Sometimes it is worth revisiting the official HBO Store for all of the great products. Shields! Fangs! This shirt is cool, too. Cool shirt.

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  1. Sure it’s ridiculous, but someone is going to buy that.

    • Many moons ago, I worked at a Star Wars exhibit at the Museum of Science. Obviously, there was a gift shop and one of the offerings was a figure of Yoda, I think, that cost a upwards of a thousand dollars, and we poor struggling museum workers laughed at the idea that anyone would buy it. People complained about $5 keychains! LOL, who would buy Yoda??? One day, Kanye West visited the exhibit and bought the Yoda. And he was a dick.

      • This is just a great story with a perfect twist ending.

      • Flanny. This is great. REALLY great. So great that if it were a song, it would be a Kanye West song.

        Tell me more, please, about how he was a dick! Was he rude? Did he speak of himself in 3rd person? Did he just yell, “I want one of everything!” and then expect you to box it all up for him? Did he cut in line? I bet he cut in line.

        • I bet he made light sabre sounds with his mouth when he swiped his credit card

          • I bet you’re right, but that’d be okay, right? I mean, like, if I did that? I wouldn’t be being a dick, would I?

          • Well no, that’s not being a dick by itself. But I was picturing him doing that while ignoring questions such as: “Is that credit or debit?”, “Would you like this gift wrapped?”, and “Can you please ask the members of your entourage to stop threatening the other patrons?”

          • Yeah that makes sense. I was just worried that light sabre sounds on their own were dickish. Cause I make noises sometimes. I mean, on purpose, you know.

        • Well, it was in 2006 or 2007, so he wasn’t even Yeezus levels yet. So if I’m remembering correctly, he made us clear out the line, and maybe mostly clear out the exhibit while he hid with his crew by the bathroom. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone, and we were expressly told not to talk to him. Our security guy was this guy named Norman, who was the best! He was super nice and very friendly and was a veteran of Kosovo. And he approached Kanye, just as he would approach any patron to ask if they were enjoying themselves or needed help. AND KANYE GAVE HIM THE HAND!!!

          • Awesome. So awesome. This makes me think of 30 Rock when Tracey first shows up and they’re yelling, “Do not look at him! Do not look at him in the eye!”

            When I was a waitress, one of the biggest indicators of “who is a giant douchenozzle” is if someone will not look at you in the eye. I’m not talking about looking at the menu or talking or having a bad day and just not happening to make eye contact, you can tell when people just don’t look servers in the eye. It’s a fun, quick way to get insight into people! Also works if you’re at dinner with someone new and he or she won’t look the waiter in the eye!

          • Thank you for this flanny. My feelings towards him are completely justified.

  2. The one thing they don’t seem to sell is an actual game.

  3. A foolnerd and his money are soon parted.

  4. Embarrassing confession: I own a Fangtasia pint glass.

  5. You what I would love–and I don’t care how big a nerd this makes me–? A reasonably-priced home decor line based on the set design in fantasy movies/films. You bet your ass my house would look like an unholy mash of Hogwarts and Rivendell if I could afford it.

  6. I think they really nailed it with that Girls t-shirt. The way the logo is placed to draw attention to your belly? Genius. What girl wouldn’t want that?

  7. I want the R&B CD from Family Tree. Some next-level Blueshammer shit right there.

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