Look at Oprah, man! She is just like fuck it, I’m getting in the bath. What time is it? JK who cares what time it is. I’m getting in the bath either way. Oprah is like, It doesn’t matter what time you tell me it is because it’s not like you are going to give me some answer that makes me not get into the bath. Now, Oprah is like, Now where’s my champagne?! Ah, there’s my champagne. Please hand me my champagne, I’m taking it with me into the bath. Oprah’s like, Take a picture it will last longer. Oprah’s like, I didn’t actually think you were going to take a picture to be honest, I was being facetious, but the fact that you took one can’t harsh my vibe I am having a very chill time right here in this bath and it’s Friday so do what you want, man, live your life. You have to hand it to Oprah, she has a point. Leo knows what Oprah is talking about. Leo’s like, I know. Leo’s like, Totally. (Via Azealia Banks.)

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  1. Is anyone really disappointed that Oprah’s bathroom titles are so alarmingly pedestrian? I’d think each one would be Italian fresco, reclaimed from a Renaissance-era cathedral or piazza. Instead it looks like she’s taking a bath at a super fancy Holiday Inn, circa 1989.

  2. That’s just a regular pillow, right? Shouldn’t she be using one of those bath pillows? Is it ok to use regular pillows in the bath now???

  3. Me this weekend:

  4. Oprah or not, I’d be drinking champagne straight out of the bottle.

  5. Are we not wondering why Azealia Banks is watching Oprah in the bath? Because I have to admit, I am kind of wondering that.

  6. More like Soaprah, amirite?

  7. I wish that instead of those standing desks everyone was talking about in 2006 they put bathtubs at the work stations at this hospital so I could just soak all day. Even one of those sitting-up bathtubs for old people. Or maybe ESPECIALLY one of those sitting-up bathtubs for old people. It would have to be a whirl-pool with a pump though so that the water doesn’t get all cold.

  8. Oprah’s like, “YOU can suck it. And YOU can suck it. And YOOOU can suck it! Peace out.”

  9. I’m pretty sure that’s just a regular Monday activity for Oprah.

  10. will  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2013 0

    Pretty sure this is from a Kimmel bit.

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