Adults, upon conceiving a child and then carrying that child all the way to term, a child they will spend the rest of their lives caring for and raising as best they can, are then deciding, together, that a good idea for naming their baby who is an actual human being and will spend the rest of her life with this name, being identified this way in public but also searching for some deeper sense of self-understanding, is Khaleesi, aka the Mother of Dragons, from Game of fucking Thrones. OBVIOUSLY. No, of course they do. They’re adults! From TheSun.UK:

Game of Thrones is putting its stamp on the next generation – after 146 baby girls have been named Khaleesi in the US. The name means “queen” in the Dothraki language – made up by the author of the books, George R.R. Martin – and is one of character Daenerys Targaryan’s titles. The moniker is clearly gaining popularity among fans of the hit TV show based on the books, after its usage has jumped 450 per cent since 2011. It was completely unknown the year before.

This is very annoying! Especially since her name isn’t even Khaleesi, it’s Daenerys. People should name their babies Daenerys. That’s a nice name. At the very least, I feel like these poor children whose lives have already been destined to failure by their goober parents could plausibly deny that Daenerys comes from Game of Thrones. “My parents are from Uzbekistan” or something. I don’t know. (No offense to our Uzbek monsters!) This is a legit gross bummer though. Name your baby Apple if you’re going to be an asshole about it. “And if it’s a boy: Riddick.” Unacceptable.

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  1. At Disney World last week (RIP vacation) I heard at least three separate parents call their respective daughters “Miley.” And that made me sad. This makes me much sadder.

  2. You know what’s worse than naming your kid Khaleesi? Dating Seth MacFarlane.

  3. Just think how special all these little girls will feel when they watch the first few episodes to see how they got their names!

  4. I met this German guy named Hans they must really love Star Wars over there.

  5. I thought Khaleesi would be a good dog name. But, I already named my dog a long time ago and don’t plan on getting a new one any time soon. (Her name is Daria – named after a Cake song not the cartoon, in case you’re wondering). But for actual human beings I stay away from book characters.

    • My mom forced me to name my first dog Worf of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. He was very aggressive and bit me several times. But he was a blue healer and I loved him!

  6. That’s like fans of Videogum calling their kids TWMOAT.

    instead of obviously naming them Gabe or Kelly or Gabekelly.

  7. As one of the the five people who don’t watch Game of Thrones (the other four being my wife, my parents, and one super-devoted Tibetan monk), my first thought when reading the title was ‘Khaleesi seems like a nice name. If I get another dog and it’s a girl maybe I’ll name her that. We can call her Kaley for short!’.

    • I just now remembered that I named my dog after a character from The Wire.

      • Which character from The Wire? I am now thinking how funny it would be to have a dog named McNulty.

        • I had a fish named Brother Mouzone

          • We wanna keep talking pet names? I know someone with a cat named McNulty, which brings me to my next point: my cats’ names. They’re Midna (after a shadow helper thing in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) and Garrus (named after a totally badass alien–turian, specifically, nrr–from Mass Effect).

          • My most recent cat was Frasier, but she was a lady cat. But the cat I had as a child was named Robert, after Robert Smith of The Cure. My brother was pretty goth.

          • I really wanted to name our dog after the Veronica Mars character Weevil. Then we adopted a girl, so we thought about Sookie. Not because we love True Blood, but it’s just a fun name. Especially if we were to call her in Bill’s accent.

            We ended up keeping her racing name (she’s a retired greyhound), so I guess I will have to name our children after TV show characters because we didn’t get to do that with the dog.

          • My favorite names for cats (not mine) that I have heard are: 1. Dolphin Princess 2. Tickles Ridiculous

          • My cats are Fry and Leela, after Futurama.

        • McNuluty would be cool! His name is Bodie. I wanted to name him that since we got him. When we adopted him my wife was only on season 2 while I was almost finished with season 4. I was simultaneously watching it on season 4 and re-watching it on season 2 with her. She wanted to name him Buckley, after the beagle in Royal Tenenbaums and I was fine with it. Buckley’s a cool name! Then I finished season 4.

          WIRE SPOILERS: When Bodie (the character) died, I let out a little yelp and started to cry. We hadn’t let our nameless puppy on the couch at that point. He was six weeks old and already scared from previous trauma. We weren’t sure how to proceed. So anyway, when Bodie (the character) died, I said his name under my breath and he became very concerned for me.

          That was the first time he was let on the couch and that’s where he is right now. He has to sleep between us every night and I love Bodie with everything I have.

      • I was planning on naming my next animal Wee-Bey.

    • doggie darko.

  8. Two bad parent alerts today. Maybe that’s why the mummy’s turning his back on us.

  9. Honestly, this isn’t any worse than a lot of the names out there. At least there’s something of an explanation for this one. I know someone who already had a son named Bentley, and just had twin girls named Oakley and Berkley. She can’t even hide behind a TV show for those awful names.

    • Hey, Bentley could be shortened to Ben.

      • My girlfriend’s cousin and her husband named their child Mclaren and just call her Clare for short. It doesn’t help me not hate them though and Clare is kind of a bitch for a 7 year old.

    • Don’t be friends with people like that. Oakley and Berkley? I envision therapy in their future.

    • Considering Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just named their child North, no I don’t think Khaleesi is so bad. Also, I have never seen Game of Thrones, so I have no connection with this character.

      The best worst baby name is Jermajesty.

    • I met a woman once who spelled her name Sha-a. I asked her how to pronounce it and she said, “ShaDASHa.” I smiled and left.

      • Wait, did she choose that name herself? This is why people shouldn’t choose their own names. It’s never going to turn out well. I met a guy once who preferred to be called “Aramis.” That wasn’t his name, just what he wanted me to call him. I did not.

        • I didn’t ask, facetaco. But hey, sort of off-topic: I watched Rosemary’s Baby last night and loved it. Thanks for the suggestion.

        • I once had someone introduce themselves to me in all seriousness as Gimli. I later found out his name was really Andrew or something. We didn’t have much to say to each other.

        • Hmmm, my given name is Indian and apparently quite hard to pronounce. I’ve recently started introducing myself as Sophie (same meaning as my given name btw). I’ve saved myself a ton of time spelling out my name for reservations, to customer service officers, etc.

      • Oh boy! A teacher friend of mine had a student named La-a, pronounced LaDASHa.

      • That’s fantastic. Sha-a and La-a, can that really be true? You guys are making this up.

        If it’s true, it beats by a mile the girl I once worked with named Lisanya, pronounced “lasagna.”

        • I did not personally meet La-a, but I don’t consider my teacher friend the type to make up stories, so I will stand by it as a real thing.

          A coworker of mine also told me about two boys whose names were Orangello and Lemongello. I don’t know if that is accurate spelling, but basically, they were named after orange and lemon jello!

          Come to think of it, North is a lovely name.

        • Names are malleable. My grandmother can’t pronounce “Susie” very well and ends up saying something that resembles “Sushi” so I now call my almost-three-year-old sister that.

        • I’ve heard the version with a little boy named D-on or Dedashon. I’m beginning to believe this is an urban legend, you guys.

          • And here’s something about how those rumors make you all racists. Every single one of you.

          • Speaking of which, I got to meet Tommy Lasorda one time when I was in high school. My friend’s Great Aunt is married to him or something random like that and he had to go visit “Uncle Tommy” while he was in town doing an appearance at a golf store. I went with him on the way to the movie theater and we walked in as he was telling this somewhat racist story about a kid he signed a ball for named Semaj. I don’t want to bore you with the whole story but it ends up the kid is named after his father James, and Semaj is James spelled backward. Tommy finished with “And that’s how black people get their names.” Super uncomfortable but we were in a golf store in South Carolina so the audience was mostly the type of people that can enjoy that story. Then when I met him he told me I was “big enough to go bear hunting with a switch” (I’m pretty tall). It was a very surreal day for me.

  10. I hope her storyline ends well, if only for the sake of those poor kids.

  11. OK, guys, let’s get real: would you name a child after a fictional character? I don’t think I would. I am in fact named after Christy of TV miniseries fame.

  12. Alberta releases a baby names list every year, and in 2011 there was a baby girl named Tuba.


    • In their defense, once you already have 3 children named Trombone, Bassoon and Clarinet, you are sort of committed to finish out the quartet. It would be more embarrassing not to name your fourth child Tuba, at that point.

  13. Aren’t tons of people named after characters in the Bible? So it’s already really well established that you can name your offspring after people in a book.

    • But the names people pick from the Bible aren’t typically this outlandish, are they? You hear Jacob and Joshua and Matthew much more than Hezekiah and Zephaniah and Ezekiel.

  14. I wonder how many poor kids are named Anakin…

    • I have a friend named Annekin, but she’s Norwegian and that’s an actual name for women.

      • Norwegians are also huge nerds that thought that one of the big twists at the end of Return of the Jedi was the fact that Darth Vader had been a guy the whole time.

        The original Norwegian overdubbing for Empire Strikes Back was all done by the same voice actress ( that simply did all of the voices, similar to an audio book. This was compounded by a horrible mistranslation of Vader’s climactic line in Cloud City, where instead of saying “Jeg er din far” (I am your Father), he simply says “Jeg er dine foreldre” (I am your Parent), since the translation group was given an early version of the script where this line was not the same as what appeared in the original film, since this line was famously adlibbed in the sound studio by James Earl Jones in post production. Add to this the fact that Darth Vader’s name is actually “Dark Invader” or “mørk inntrenger” in the Norwegian version of the film, and The Dark Invader ( just happened to be a fairly well known Norwegian all female punk band that was fairly popular at the time, and actually had written a song about Luke Skywalker the year after A New Hope was released overseas.

        Also, I just made up everything I just said and I apologize.

  15. “Let’s all gossip about 146 strangers’ babies’ names like a bunch of real adults.”

  16. Calici (pronounced the same way as Khaleesi) is the name of a feline upper-respiratory virus. This is a fact.

  17. This begs the question: was there a slew of Katniss babies last year?

  18. Better Khaleesi after a strong, loving woman than Sansa after an insipid bitch. Anyone who names their boy Joffrey should have their child taken away by social services.

    But yeah, Daenerys is a beautiful name.

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