At the Chinese restaurant that my family and I would go to when I was growing up, the wooden chopsticks had instructions for use printed on the paper sleeve and those instructions were:

1. Break chopsticks into two.
2. Now pick up anything.

This is exactly like that. Thank you, Sue, for your cooking tips. (Via BestRoofTalkEver.)

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  1. This is great! I hope the next one is how to make a bowl of cereal or just that Brian Regan bit about the instructions on Pop Tarts.

  2. But what do I do with the cheese after it’s sliced?

  3. Dear god how much time does someone have to get so bored that they start making videos like this? How do I get that much free time?

    • I think it’s kind of endearing. I like the idea of someone taking pride in how well they perform a mundane task. I prefer to think that they sincerely want to make life just a little bit easier for everyone.

    • Probably the same way people get bored and start leaving comments on pop culture blogs.

  4. Seriously though, a wire cheese slicer and a pizza cutter will change your life, assuming you have poor dietary habits like I do.

  5. I was expecting something to go terribly awry, but then it didn’t.

  6. The wire cheese slicer: for those times when all of your regular knives are in use elsewhere, and you desperately need to cut up large blocks of cheese with a very specialized tool that mostly works and also serves no other purpose.

  7. Notice how she completely glosses over the fact that you ALWAYS break off the bottom portion of the cheese block when you come to the end of your slice. Watching this whitewashed video would leave you with the impression that you’re going to get a perfectly uniform slice of cheese every time.

  8. As someone who has had to make instructional videos for people on how to use e-mail, trust me, there are people out there who need this.

  9. This is a classic! My other favorite “Cooking With Sue” episodes are “HT Make Ice”, “HT Use A Salt Shaker”, and the standout “HT Unfold a Napkin”.

  10. She’s all about efficiency. Just imagine the time she saved by abbreviating “How To” as “HT.” Boom. .04 seconds. You’ll need that extra time to get that cheesy wire extra clean (with soapy water, of course).

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