Apparently, the hot new celebrity liquor is celebrity tequila. It’s exciting to think of what will be the hot new celebrity liquor next! Creme de Menthe? Ouzo?! (That link is actually mildly interesting, though, in how it breaks down how celebrity liquor works financially. If you like that kind of thing.)

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  1. (Tom) Cruise Cointreu

  2. Oh my god, I hope it’s creme de menthe, because I have over half a bottle of the stuff from a baking project in fucking January, and there are only so many grasshoppers a grown adult woman can be expected to drink! Please come up with a new cocktail I can serve to guests, celebrities!!!

  3. Sorry George but I will always be loyal to Dan Aykryod’s Crystal Skull vodka, if it ain’t filtered through diamonds it ain’t worth drinking

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