I am not a parent. I have no idea the age at which you should let your baby swim in the pool without swimmies and a lifejacket and you in the pool with them, holding onto their bodies, with you also in a lifejacket. Is it 15? What is the legal baby alone swimming age? 18? 17, but only if they take a certain amount of swimming lessons from the local YMCA? 16, but you can only swim in a shallow above-ground pool that is filled only halfway? I just don’t know! The fact is that I am not a cop and I haven’t looked into swimming licences in ages. The baby you’re about to watch in this video is well below what I believe to be the legal swimming alone age (between 15 and 20, let’s say), but that does not take away from the fact that she knows exactly how to do summer, and she is doing it right. Swimming in a pool, for one. Taking some chances, accomplishing some leisure goals, having parents that are pretty chill and relaxed, wearing an adorable outfit. She is doing it. We are not doing it. We are inside and we are at computers and probably we wouldn’t even be able to swim very well if you threw us in a pool right now, and probably last time we were at the beach we got knocked over by a wave and it was very scary and a friend had to help us, but she is doing it.

Please don’t swim with your face down like that, baby. I don’t want to hold you back and I know that you can do it, but please, just as a favor to me! (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. I was just so concerned the baby was going to hit its head on things! Eyes forward, baby!

  2. Her little gasps for air made me feel so nervous

  3. If your baby is still using a teething ring, he or she is too young to be in a pool alone. That’s the official law, I Googled it.

  4. Guys, I am very upset by this video! OK, maybe not very upset, but I do find it disconcerting. Are her parents filming her? Do they not care that she’s about to hit her head against the wall, as Cat already pointed out? And why are there so many videos on YouTube of swimming babies?

  5. For some reason I found this absolutely terrifying.

    Like, that is some Silent Hill shit.

  6. The benefits of birthing pools? You’re born swimming?

  7. I thought babies have a natural instinct for swimming that looks just like this?

    Or this…

  8. “I can’t believe she made it all the way across the pool!” = “Great, I still have to feed and clothe this thing.”

  9. The scariest part for me was when she jumps but totally FALLS into the pool?!

    On the one hand, I am super impressed by this baby. You are probably winning all the olympics at whatever age it is legal to win the olympics, I think the average is maybe like 9 years old at this point. But on the other hand, you are still a baby! Yes the fact that you don’t have a lot of hair yet probably makes you look even more baby than you are, but please mom, can you at least be like, in the pool with your kid maybe? They make waterproof cameras, I will buy you one if you will just go in the pool and supervise your kid a tiny little bit!

  10. Eh, I’m assuming if they’re filming the kid then the kid does crap like this all the time. Also, I wish I was that kid. I never really learned to swim and am now not very comfortable in water.

    • Right, I mean, this kid is obviously a pro swimming hustler of a baby. But still…she’s a baby…so just one gulp of water on accident and you’ve got a potential tragedy on your hands. I think no matter how talented babies are, you probably should never think “You got this, right baby?” and just trust them to be a-okay

  11. When I turned on the TV this morning, GMA or whatever was just finishing up their segment about this video and so I basically just saw the freeze frame at the top of the article and then heard one of the anchors say, “Yeah, that IS a baby!” And then they started talking about George Zimmerman or something.

  12. This reminds me of an article I read on typical American (probably can lump Canadian in there as well) parenting vs parenting in other countries. There is a part of it that talks about some European countries it is much more typical for children to be allowed to take risks or do some things that American parents would find too unsafe and how it hones their judgment skills. By allowing children to take risks teaches them to be safer as opposed to coddling and child-proofing which teaches them that there is no need to fear risk because there is always a safety net. Here is the Article if you are interested.


    –This kid.

    “All done? Tired? Out of breath? Try swimming farther than you ever have before to the ladder while I film it.”

    –Kid’s asshole dad.

  14. If you tiny tiny baby swims across the pool all on her own i think it’s time to ditch the condescending cutesy baby-voice and congratulate your baby with some rightfully earned respect!

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