According to Emma Watson, she started a Tumblr to really get into her character for The Bling Bring. Hahaha, acting is GARBAGE! Anyway: here’s more on that blog, though.

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  1. Well, at least it makes more sense than Daniel Day Lewis texting in character as Abe Lincoln.

    • How do you know Abe Lincoln wasn’t a texter? Just carve some short messages into a piece of wood and chuck it at whomever you want to talk to, but might be out of earshot. Pioneer text ahoy!

  2. The Bling Bring It On, a new summer teen movie about rich cheerleaders that lie and steal their way to the top, but then inevitably they get busted and learn some kind of lesson.

    Oh wait, that’s already about 5 different movies already I think. Dang.

  3. My whole hotspur account has just been an attempt to get into character as Gerald Ford in M. Night Shyamalan’s career-reigniting epic All The Presidents (surprise twist ending, the last president is black).

    Russell Crowe

  4. Surprise twist ending for who, you or everyone else?

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