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  • Matthew Weiner on the Mad Men season six finale. -Vulture
  • QVC might drop Paula Deen, too. Why “might”? I don’t know! Also please watch this clip of her talking to the New York Times from last year. AHHHHH! This lady!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did anyone ever let her say anything?!?!? -Dlisted
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  1. I don’t know why, but I feel bad for Paula Deen! Like, yeah, she’s totally a racist garbage monster who can live incredibly well off her butter-fortune that she already has, but she kind of reminds me of a less opulent and not-Jewish version of my grandma, and seeing her sad makes me sad, for some reason, even though it shouldn’t.

    • Well she admits to using homophobic and antisemitic jokes as well as racist ones with the n-word, so I hope she takes her stick of butter and chokes on it. If you read the transcript of the deposition, you’ll see that she’s an equal opportunity bigot.

      Her lawyers told her to settle and she thought she’d have better luck with a deposition.

    • I’m just surprised at how surprised everyone seems to be about this situation. Old white southern ladies are racist? Surely not! I mean, I was raised by a bunch of old white southern ladies and I had no idea! Bless their hearts.

      • Wait, who is surprised? Is anyone surprised?

      • Well, people are kind of turning it into this huge deal, which I get, I guess. But it seems like news organizations are playing up the “shocking” aspect of this, and it’s starting to get on my nerves. It’s not shocking, it’s unfortunately too commonplace.

        • Maybe it also has to do with the fact that she endorsed shit food when she herself couldn’t eat for 2 years. I really don’t care about her. I just don’t like bigots.

      • As someone who lived outside of Atlanta for several years, the only thing that surprises me is how this is only coming out now, considering how incredibly casual old (and young) white people are about their racism in the deep south.

    • I don’t feel sorry for her. I am glad a celebrity is actually experiencing some sort of consequences for being awful. It always makes me feel kind of disgusted with people when a celebrity does something seriously offensive and just kind of gets away with it because fame and money.

        • ACCK! I had a dream about him last night, but then Benedict Cumberbatch saved me!

        • Like, what even is this picture. Like, get out of here.

        • Exactly! I was just thinking about how Chris Brown is like the epitome of this phenomenon. I have a friend whose girlfriend is a Chris Brown apologist. It was a strange conversation when she mentioned it and I asked about it further because I have always wondered how Chris Brown still has fans. She just sort of lives in full on, unexplained denial about the whole violence towards women and unapologetic asshole thing, despite being an otherwise intelligent and thoughtful person. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I do not understand people.

      • I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She wants to live and work and be successful in the modern world? She needs to learn that all of that crap doesn’t fly. This is her dishwashing liquid, she can soak in it (thanks, MST3K!) I just have a problem with the mock-shock in the news.

      • This is a good point and I agree 100% but her cute old lady jowls make me feel sympathetic still.

  2. “And whether it was the premiere this year, which really explored how we’re seen from the outside world; Megan’s miscarriage right away; the use of the soap opera; Sylvia and what she meant to Don; Don’s obsession with Sylvia; Peggy’s lack of choices; the Martin Luther King assassination; Don’s realization about his relationship with his kids; people being driven closer together … The merger — I mean, that’s episode five. So I don’t even know what to tell people. I feel very proud of the big events of this season, which are, honestly, where Don is, and where Don and Megan are, and Sylvia, the introduction of the chaos of the world in 1968, the merger, then Don reuniting with Betty, his obsession with and rejection by Sylvia, being discovered by Sally, trying to crush his partner, and eventually reconciling with himself. I don’t know what more you can do in twelve weeks of TV.”

    What is Matthew Weiner talking about? That is literally a list of things that happened. Like, “the Martin Luther King assassination”. He was assassinated and some characters were upset and awkward around that one black character who then disappeared. There was a merger. It happened in Episode 5. It was almost as exciting as when those British people were in it for a bit. A big event of the season is “where Don and Megan are”, which is that he is a philandering scumbag? Or just “the Upper East Side”? Don reunited with Betty after that long, long absence, so there was that. I’m glad that Don reconciled with himself in the end though. It was a rough ride for him being rich and white and screwing who he liked.

    • At the last scene with the little African-America boy with the popsicle in front the best little old whorehouse in Pennsylvania, I swear I saw Bobby Draper moving his lips as if to speak. I was disappointed that Weiner missed an opportunity to use his catchphrase

  3. With all the absurdly racist and offensive things spilling out of Paula Deen’s hell-maw in that interview, it would be easy to overlook her use of the word “intrical,” an apparent corruption of the words intricate and integral. Nice job!

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