Wait, a popsicle counts as ice cream “because it has ice on it”? Who’s the liar now, dad?! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. I was really hoping it was going to be a thief-type mystery, when the camera came around the corner looking at the chair in front of the open freezer door. But then the kid’s head popped up and the mystery was solved in seconds. How boring! Why didn’t he nab a popsicle and hide somewhere away from the crime scene? Why weren’t his excuses better?

    Being a criminal is kind of easy, you guys. This kid is an amateur.

  2. The way these people leave their freezer door sitting open I expect everything in there must count as ice cream.

  3. Sheytun is slangish for Satan. They should rename it “Devil in a red Cars hat.”

  4. By that dad’s logic, a scotch on the rocks counts as ice cream as well.

  5. Good job giving him the thing you’re trying to teach him not to eat for breakfast. That’ll show him not to eat it for breakfast.

  6. seems legit.

  7. Last night I had a Butterfinger blizzard for dinner. #itgetsbetter

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