Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox have been friends ever since they starred in a show called Friends together. But now their friendship might be in trouble! Jen viciously did not attend Court’s b-day bash but could it all be because Jen’s beau Justin is TOO CONTROLLING?! From the National Enquirer (via Celebitchy):

A source says that Jen skipped Courteney’s 49th birthday bash because control-freak Justin wants her to stop hanging out with all her old pals – and Cox is so upset she’s ready to kiss the friendship goodbye for good.

On June 16, Courteney and her closest buddies, including actresses Laura Dern and Isla Fisher, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, “Cougar Town” co-stars Busy Philipps and Christa Miller and daughter Coco, gathered at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. But her best friend of 20 years was noticeably missing.

“Jen’s absence was the talk of the party,” revealed an insider. “Courteney invited her, but Jen hemmed and hawed and then finally bailed on coming altogether. She used a lame excuse of being tired from too much work.”

But Courteney later learned the truth – that Justin, 41, wants his 44-year-old fiancée to “freshen up” her friends list. And the source says he gave her so much grief about going to the party that she finally decided to decline the invitation.

Are you kidding me? Busy Phillips could make time to go to Courtney Cox’s birthday, but not her longtime friend, Jennifer Aniston?! Ugh, I hope these two can work it out. Friendship is so important, especially these days. Maybe she should just dump Justin Theroux if he is so controlling, what do you think? If you were dating someone who told you that they wanted you to “freshen up” your friends list, do you think you would say “OK,” or do you think you would say, “What the fuck does that even mean you lunatic I’ve never heard of anyone saying anything even remotely like that and that is not a thing”? If you could only hit it with Jennifer Aniston OR Courtney Cox with whom WOULD YOU HIT IT? Do you have a birthday? What’s your birthday? Leave your thoughts on when your birthday is in the comments.

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  1. I think the only appropriate response is this internal dialogue, which I just had with mysef:
    ‘Courtney Cox is HOW old?!’
    ‘Oh wow, I guess it has been a long time since Friends was on’
    ‘Man remember how much I loved that show?!’
    ‘GeezI guess I am really getting old’
    ‘I’ll still never be as old as Courtney Cox’

  2. My birthday is October 14th. It’s pretty cool. It’s close enough to Columbus Day that I occasionally get the day off, and far enough away from Christmas that I don’t get combo presents.

    • My birthday is January 5th. I mos def DO get combo presents. And two years ago my sister had a baby on the 4th, so now my birthday follows Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and an adorable baby’s birthday. Don’t no one want to celebrate on Flanny’s bday.

      • Mine is the 12. Combo presents are the worst. Actually, it usually wasn’t even combo presents it was “you got plenty of stuff for Christmas.”

        • I always smile and nod like it’s no big deal, but secretly I’m thinking, “Oh, I’ll remember this combo present come May when it’s your turn. Oh, I’ll remember.”

    • People still get off for Columbus Day? Do you work for a school or bank?
      My birthday is Feb. 16 which is too close to Valentine’s Day for my taste.

    • July 27th. No holidays really but it is the anniversary of Vincent van Gogh shooting himself.

      • November 22, anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Also around Thanksgiving so usually people try to pass off pie as my birthday cake – IT’S NOT CAKE IT’S PIE. :)

        • I can just picture people saying “Happy Birthday! We are ‘Thankful’ for you! Haha!” as they hand you a pie, to which you respond “Bitch this is not cake.”

    • Mine is November 13. It’s a pretty unremarkable date, which is great because that means my birthday is the most important thing that happens on it!

      • Is it just me or are there a lot of November birthdays? My three closest friends and my boyfriend are all November birthdays (ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE = TRUTH) which makes it a very stressful present-buying time of the year for me.

        (Mine is March 25th. If I remember correctly it’s the same as Elton John and the head sculptor-designer of Mt Rushmore)

        • I only have my brother in November, but my friends do tend to clump their birthdays together. In high school, everyone was born in April or the first week in May. Now I have gobs of June and July birthdays.

        • Valentine’s Day is nine months earlier, which an incredibly cruel person pointed out to me, effectively destroying any enjoyment I might have gotten out of that holiday. I was just fine NOT knowing when I was conceived.

    • Mine’s Flag Day. I would get a lot of combo presents if anyone gave people presents on Flag Day.

    • My birthday is 8/8/88 I win the cool birthday game everyone else go home.

    • My birthday is June 18, so recently past, I miss you birthday festivities! Also I just had my birth chart done, a present from my best friend, and it was an amazing experience. Apparently I have an Air Shrine in there (air sun sign + air moon sign + air imum coeli point), which means I am a smart, critical thinker, good at writing and speaking, but possibly also an emotionless sociopath. Win some lose some!

      • I do charts for all my friend’s birthdays (either their birth chart or, if I’ve done that before, their chart for the year)–it’s just a hobby, but I’ve been accurate about enough things that they all basically think I’m a witch now, so that’s cool.

        • Oh, oh, do me!!

          • I’d do everyone’s if I could (I just find it interesting–and I know a lot of people think it’s total bull plop, and that’s fine too!), but unfortunately, it’s a ton of work and takes a really long time (and requires the exact birth time, not just the date, which a lot of people don’t know and have to look up/ask their moms for).

          • Flanny if you want an amazing lady, who is also affordable, I can refer you to mine! It was such a cool experience and she’ll Skype talk you through it. Unless youre in Portland, then you could do it in person!

  3. Maybe they’re on a break.

  4. Jen is obviously just jelly because she was only on one episode of Cougar Town and Courtney gets to be on all of them.

  5. I just want to know how to spell Courteney/Courtney now. Maybe Jen was confused too?

  6. Is it just me or does Courtney Cox look hammered in that photo?

  7. Who cares if Jennifer Anniston isn’t at your b-day when you’ve got Dr. Sattler to celebrate with?!


  9. Am I the only one worried about Lisa Kudrow’s non-invite?

  10. “Hey, Justin, I’ll hang out with you guys.”

  11. Posts like this make me want to send Gabe a copy of Mother Night

  12. “What’s Friends?” -topknot

  13. I’ve recently moved in with my fiance, out of a house where I had 4 roommates. This would be fine, but my fiance works nights so I’ve gone from always being with a friend to being alone a lot. Apparently this has made me depressed, but I didn’t realize that until I was talking about how after work my to do list is “remove pants, find Friends, watch until 2 am” my former roommates are worried and consider this a cry for help.
    Also, April 2.

    • That is my routine every day, and I have no plans to change it.
      Also, June 24. I just turned 27.

      • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I turned 26 in April. Since being a child I’ve always kinda waited for my birthday to fall on Easter (it was normally around Spring Break) but now, as an atheist I finally googled when that will happen because it’s important god damn it and it will be my 64th birthday. So HUZZAH maybe I’ll have found Jesus again by then.

  14. I think it’s more shocking that her husband Matthew Perry didn’t show up.

  15. my birthday is 2/17 and never have I gotten combo presents…lucky me valentines and my bday lol

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