Oh neat. This is just fun. Let’s all run to the store and buy whatever the hell this product is. They used swear words! So cool. I wish this ad was a person so we could be friends and hang out. You know, television was basically invented as a distribution system for advertising, and if you look back at the early years it can seem funny how primitive the medium was, with doctors standing on the edge of a talk show behind a desk for a cutaway explaining the health benefits of smoking, but in some ways maybe that was still better. Just tell me what your stupid thing does and let me decide whether or not I want to buy it! Stop trying to impress me. Advertising is such a Mom’s New Boyfriend these days. I don’t need you to buy me beer and talk about how hot the TGI Friday’s waitress’s tits look in her uniform, advertising. Leave me alone. You’re not my dad, advertising.

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  1. Yes, but how do you feel about Google Play, Kia Forte, UE Boom 360 Degree Wireless Speaker, Havaianas, and Sapporo Beer?

  2. “If you don’t like what is being said, then change the f***ing conversation” #2013DonDraper

  3. But what about Deen Brand Kountertop Kleaning Kzolutionz? They’re pretty cool, right?

  4. It’s the really good acting that sold me.

  5. Well they just ruined swears for me.

  6. It is kind of funny how marketing people are just now rediscovering product placement and brand integration and whatever. This stuff isn’t new, guys!

    I don’t really get why it’s a problem either. The shows wouldn’t exist without ads. That said, I’d rather have Mary Tyler Moore explain to me why Joy dishwashing liquid is easier on your hands in a tag at the end of the episode that is clearly an advertising spot than have forced insert shots of Nick Miller using the convenient foot-controlled Ford Escape tailgate hatch in the actual body of the episode.

    • I don’t have a problem with product placement, but it can be a bit jarring if it doesn’t fit in naturally with the rhythm of the show. Breaking Bad did it well, with whatever the hell car they were plugging that Walter bought Walter Jr twice. IASIP has done it well too, but they’ve also done it poorly. But I’m sorry, Neal from White Collar does NOT eat at Red Robin. He just doesn’t.

      • psych is usually pretty blatant about their product placement, but shawn going off on a tangent about synder’s of hanover pretzels is still pretty fitting with the character.

        • Yeah, it’s all over USA, basically, but it’s fine on Psych, because Shaun is just a fountain of pop-culture references, anyway. Like I said, there are good examples, and some that are just unnatural.

  7. Um…as one of those people, who when he cleans, goes to town and doesn’t stop till everything in sight is as clean as possible…they make me want to try this…

    • My parents have super rusty well water and I can vouch for CLR, the stuff actually works as advertised. The coolest thing is using it to clean your shower head when it gets all stopped up.

  8. “CLR said I was a 3? What kind of product says that?”–Gabe.

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