• Kristen Stewart went to a Hooters in Texas. There is a picture in case you need proof, but really you should just believe it! Why would anyone lie to you about that?! Ugh, you are very difficult. -Uproxx
  • Melissa Etheridge said something rude (or I guess just more weird and nonsensical?) about Angelina Jolie (or I guess just about cancer in general?), but Brad Pitt is going to talk to her, don’t worry. -Dlisted
  • Prometheus 2 is moving forward with a new screenwriter. So glad Prometheus 2 could work it out. Keep your chin up, girl. -FilmDrunk
  • Here are nine HOPEFULLY TRUE surprising screenwriter credits. Ugh, I’ll probably never trust a surprising screenwriting credit again. -NextMovie
  • Here’s a first look at Veronica (Kristen Bell) and Logan (Jason Dohring) filming the Veronica Mars movie sequel. -/Film
  • Slate has a guide to getting into The Sopranos for those who have not yet gotten into The Sopranos. They say you should watch this particular episode. I might actually do it! I have never seen The Sopranos! -Slate
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  1. The problem with the Veronica Mars movie is that it takes place at her 10-year high school reunion. That wouldn’t be so much of a problem, except that we know that Piz is in it. Since he didn’t go to high school with her, there is no natural way to include him that doesn’t involve him having been a part of Veronica’s life for the last decade. And that bums me out.

  2. That episode of the Sopranos is great, and definitely a good episode to start with. My favorite episode is probably the second episode in season 6A, with SPOILERS Tony in the coma and that amazing dream sequence, as well as Carmela’s speech to comatose Tony, in which Edie Falco gives one of the finest acting performances ever on that show.

  3. K-Stew is smiling!

    “Moment of Redemption Occurs In Hooters” — headline now retired from the Gallery of Never-Used Headlines.

  4. Unpopular Opinion time: I will watch the hell out of Prometheus 2 in the theater. Shaw and David’s head having alien adventures while xenomorphs or the handsome squidward dudes kill things? I am there. I am so there.

    Also, I hope that they continue good science and just start licking all of the unknown untested alien doodads, as one does, when one is sciency. Science!

  5. I’m glad that Kristen Stewart is finding happiness in the bosom of her fanbase.

  6. I heard getting OUT of The Sopranos was the real challenge. Is there an article about that?

  7. On a strange note, flanny, manners, and I have been talking about filling in our knowledge gap by watching the Sopranos this summer and discussing it. So thanks, Kelly, for the well timed link !

  8. Kelly, you should watch The Sopranos and dislike it, this way gabe has something else to harangue you with when the You Can Count On Me well runs dry.

    • Also disagree with him about how good this season of Mad Men has been. And say you loved <Elizabethtown too. Can’t wait to see what he says.

  9. Everyone shut up! Xanadu’s on! And, it’s the big band vs. the 80′s part. I’ve never done drugs but I feel like that scene is a good representation.

    • That sounds funner than drugs. Drugs make you feel queasy and antisocial, I don’t know why people love drugs.

      Just Say Xanadu.

      • I don’t know. I feel a little disoriented after watching it. Still, probably better than drugs. And I saw one of the guys from Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo! Is there anything this movie doesn’t have (besides a plot and things that make sense)?

        • I haven’t seen Xanadu since I was a wee tyke and I like the way it is a foggy half-remembered dream in my head. I’ve been afraid to rewatch it and dispel that, but you make it sound like doing so would only help.

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