• Holsten’s, the New Jersey diner in which the final scene of The Sopranos took place, paid tribute to James Gandolfini last night. -Zap2It
  • Elsewhere: Matt Seitz wrote a moving tribute to James Gandolfini for Vulture. -Vulture
  • Similarly too sad for work, Stephen Colbert spoke a bit about his mom before he returned to The Colbert Report last night. Jeeze. -Pajiba
  • In other news, Netflix has ordered a second season of Hemlock Grove. I haven’t watched the first one. Is it good? Are you excited about thee second one? Are you just waiting for S2 of House of Cards? And kind of wish you had waited a bit longer to watch it so the wait wouldn’t feel so long?! -Variety
  • Here is a clip of Regis Philbin on the set of The Wonder Years interviewing baby Fred Savage. It’s weird! -BuzzFeed
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  1. I speak for all of Videogum when I say Hemlock Grove was the worst piece of shit I have ever had to sit through. It was so, so bad. Avoid it all cost.

    In other news, who is excited for that new show coming out next month, Orange is the New Black. It looks… interesting.

  2. That Colbert speech about his mom was so beautiful and moving. I cried.

  3. Honest question: I really hate preachy political shows (I’m looking at YOU the West Wing), so would I enjoy House of Cards?

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