Rest your case, Paula Deen.

P.S. I love how many cuts there are in this 44 second video. One Take Tony, she is not! What was going on during this shoot? Just so many edits because she devolved into sputtering racial epithets and violent cursing. Pull it together, my man.

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  1. I will be releasing a comment to this video statement shortly, please feel free to drink some butter while you wait.

  2. I hope it’s the dancing pumpkin guy.

  3. Do you think she will Deeny that she’s racist?

  4. Please don’t be in blackface, please don’t be in blackface, please don’t be in blackface

  5. “My comments were taken out of context. It’s different to hear the intention when spoken, then to read what I said in black and white… um… African-American and white… umm… People of color and white. Dang, y’all. This is hard.” — Paula Deen

  6. She’ll throw all the words together in a bowl and then seconds later pull a completed apology out of the oven. Pretty disingenuous if you ask me.

  7. My parents were born in the 1940s in Australia and so far they’ve managed to avoid calling everybody black person they meet a n-word. What about that, Paula Deen?

  8. “I’ll be releasing a heartfelt statement shortly. Right after my PR people write it. And my lawyers review it. And it gets sent back to the PR people for revisions. And then the lawyers review it again. And then more revisions. And…aw, fuck it. What do those Jew lawyers know anyway?”

    • They really made sure we were ready for this what with the notification of statement, the title card letting us know this video we were going to watch (which before that, who even KNEW what it was, it could have been kittens or dancing pumpkins behind that play button!) was not only going to be of Paula Deen, but also was going to be a statement, and then the statement itself.

      I now humbly request a notification that the statement has been concluded. Until then I am going to stare at the fuchsia fury of a frozen Paula Deen face just in case it starts talking again. JUST IN CASE.

  9. Well I hope everyone feels butter now.

  10. Um…


  11. Butter shots every time Paula says something that makes you uncomfortable. Yes, we are all gonna die at the end of this game.

  12. “I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way” = I have no idea what I’m apologizing for

  13. Video’s private now!

    Eater has an archived version here:

    I guess I’m cool with forgiving her for all these mistakes she’s talking about, whatever they are, but when’s she going to say something about her horrible racism? I thought she was going to apologize for that.

  14. And I just saw an article that said Food Network has let her go. Hmmm….

  15. Ooh, better and better, there’s some sort of rough draft video, wherein she apologizes to Matt Lauer too:

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