Your Boss: What are you doing?
You: Oh — haha, ah, sorry, I’m just watching a video.
Your Boss: You’ve been watching it for about eight minutes. I’ve been looking at your computer from my desk.
You: Oh, whoops, have I?
Your Boss: Yes.
You: It’s a compilation of videobombs during local newscasts.
Your Boss: What?
You: It’s like when–
Your Boss: Oh, no, I don’t care. You were supposed to understand that the “What?” meant that I thought what you were doing was a waste of time.
You: Oh. Well, want to watch some?
Your Boss: Some of the videobombs?
You: Yeah.
Your Boss: With you, now?
You: Yeah.
Your Boss: No. Get back to work.


(Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. I’m at a different location and didn’t bring my headphones, but watching this with Youtube beta captions is just great. I really hope the first one actually discussed “Congregated Pizza.”

  2. I mean, this was never really much of an option anyway, but I’m still glad I decided not to be a female TV news reporter.

  3. Speaking of things you shouldn’t be doing at work:

    I’m currently making blingees for an art show I am being featured in tomorrow. That is my art piece. That I am making. For a show. In a gallery.

  4. I’m gonna do one of these and shout “VIDEOGUM” so we can call it a videogomb. Or I’ll sing Jasoon Deerullooo to the camera. Haven’t picked yet.

  5. I don’t think my boss minds when I watch videos with headphones on.

    I’ll tell you what she does mind: un-PC’d-ness; calling women “ladies,” saying “bless you,” and TMI. She’s a great person.

  6. That first one blew my goddamn mind.

  7. Obviously the dog was the best. I’ve learned that I enjoy dancing and animal videobombs but not simulating sex or assaulting a newscaster videobombs. Learn something new about myself every day.

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