• Albuquerque based Brewery Marble Brewery will be brewing (brewing brewery brewing brewery) a Breaking Bad-themed beer to be featured during Breaking Bad‘s final episodes. Is it called “Breaking Beer-d”?! Click 2 find out! -BreakingBadLocations
  • Steve Carrell, Kristin Wiig, and Chris O’Dowd appeared on The Graham Norton Show recently and a fly accidentally went into Chris O’Dowd’s mouth and he accidentally chewed on it. Oy with the bugs already! -BBC
  • If you have twenty minutes to spare, Ricki Lake had some spot-on physics on her show recently. (I think it’s recently? Is Ricki Lake still on? NOT TRYING 2 BE A JERK 2 RICKI LAKE. Just professionally curious. Ugh, I wish there were a way to find out the answer!) -Uproxx
  • Science fiction and screenwriting legend Richard Matheson has died at age 87. -EW
  • Finally, loves of our lives Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza star in this JC Brooks And The Uptown Sound music video, for their song “Rouse Yourself.” What a treat. -AVClub
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  1. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see Marble mentioned on Videogum! They provided the beer at my wedding! #newmexicogum

  2. Oh no! Richard Matheson! Aw! He wrote one of the scariest things I’ve ever read, “Prey” about a possessed doll. Oh man I had nightmares for days, even weeks! I loved that story.


  4. Nice pic with this story. Is that Malcolm in the middle?

    HA! I slay me.

  5. So I really love Chris O’Dowd, I do, I want to double date with him and his wife all the time, but I definitely read that as “Chris O’Donnell.”

    What a weird person to book on Graham Norton.

  6. Honestly, I was kind of intrigued about the physics on Ricki Lake. THERE WAS NO SUCH THING.

    “Phyche.” – Kelly

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