• Andrew Garfield, as Spiderman, cuddling a baby. -BuzzFeed
  • There’s a scene in Frances Ha (and in the trailer for Frances Ha, briefly) in which Greta Gerwig run-dances herself through the streets of NYC, and hey look, it is an homage to this scene in Leos Carax’s Mauvais Sang! Noah says “it became something of an homage” when he chose the music, but it seems pretty intentional and, uh, exactly the same, not trying to call anybody out but just saying!! -BlackbookMag
  • You can watch an episode of Comedy Central’s Drunk History online now, if you want! No pressure. It includes appearances from Adam Scott, Bob Odenkirk, Nathan Fielder, and more! -ComedyCentral
  • Paul Giamatti  has joined the cast of Downton Abbey’s fourth season. Whom he has joined the cast as is a bit of a spoiler, kind of, depending on how sensitive you are to spoilers, so click through at your own risk. You daredevil! -TVLine
  • Will Smith still won’t appear in Independence Day 2. Okay. -NYDaily
  • Parks and Recreation will return at 8pm on Thursday, September 26th, with an hour-long season premiere set in London. Get started on your tear-off calendars! -Splitsider
  • Rex Reed still isn’t apologizing to Melissa McCarthy, in case you were curious. -FilmDrunk
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  1. Rex Reed SHOULDN’T apologize! If you’re gonna be a dickwad, you might as well own it!

    • Just clicked on the link, though, and he should definitely apologize for those glasses.

      • AND for invoking the Constitution. That is the worst scapegoat. Nobody is trying to say that what you said was illegal, Rex Reed! Just that it maybe wasn’t a very nice thing to be saying! The Constitution protects your right to be a dick, I guess, but it doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it!

        • It’s great how, the dumber the offensive thing that was said is, the more sanctimonious and martyred the person who said it will act when defending themselves.

  2. Oh that’s awesome! I loved Leos Carax’s Holy Motors but basically because Denis Lavant’s character(s) was/were sooooooo well-done and weirdly acted.

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