• Michael Cera’s new short film for the YouTube channel JASH is called “Failure” and also stars Aubrey Plaza. If you like what I like, you’re going to like it! -MichaelCera
  • James Franco is looking for $500,000 in his Indigogo crowdfunding effort to have a few young filmmakers adapt his novel, Palo Alto, into a trilogy of short films. What are you waiting for????? -THR
  • How to score a TV show, according to Arrested Development’s David Schwartz. -AVClub
  • George Lucas hasn’t yet talked to J.J. Abrams about Episode VII. Will he ever?! I don’t know!! Click the link and find out!!!! -/Film
  • Why must every superhero movie have multiple endings? That’s not my question, that’s NextMovie’s question. But, why?! Why must they? -NextMovie
  • Dan Harmon kind of apologized on Twitter for blah blah. This guy. -Pajiba
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  1. “I’m sorry I pooped on your work.” Methinks Harmon meant that literally.

  2. “Dan Harmon kind of apologized on Twitter for blah blah” is how I would read that regardless of the words on the page.

    • My first thought reading that article: People sure throw around the word ‘genius’ a lot now.

      sat, I thought I would let you know that I very much enjoyed seeing The Postal Service last night, although I’m not sure how much of that was influenced by Jenny Lewis being there, since I have had a crush on her since I was 10.

      • Ahh that’s awesome, I wish I bought tickets to their show when they were in town. A lot of the music I thought was the greatest thing ever in high school has not exactly held up upon revisiting, but damn if their album isn’t one of the exceptions.

  3. Ooooof, James Franco. I kind of want to hate him because of all the garbage he is constantly doing, but the garbage he does is so harmless and just out of touch, not mean spirited or hateful, so it’s tough. Why must you make hating or liking you so difficult??? FRANCOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Harmon apology didn’t really sit well with me. It’s good that he apologized, but I got a pretty long way into it before I realized that he was mostly apologizing for having said he didn’t like season 4. Which, come on guys! That is something that he can feel free to complain about. He was a jerk about it, but that’s par for the course. The apology for the rape joke really came off as “sorry if you were offended” more than “I shouldn’t have made that joke” and it was a total afterthought. And the apology for mocking the developmentally disabled was 10x more of an afterthought and didn’t come across as terribly sincere. It’s like he’s trying to win the Ricky Gervais Lifetime Achievement Asshole Award.

    • Yeah, the more I hear about the terrible things that come out of Dan Harmon’s mouth the less I want to watch Community.

    • In Narnia there were rumours of a certain Skylark cursed by the White Witch to twitter every thought that passed through his tiny head without cessation or reprieve. I fear that Dan Harmon has suffered a similar fate.

    • Samesies. It doesn’t sound particularly sincere, except maybe the bit about rape jokes, but that’s only because he’s pontificating, he’s saying so much, and you can read between the lines there and infer that he feels the need to over-talk it rather than put it succinctly–he feels that bad about it.

      I love the idea of Community, and the first three seasons are some of my favorite television of all time. I think this is just one of those cases where you have to ignore certain traits of the creator in order to enjoy the final product. I mean, people still love The Wire even though David Simon insults his fans on occasion, right? A whole lot of musicians are jerks, but we still listen to them, right? It’s the product we love, not the creator. And with Community I think that’s typically enough for me.

    • Yeah he seems pretty convinced that he’s still the victim of this whole thing, as though getting fired was out of nowhere and completely unjustified. The “inhuman system that doesn’t care about humans” – is that the TV industry? Cause it has a pretty standard means of determining which shows get to stay on the air (and thus whether everyone who works on that show gets to keep his or her job) so he can’t be pissed that when his show didn’t get good enough ratings AND he was a pain in the ass to work with, he got fired. Truthfully, very few industries allow you to show up, perform well below par, be a huge asshole, and keep your job. That’s just kind of how the world works.

      Also I’m not addressing that rape joke “apology” because eessh!

  5. I just want to bring everyone who has to deal with Dan Harmon on a regular basis some hot tea and a blanket. Rub their shoulders a bit, ask how their day is going, etc.

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