Tim and Eric can subvert cable access tropes and smear their faces in gunk and Marc Maron can interview whoever he wants for two and a half hours about their favorite and least favorite comedy clubs to work in and Jerry Seinfeld can drink all the coffee in the world, but nothing will ever be as funny as someone falling down. Nothing.

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  1. The real fail was that this was recorded in portrait, AMIRITE???

    No, but seriously, that was great.

  2. At first I thought there was a flatscreen TV in their yard, but nope, they just have multiple mirrors on their fence. Which is somehow weirder!

  3. RIP hat, RIP bird bath, RIP mirror, RIP brain

  4. Uh oh he broke the mirror, that’s seven years of bad cartwheels.

  5. “Everyone knows you don’t take off your hat or sunglasses to do a cartwheel.” -That Guy

  6. This is why I never do cartwheels. Well, this and the fact that I can’t do a cartwheel.

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