• Check out the first clip from the second season of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!, featuring Andy Samberg! If you want to! No pressure! -EW
  • Want to write a sequel to The Dark Crystal? Do it, hide it under your bed, and hope no one finds it, just kidding! You can enter this contest and maybe win $10,000. Is that the amount you will deserve, if they end up using your story in any real way? No! But, again, it’s your life! -Urpoxx
  • Ugggghh, will we EVER know the truth about how many weeks premature Kim Kardashian’s baby was? What is the NSA even getting paid for???? -Dlisted
  • Well, I kind of thought this issue had been solved already, but it looks like a director was just picked to helm 50 Shades of Grey: Sam Taylor-Johnson. She also made Nowhere Boy in 2009. Ah! -/Film
  • So I guess Universal is going to make Dumb and Dumber To? I cannot keep up with all the Dumb and Dumber To news. I’ll believe it when I don’t see it but know it exists! -FilmDrunk
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  1. So in movie news today, we have a sequel, an opportunity to turn your fan fiction into a movie, and a movie that is already being made from someone else’s fan fiction? Sounds like it’s gonna be a great next few years.

  2. Wait, I thought they already made the Dumb & Dumber sequel? And it was called The Newsroom?

  3. I’m pissed they’re just pretending like Dumb & Dumberer doesn’t exist. It was one of me and Misterglue’s first dates! Are you going to just undo our whole relationship like that????? ARE YOU?? Are you going to Back to the Future us? Is that what’s happening here? Why can’t I see my hands???

    • It’s for the greater good. Your sacrifice will not be in vain!

    • It’s pretty much the last franchise where caring about continuity would matter at all, but can’t they all co-exist? Dumb and Dumber-er was a prequel, and this one is going to be a sequel, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels and everything (although it’s probably never going to actually get made so it’s a moot point, but whatevs).

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