Shout out to whoever up at corporate decided they should definitely hire a professional camera and sound crew and some capable editors to put this important video together. Shout out to the other guy in corporate who coined the Every Role a Starring Role in house PR/HR program, and who probably believes that it is true even when it is not really true. Shout out to Rosalba Vasquez for sharing her story with us. But most of all, shout out to me, for posting this instead of the Pig Woman Nurses Puppies video that I could have posted if I hated you, which I don’t. (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. But do they know how to fold shirts in 3 seconds?

  2. This whole post is a little Goofy, if you ask me.

  3. Disney Land is truly a magical place!

  4. I think I mentioned this before, but when my dad and I toured the Sydney Opera House some woman asked the guide who cleans the opera house, which was the burning question on all of our minds. I feel like the stars and heavens aligned and made this video for her.

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