• The Wall Street Journal spoke with Woody Allen about a number of things, including aging, and including how Woody Allen is relegated to playing old man parts now when all he really wants is to play the romantic lead, which is kind of not the happiest quote I’ve ever read, and really makes you think about how we’re all just getting older ever day until the day we die. Ch-ch-check it out! -WSJ
  • Speaking of people who talked to people, Grantland talked to (The Heat and Bridesmaids director) Paul Feig about some things, mainly The Heat, and you should read it if you want to! -Grantland
  • Speaking of The Heat, it did very well at the box office this weekend. Monsters University also did well. I couldn’t see either of them, even though I wanted to, because life is difficult, but did you? Did you like them? Did you see White House Down instead?! -FilmDrunk
  • John Mulaney’s sitcom, Mulaney, may find a place at Fox. -Deadline
  • Over at Pajiba, Dustin Rowles has chosen his top ten best movies, released since 2012, that are available on Netflix Instant. -Pajiba
  • It looks like Jacob’s Ladder will be the next (or, one of the next) horror film to be to get a #remake. Who will play Jacob and who will play the ladder?! -Uproxx
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  1. Couldn’t Woody Allen just do an autobiopic? Then he could play an old man AND a romantic lead!

  2. I read in the Metro (in Boston) this morning that Paul Feig was upset that he was the only filmmaker having women as the leads. And I thought to myself, “Hey misogynistic pigs! Isn’t it your ‘thing’ to control women? Why not have them the leading roles in your films that you can ‘direct’ them to do your bidding, for artistic reasons?” But then I thought, “I’m not including Roman Polanski in this idea. What a nightmare.”

    • Bullshit he’s upset. “Oh, I’m so anguished that I am being seen as a brave proponent of equality, and nobody else is! Woe is me!”

  3. Macaulay Culkin had a cameo as Jacob’s son in the original “Jacob’s Ladder.” It would be stunt casting, but also kind of interesting, to see him in the lead now.

  4. aw, it’s such a shame when misogynist, child-grooming pedophiles can’t play romantic leads any more. So sad for him.

  5. I did see White House Down instead, and it was a master class in big dumb Hollywood blockbusters. I loved it.

  6. Sadly, The Heat isn’t very good. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty lousy. Ah well. Not every attempt to upend genre tropes can be a success.

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