This hand-painted poster for Raiders of the Lost Ark from Ghana is very very good. Why don’t they make actual posters like this? (And why, since we are on the subject, don’t they make the whole WORLD out of the black box?!) I would for sure go see a movie that had a poster like this. Nowadays, the movie posters all look like this but there are other options! (I do remember seeing a movie poster in New York for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry that was super minimal and design-y, which is a nice trend but is that really the movie we are going to choose to start pushing the visual aesthetics in movie marketing envelope? It is! That’s a surprise!) Anyway: cool. Good job, Ghana.

Oh, speaking of cool and good jobs, the movie Upstream Color is now streaming on Netflix FYI. It’s Shane Carruth’s follow-up to his 2004 time travel movie Primer. It’s good! I liked it a lot. It’s kind of like if you crossed The Tree of Life with Mulholland Drive with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s creepy and weird and beautiful and worth watching. So that’s a pro tip. Now you’re a pro! It even has a pretty decent movie poster. Which brings us full circle. Mufasa is so proud of us. (Poster via BoingBoing.)

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  1. Don’t tell John Locke what he can’t zongo lane.

  2. Probably the same reason nearly all of what used to be hand painted advertisements, be it on billboards or magazines etc, have now been replaced by airbrushed photos of Brad Pitt. I would rather look at a Leyendecker any day, but like architecture, I fear that real illustration is dead save in the fewest circles.

    • Sidenote, I essentially had this same conversation with an old woman today at a political breakfast I attended. Also, I may have turned 65 at the same time I turned 29 last week.

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s a poster for The Goonies.

  4. Say what you will about the movie itself, but this Spring Breakers poster is seriously one of the better movie poster designs I have seen in a while:

    • I will say that Spring Breakers is a very good movie! But actually I don’t really like that poster. It’s too design-y. I get it and everything, but somehow I don’t think it conveys the feeling of the film. Not the right tone.

      • That makes sense, it is too design-y and doesn’t match the tone, but also that design is just very good.

      • I too think Spring Breakers is a very good movie. But personally I disagree with you on the poster. I think it does a very good job of “show don’t tell,” with the color scheme and positioning of the more innocent items with the more menacing ones.

        • I agree it does a good job of representing some thematic elements of the movie. I was thinking more about the visual aesthetic, which is grimier, more chaotic, fluorescent, etc. Even though there are a lot of neon colors represented, the white bedsheet background drains the color palette of its energy. Blah blah blah sorry.

        • I only want to add that the pink ski mask frightens me to this day. LOVED THAT MOVIE.

    • The Bling Ring has a poster that is very similar in design concept. I think it probably has something to do with a shared production company.

  5. Here is an attempt to do something different that ended up as a horrific nightmare disaster:

  6. That’s an incredible likeness of Harrington Lord.

  7. Upstream Color is a pretty amazing movie. I watched it like a week ago and it’s still rolling around in my brain. I think the movie literally hypnotizes you. I was listening to the super-great soundtrack on the bus the other day and it was like being in a dream. Rad movie.

    • I know it’s not a sequel, but should one watch Primer before Upstream Color, maybe to get a sense of what Shane Carruth’s filmmaking is like?

      • There are tonal similarities, but they are completely unrelated. I recommend Primer on its own merits, but there is no benefit to watching them in a sequence. In fact, it will probably just add more confusion to your brain. Upstream Color is a thing unto itself.

    • Ha! I just added this to my queue last night. Can’t wait to check it out.

      Sadly, Primer has been in my queue since the release of Upstream Color earlier this year because both plots seemed fascinating.

    • I was totally spellbound the whole time I was watching it, even when I had no idea what was going on (which was both the whole time, and never–it’s not hard to follow, but obviously very abstract. Eh, hopefully you know what I mean).

      • Yeah it’s one of those things that makes no sense but makes complete sense. It’s really hard to explain. I couldn’t take my eyes off it the whole time, and the imagery/sound of it has really stuck with me more than usual.

  8. I’m REALLY into the Carrie posters. I think it is a really nice minimalist and memorable design. I understand that blood does not appeal to everyone, but it certainly appeals to me.

  9. My favorite poster this year is the one for Much Ado About Nothing with the guy in snorkel gear holding a martini glass. I would like to hang that one up in my apartment, even though I haven’t seen the movie yet.

  10. Rolls Video Zongo Royce Club Lane

    Is this where I tell everyone it’s my fourth wedding anniversary? IT IS. I’m going to celebrate in the same way my cat Garrus is doing in my avi: by sitting in a bag!

  11. Have you guys seen the minimalist movie posters tumblr? Granted the first one is not really minimalist, but most of the posters on this site are so freaking awesome. I spent so much time one day looking at them and I had a bunch of favorites but can’t remember which ones now. A bunch of them look very Saul Bass-ian (Saul Bassy?) and I think that’s what’s so appealing to me!

  12. Movie posters from Ghana are the absolute best.

  13. Also, this collection of notable video game covers that were directly lifted from 80s movie posters/scenes is excellent (videogum is a video game site, right?):

  14. I love the design of this poster for Funny Games with Naomi Watts.

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