is def at Glastonbury. Weather was OK for the first time in aeons. Still no excuse for the footwear though…

  6. Doesn’t matter, I don’t care. He’s my dream man, flip flops and all. Swoon.

  7. Excuse me, Gabriel, but some of us like to let our feet breathe, free from the encumbrance of the true shoe.

  8. Beneflip Cumberflop and Mr. Cool Friend on tha loose.

  9. The flip flops just make me like him more. I wish he had worn them for Star Trek.

  10. Wait, are you all saying that wearing flip flops is not okay for men?

    Because I think it’s fine as long as his feet are not gross or his toenails are not too long or whatever. I think flip flops are fine!

    • I personally don’t think that men or women should wear flip flops unless they are at the beach or something tropical. But I also realize that this is my own personal issue with flip flops, and I try not to judge, regardless of gender.

      • Agreed. Flip-flops are way too casual for general use. They’re for protecting feet from heat and pebbles when you go swimming. They’re not for about town. Go get some nice sandals if you’re a lady. And, if you’re a dude, put some goddam shoes on you disgusting monkey.

        • I disagree with your opinion regarding dudes wearing sandals, but yesterday I called the people I work with a “bunch of goddamn motherfucking animals” (under my breath) so your monkey insult made me laugh. I can relate.

        • I bought a pair of Rainbows while I was on vacation to wear on the beach last year. I have worn them almost every day since…

    • Agreed. I guess Gabe hasn’t been in LA long enough to get on board with flip flops. The transition will occur without him even realizing it. One day in the not-too-distant future, he’ll look down at his feet and realize he’s worn flip flops to the grocery store even though it’s a rainy February day. Resistance is futile.

    • Dress for the weather, dudes!
      I also really like it when guys wear shorts. Not, like, baggy cargo shorts, but, like, crisp bermuda shorts. My male coworkers were always complaining about being hot in the summer, and I was like, ‘Wear shorts, who cares!”
      I had this opinion even before this shit happened.

      • Yeah, enough with the cargo shorts, dudes. Embrace the air on your thighs! You don’t need to go to Bob Benson levels (at least not right away), but let’s at least go above the knee and non-baggy.

        • I’ll step in for the cargo shorts here.

          a) if my lower chicken legs are going to be exposed to all the world, I at least need to be able to imagine that my upper leg is in quasi-SWAT style gear.
          b) with no jacket on where do I put my walletphonekeys without cargos?

          defense rests your honor

      • So glad to find another Louis fan out there :)

  11. Where’s Ms. Estherson? She’d usually come here and announce her sudden death. I miss that.

  12. As long as he’s not wearing flip flops on the subway, IDGAF.

  13. Videogum is my go to source for snarky coverage of celebrity footwear.

  14. If I knew I would be safe from broken glass, disease and Jiffy feet, then I would go barefoot all the time, Hobbit-style. So TO ME, flip flops are a step in the right direction.

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