You’d think that the world is full of enough nightmares naturally that people wouldn’t create them on purpose, but here we are. (Via Vulture.)

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  1. I love Batman, and I love bats, but I hate this.

  2. Here we are indeed.

  3. The internet is mankind’s most efficient method for demonstrating just how much time we have to kill.

  4. Why vampire bats?! Fruit bats are flying chihuahuas and would’ve done the trick.

  5. I was just working on a film that’s the Superman theme made exclusively of sounds of people slurping soup. Now, it’s going to look derivative.

    My apologies to the customers and employees at The Cobble Hill Coffee Shop. Sorry for wasting your time, but this project is scrapped.

  6. Lets all just count our blessings that there’s no Cicadaman

  7. “How would you like to start your day?”
    “I don’t know, sleeping in probably, then a lazy breakfast while watching something silly on TV maybe, laughing with my significant other?”
    “Nope. Bat sounds. Bat sounds was the correct answer.”
    “What? That’s horrible! That’s a literal nightmare!”
    “Sorry, and so it is.”
    “Nice callback!”
    “Thanks. With Pretty Wild all things are possible.”
    “Yeah I mean that show is pretty crazy and it’s crazy that they were so messed up. It just goes to show that Hollywood is really tough on young people. Was it Marilyn Monroe who said, ‘Hollywood is the place where they pay you $50,000 for a kiss and 50 cents for your soul’?”
    “BAT SOUNDS!!!!!!!!”

  8. So, I consider my “I woke up with a bat flying around my bedroom and had to get a full course of rabies shots in case it bit me in my sleep” story to be one of my best anecdotes, but I recently told it to someone who was totally unimpressed and thought I was silly for getting the shots because I guess when she was a kid there were bats everywhere all the time (she didn’t say, but I assume she grew up in hell?). Maybe she’s the one who made this video.

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