Superman was my favorite when I was growing up. Also the Hulk. The two of them had to share the crown. In retrospect, they both probably say a lot about where my little head was at. All superheroes have secret identities, but mostly those identities are in service of protecting the heroes’ girlfriends and adoptive families and/or evading detection by the numbskull police forces who don’t approve of vigilante justice. In the cases of Superman and the Hulk, it was literally that people could not know who they truly were or it would destroy them. Admittedly, the weird face blindness that everyone suffered in Metropolis never sat particularly well with me, even as a child. His only disguise is a pair of glasses? And a slightly unruly cowlick? Maybe on the street, but in a room full of NEWSPAPER MEN? Yikes. The other thing I never liked was that Superman never used the bathroom. Whatever, kids get concerned about the darndest things. It wasn’t that he even needed to use the bathroom necessarily, but if he wasn’t going to ever go to the bathroom then I felt they should at least explain it. Does he not need to, because of the sun? Show don’t tell but sometimes tell. For the most part though, Superman was just so great. He is so powerful! And fun! He literally gets his strength from the sun! Or at least, he used to.

Despite being the #1 movie in America (and the biggest June opening weekend of all time, for people who enjoy pretending that business revenues are fun and interesting) I don’t know anyone else who saw Man of Steel, and so over the course of the weekend (I saw the movie on Friday) people would ask me how it was, and my answer was always that I didn’t hate it, but that it was a weird movie. It’s for sure the best movie Zack Snyder has ever made, although I’m not sure that’s saying much. There are some cool fight scenes in it. Henry Cavill is very handsome, although apparently there are no human braces on Earth strong enough to straighten Superman’s crooked bottom teeth. (JK LOL but seriously.)

This reboot of Superman really focuses on how Superman is a space alien, who comes from a planet with super advanced Kindle technology. Seriously, what was up with all of those talking Kindles? Anyway, he comes to Earth and is raised in a blue jeans commercial and then grows up to star in a Toby Keith video. His enemy is Commander Zod, who is a Space Hitler. One of his henchmen even has a Space German accent! So, Space Hitler wants the magical skull (!!!) because it contained everyone’s Job Listing and without everyone’s Job Listing, how will the Space Nazis know jobs to give The Matrix battery cells?! So he comes to Earth using Google Maps and tries to kidnap Superman and his girlfriend but then Hologram Russell Crowe saves them. Space Hitler causes 9/11Billion but luckily Hologram Russell Crowe already told Amy Adams that she just needs to drop the little ship on the big ship and it will make a black hole. No duh! Then Space Hitler and Superman have a fist fight in the sky and after killing, like, a hundred billion people, the laser straw that breaks the supercamel’s back is when Zod tries to kill one nuclear family in a lobby. Come on, Zod! Not that ONE family! So Superman snaps his neck and screams his tears of woe because now he is the only Fascist Totalitarian on Earth.

When the movie isn’t a CGI hellscape, it’s a weird cross between a Terrence Malick parody and a blue jeans commercial. You have expect to see Superman running his hand through fields of tall grass while Sean Penn whispers something about papa’s bouts of anger and the cool beads of sweat that dripped down mama’s pitcher of iced tea. It was an interesting and not unwelcome choice for a superhero movie, although I’m not sure it ever really did what it was intended to do. If you borrow the tropes of a tone poem but you aren’t actually making a tone poem, then there’s not really any there there. The emperor has no clothes because they’re all still hung on the line, blowing in that goddamned wind.

There are some silly things in the movie, but that is by accident. Like, when Zod is first landing on Earth, one reporter says to another reporter “Did you see what’s happening? It’s all over the news!” WHILE THEY ARE BOTH AT WORK AT A NEWSPAPER. Everyone at the Daily Planet, ostensibly the most important paper in the world, stands around watching CNN. No one is like, hey, wait, should we, uh, guys, should we also be doing something about this right now, since it is our work? That was funny. But again: by accident. There are no jokes in Man of Steel. The first time we meet Clark Kent he is on a fishing boat and a one of the massive fishing baskets breaks free from its chains and comes crashing to the deck. One of the fishermen bum rushes Clark Kent and knocks him out of the way just in time. But how? Superman can withstand the weight of an entire deep sea oil rig, and have a choo choo train thrown in his face, but some dude can just push him over? At one point Superman puts Zod in a rear naked choke. That’s funny. (Also why were people still hanging out in the lobby of Chicago’s Union Station as if the city isn’t being destroyed all around them? IMDB Goofs!) Like I said, there are some silly things but they are accidents.

Because what this movie is above all is FUCKING GRIM. It’s relentlessly bleak and sad. When Zod turns on his World Engines to turn the planet’s atmosphere and gravitational pull into the atmosphere and gravitational pull of Krypton, and thereby bury Superman under a pile of skulls, the machines belch red and black smoke into the air, and hit Metropolis with the power of a hundred 9/11s. Seriously, so many 9/11s. It’s crazy how many 9/11s are in this movie. You know how the tarmac was comically long at the end of Fast Five? That is how comically long this 9/11 is. And at the end of it all, Superman and Lois Lane stand in what is now Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and kiss, which I think, somehow, impossibly, is the only time the movie makes a joke, there in the Apocalyptic ash wastes. GET A ROOM! OH RIGHT, YOU CAN’T, ALL OF THE ROOMS WERE JUST DESTROYED.

The original Superman music, which is an intrinsic part of my youthuful Superman experience, and which still does something to me (no krypto) embodies and elicits my primary emotional response to Superman. It’s so epic and exciting and STRONG. It builds. It DELIVERS. You hear this music when, after some hand-wringing or a couple of minor defeats, Superman is just like, yo, fuck this, I’m SUPERMAN. He clenches his superhands into superfists and gets out there and does his thing. And you are like, “fuck yeah, Superman.” Through the entirety of Man of Steel I was waiting for this moment. Clark Kent feels like an outsider? OK. He misses his dad? OK. He’s not sure what his purpose is? OK. He’s torn about the conflict between where he is and where he came from? OK. But throughout the entire movie I was just waiting and waiting for him to get his shit together, and for that hopeful, stirring, exciting music to kick in.

I’m still waiting.

I’m not normally that picky or even attuned to music. When I go out to eat at restaurants with friends, they will always complain about the music, or point out that the same song has played three times since we sat down, but I am the one who didn’t even notice what was playing in the first place. It gently fades into the background for me, which is often its intention. So it is particularly meaningful (to me) how noticeable and how affecting the grinding, dour, mournful music was in Man of Steel. Even the closing credits was just dark, ominous, sad music. Really? DID WE JUST WATCH A SUPERMAN MOVIE OR IS THIS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE?!

Again, I didn’t hate the movie. Like, what I would say is that if you were at all interested in Man of Steel then you should see Man of Steel. That’s what I would say. Why not? Go ahead and see it! It’s a movie! You wanted to see it, so see it. Just know that it’s a bummer. And that you will never even get to say Fuck yeah, Superman. All I wanted was a single moment where I could say Fuck yeah, Superman! Zod gets two, TWO, “Fuck yeah, Zod!” moments if you’re into that kind of thing, and we don’t even get one Superman one? Is that too much to ask from a Superman movie? Well, ask in one hand and make your business in the other and see which one is mildly disappointed but still didn’t hate it but it’s weird first. (What?)


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  1. It’s for sure the best movie Zack Snyder has ever made, although I’m not sure that’s saying much.

    That’s like being rated the most pleasant prison. Yeah, for what it is that’s nice, but it doesn’t mean it’s any good by any recognized definition of ‘good’.

    (For the record, I have not seen it. I just fucking hate Zack Snyder)

    • I enjoyed his Dawn Of The Dead remake, and I thought that Sucker Punch wasn’t great, but it was better than it got credit for being. His real problem is that, with the exception of Sucker Punch, everything he has ever made was based on someone else’s work. Zack Snyder hasn’t really found his voice! Everything he puts out is, AT BEST, a collaboration of voices! Get a voice, Zack Snyder!

      • The Dawn of the Dead remake is the only thing off the top of my head I think is not bad. I think he is under the impression he is telling meaningful, deep stories, and he isn’t. Or if there is deepness to be found, he is doing it badly.

        • I would argue that Watchmen wasn’t BAD, but I might lose that argument. If not for how gloriously they managed to fuck up the ending… which… god, just why? What the point was in changing that, I will never understand. But again, it had merits to it. Similar commentary I would give this movie, honestly.

          • Oh god, Watchmen was DA WORST. It was like Zack Snyder was just confusing himself over the fact that he was adapting an existing story, but even that story used characters that were modified from other, existing characters, but it did so in new and interesting ways, so he had to make Alan Moore’s new take on old tropes seem new and exciting AGAIN, and the end result is the use of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” during a veeeeeery awkward sex scene.

          • My only gripe about Watchmen was that it made the superheroes way too bad-ass, as if they were uprooted from a mid-90′s Rob Liefeld or Todd McFarlane comic. That’s a pretty big gripe, actually. Even so – and this may be blasphemy – I preferred the movie ending to the comic book ending. It seemed more elegant. Why create a giant alien squid when you already have a Dr. Manhattan?

            Dawn of the Dead unequivocally kicked ass.

          • Oh, actually Simon, I wasn’t referring to that specifically. I think them changing it from the squid monster made TOTAL sense. I was actually talking about him cutting out THIS SCENE which is, perhaps, the entire POINT OF THE WHOLE THING.

          • I forgot about that. You’re right, that should’ve been in there.

      • His Dawn of the Dead remake is a piece of garbage.

      • Oh I forgot he made Sucker Punch. If that is his only original work, he definitely needs to stick to adaptations because that shit was just the worst and the creepiest all tied up into one. I think it says something that he made Watchmen and it was not his most messed up movie.

    • It’s interesting; I don’t think Zack Snyder is a bad director so much as I think he’s actually just kind of dumb? He’s deifnitely very competent, and often very visually innovative, but he also maybe just actually doesn’t understand what anything is or means or why it’s important.

      And the tragedy of Zack Snyder I think is that he really DOES want to make thoughtful, intelligent movies, he really seems like he’s got a genuine interest in understanding the cultural conversation. He just can’t, because he’s maybe kind of a dumb guy.

  2. And this is why I will always love the Iron Man movies the most. Because, for all of their flaws, those movies are FUN! Superhero movies should be fun! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, no duh, but they didn’t make me want to be Batman! If we’re not going to walk away from exposure to a superhero wanting to be that superhero, what is even the point?!

    • this one fails on both fronts, IMO…it’s dour and joyless, but it’s also very corny and comical…you have Zod saying very, very cliched or stupid villain things, like, “This only ends one way. Either you die, or I die!” and, “Where did you train, on a farm?!” this movie was super not good

      • Zod is the reason I’m hesitant to see this movie. Honestly, you can butcher Superman, that’s fine, it’s been done before. In 64 bits, at that! But don’t ruin Zod! Zod is the single greatest comic book villain of all time! Even better than Dr. Doom!

        • Michael Shannon is more than capable, I just couldn’t believe the lines they were giving him.

        • LIES. No one is better (i.e. more hilarious to me) than Doom. (He is the keychain for my work bathroom key! He always gets in fights with regular keys keychain Magneto when they are both in my pockets. It makes my day feel so much more epic).

          • I do not have a Zod keychain, but he used to notify me of incoming e-mails by demanding that I kneel before him.

            Also, a Magneto keychain sounds particularly impractical.

        • Doctor Doom refers to himself in the third person because he has a recording device in his suit, and whenever he is monologing to his enemies, actually what he is doing is dictating his memoirs for posterity.

          No one is better than Doom.

      • Or my favourite – “Concentrate your fire on the main door!”

  3. I’m actually really excited to see this, when it comes out on Redbox in 3-4 months.

  4. I refuse to see any superhero movies until they are once again directed by Joel Schumacher or Tim Burton because:


  5. We were talking about this movie this morning in class and our teacher wanted to know where Superman changed since we don’t have telephone booths anymore. The girl who saw it said she didn’t know because she fell asleep. So for those who saw it, what’s the answer?

  6. One question: Why did they put Zod and his pals in space jail where they would be safely removed from the destruction of the planet that was going to happen in like the next ten minutes? They weren’t in space jail long enough to even get slightly hungry before the planet exploded and they were released.

    • Another question: why turn planet in which you are superpowered into a planet where you are decidedly not superpowered?

      • A third question: What gave them their superpowers on Earth, the sun or the atmosphere? Because when they were fighting Superman they were wearing masks and they had super punching and flying powers. But when their masks came off they suddenly had X-ray vision and super-hearing powers that they couldn’t control. And when Superman was on Zod’s ship he started to lose his powers because of the atmosphere he was breathing? So…….. what the hell?

  7. if there was an award for cool destruction of buildings then this movie should win all of the oscars

  8. Dawn of the Dead was much much better than this. It had some random spots of levity, it had clearly defined character traits, and most of all it had clearly directed action scenes that were tense and had understandable stakes(zombies want to eat the heroes, heroes want to shoot the zombies in the head). This movie was tedious, confusing despite being jampacked with an ENORMOUS amount of nonsense exposition from Ghost Dad and bepectacled scientists and domineering newsmen, and like Gabe says just unremittingly bleak and pointless.

    So Superman learned that with the power of murdering Zod he could be naturally born and also genocide his entire species? What? What was the arc there again?

    When Superman fights Invincible Space Hitler, what’s the audience supposed to be rooting for?

    As a viewer, were we supposed to know that you can just snap a Kryptonian neck? Why did Superman and Zod spend so much time punching each other through office buildings and Hubble telescopes then? We had previously established in the first fight that getting punched or kicked or thrown around doesn’t do anything to either the good guy or the bad guys.

    So all the big action sequences features at least one entirely invulnerable bad guy. That is terrible. Like the SVU guy subplot rivalry with Space Eva Braun… we’re just rooted for her charity, right? For some reason she wastes her time punching people and talking instead of just winning by throwing the cargo plane into the fucking sun. The human characters have no agency, no ability to do anything to her.

    P.S. there ever an explanation for how Zod was able to INVADE SUIPERMAN’S DREAMS and show him that quickskull patch left over from Terminator 2?

    • Seriously let’s break down just the development of Clark Kent.

      At the beginning of the movie, he’s already saving people from accidents. So he’s a hero at the VERY BEGINNING. Over the course of the film, we watch him learn that sometimes you have to NOT save people even if you can because… well just trust your Human Dad on this one. (there is literally never any payoff for that lesson, no time when he reveals himself and people close to him get hurt, the payoff scene is Costner’s death)

      Then, Ghost Dad tells him something about choice and freedom and shit which convinces him to surrender to space Nazis but also not really surrender because he breaks out after 3 minutes in custody. Then Ghost Dad tries to pep talk him into saving Lois, but man, he saved like 15 dudes on that oil rig during his bearded hobo Bob Benson phase. He already knew how to save people.

      Then at the very end of the movie he learns that he wasted a bunch of time throwing cars and shit when he could’ve been murdering people by snapping their necks.

      I cannot say what point, if any, I’m supposed to take home from this shit.

      “No half measures”?

  9. Loved Michael Shannon in this movie. Kept waiting for him to yell, “Over 9000!” because Dragonball Z’s Superman reference base has now come full circle.

  10. THIS SHIT pisses me OFF. There is A TONE that makes Superman INTERESTING, OPTIMISTIC, and an incredible READ. THAT shit is NOT FUCKIN mopey and ANGSTY. Like all YOU GOTTA do is READ

    And GO “OH OK. Got it. There’s the TONE we gotta GO for!”

    How the FUCK THAT did not HAPPEN, I will NEVER know. THEY picked THE WRONG nerds, I guess.

  11. I have to disagree with the no “fist-pumping, fuck yeah, Superman!” moment. When Morpheus was trying to dig Intern out of the rubble, and he realized that it wasn’t going to work and that the giant pulse, world-changer thing was going to kill them all, and then on the opposite side of the Earth Superman stands up in that giant ray-beam’s light, and finally gets the strength to fly through it and destroy it just in the nick of time? I legitimately almost choked up (no krypto).

  12. I was going to go see this after work on Friday but then I saw that it was almost two and a half hours long so I just went home instead because life is too short.

  13. “That was funny. But again: by accident. There are no jokes in Man of Steel.”

    Yep. That is a true statement made out of true words and true truth. Not a single dang smile in that whole movie.

    • There is actually a second joke in the movie. Well, “joke”. When the General is driving in the desert for no reason and Superman throws a broken drone at them, the lady soldier has the hots for Superman.

    • There is one tiny, TINY joke, for a flash of a moment:
      Zod and Superman are fighting it what appears to be a construction site.
      Superman throws Zod at some beams and he hits a sign that Reads: DAYS WITHOUT ACCIDENT – 108
      The numbers “1″ and “8″ fall off, leaving only the number “0″

      It was honestly a flash. If you blinked, you missed it. But it actually got a genuine chuckle out of me.

  14. the “normal fisherman somehow being able to just tackle superman” thing is one of the reasons why i’ve never really been able to get into superman. he has all these powers, but they always just seem to go away for no reason whenever it serves the plot. like, two henchman hold either of his arms back while the villain gives a villain monlogue* and suddenly he’s just helpless? you have heat vision, superman! heat vision them in all their faces! or freeze everyone with your ice breath! or just fly up into the upper atmosphere until they suffocate! there’s just no consistency.**

    *as i said, i’ve never been all that into superman, so i am basing this mainly off batman comics in which he appears, and specifially the “war world” episode of justice league that i watched the other day and that made me so mad, you guys.

    **i suppose you could make the lack of consistency argument with most superheroes (EXCEPT BATMAN), but still.

  15. I think it had a lot of good ideas, but ultimately it was poorly executed. But I’m not going to go into great detail about it, as Gabe touched on a lot of those points already. The one I will complain about though is the dark tone of the movie, which brings up one of my biggest nerd pet peeves: this bullshit need to have “dark Superman”.

    I liked the Dark Knight movies as much as the next person in my demographic, but just because it works for Batman doesn’t mean Superman needs to fall in line. Superman embodies all of the good a man can be, not just physically but emotionally. It sucks that we live in such a cynical and snarky world that Superman is scoffed at like an out of date relic and he has to be updated to be cool. This movie is like watching my dad shop at Urban Outfitters. Don’t try to make Superman someone else. Find someone who knows own what they’re doing and write/direct a movie to have him fit in this modern world.

  16. One of the things that completely wrecks this movie is Snyder’s over-reliance on flashbacks, to the extent that even the film seems confused about Superman’s development. Because first we see him saving people and clearly exposing his powers to them in the process, and they’re like, “Thanks, that was cool of you to do.” But then later we get to go back to when he was a kid and maybe he shouldn’t expose his powers because it upsets the community, and then later we learn you should only use your powers for good, not to fight bullies, and, oh, even later, don’t save your Dad from that tornado because well I don’t even know. Definitely laser beam that woman’s abdomen though.

  17. Gabe, *SPOILER ALERT* would be appropriate text before revealing the “Space Hitler” spoiler. Just saying.

  18. Also Gabe, I haven’t seen the movie, and:: “…and the cool beads of sweat that dripped down mama’s…” Maybe it’s just me but I thought you were going somewhere else with that sentence.

    Also: How is this review not part or Rotten Tomato’s ratings?

    Also: No Krypto.

  19. I have a question about the Kryptonian scout ship surrounded by a bunch of thousand years-worth of ice (spoilers, I guess):

    Did it have baby bunches in it? That ship had a room full of Kryptonian fetuses in bunches like grapes, right? Is that what that was? Also, that ship had Superman’s suit on it. Did that ship make the suit for Clark as soon as he used his Kryptonian thumb drive or something? Because I thought that ship was SUPER-old, and if that is the case then why was it loaded with grape vine baby Kryptonian bunches and Superman’s suit? Isn’t that stuff only supposed to be 33 years old? Was the purpose of these scout ships to create outposts and then open up those baby bunches and grow some Krpytonians to work on the outpost? Did the people of Krypton know their planet was going to die thousands of years before it did, so they were shipping baby vines everywhere? And if those bunches of baby fetuses were real, did Superman murder all of them when he heat-visoned the ship into pieces while Zod was piloting it?

    Maybe these were explained and I didn’t catch on. I was REALLY confused by all of these things I am talking about.

    • I think the ship had Krypto embryos or whatev. I don’t remember too many details, but I read the prequel comic that features Supergirl, and that ship is supposed to be hers. She was out looking for a new planet to colonize, bringing along them baby bunches, but some dude snuck on the ship, killed Supergirl’s crew, and steered them to the Solar System. Supergirl defeats the dude (I’m not sure if he’s still on the ship), emergency-lands in the snow on Earth, and SOMEONE walks away from the ship. The ship gets covered in snow/ice. Then we see eskimos; they have drawings of the falling ship and the S symbol on their wall. Cut to NASA getting a signal from underneath those thousands of years worth of ice. It ends w/ someone asking “who or what is it signaling?” and shows Clark on the fishing boat.

      I think there were skulls there when Superman looked in the ship (the dead crew members), and an empty cryogenic sleeping bag. I have no idea where his suit came from.

      Um, I guess I could’ve just left this here (yes nerdo):

  20. In a nutshell: The writers are lazy. Cavil is sooooooooooo good looking. It was so very flawed, with some whopping plot holes, and tonally too dark for a character like superman (but not too sci-fi, as I think focusing on Clark’s “alien-ness” is a bold and interesting direction for the character). But it’s ambition was admirable, and I hope that now we have the foundation of a world that’s staggeringly bleak, it’s all in effort to tell a story of a Superman that truly is a beacon of hope as he’s so reported to be by everyone, which means allowing Clark and Superman to be more proactive (not just reactive) and to defend humanity as a proud duty, not out of, what feels, guilty obligation.

    Things that bothered me, Plot wise (Spoilers):
    >Daily Planet watching the news and not reporting it.

    >Superman: “You’re a monster and I’m going to destroy you”

    >Final Fights: Too long, and eventually the scale of destruction begins to numb your appreciation for what is happening.

    > The confusing and wasted MacGuffin of the Codex (Cortex? Whatever) [and I say "wasted" because it was an opportunity for them to say "yes, Jor-El really did have intentions for his son to make a race of new Kryptonians, and not just save human beings, and would probably agree more with Zod than with Clark; ie: give Clark some type of conflict in what he believes he was meant to do and what he actually wants to do]

    >Why was Louis brought to the ship again? To mine her memories and use against clark? But they do that to Clark anyway and find out rougly the same thing. So again…why? Other than conveniency? Ugh. So lazy. Such lazy lazy writing.

    >Once they found Clark, and realized his blood contained the Codex, why did they feel they had to turn EARTH into a new Kyrpton, and commit Genocide? If the planet maker created it’s own atmosphere, and these individuals weren’t looking to kill humans, just make a new home for Kryptonians, why not convince Clark to leave earth and establish a new Krypton somewhere else where you don’t have to wipe out an entire alien race, especially if the planet maker can create an atmosphere that supports life out of nothing? Anything other than that, and you’ve got brainless evil sadist…who are the most boring villains of all. They never give a reason for “Why it has to be earth that becomes new Krypston”

    There are many many more (and I’m generally a person that can overlook plot holes for the sake of telling a good story, but these are so severe it hinders the story, and results in a bad story.) Despite all that though, I still found it an interesting direction.

    Like I said at the top, we know this world of superman is very bleak. No smiles, no jokes. But the optimistic part of me wants to believe that somewhere in the writer’s mind, this was intentional: All they talk about is Superman representing hope. If that is the case, then things have to be devastating in order to allow Superman to take the helm and represent that hope for the salvation of humanity. My (probably miscalculated) optimism is that as these movies progress, we will see a more uplifting, less bleak world emerge from the rubble of the first film. If this first film was to show how damn nightmarish the world is, they succeeded. As such: The second (and presumably third) film will show a triumph of spirit from within a world that had virtually none.

    Again, probably won’t happen. But one can dream.

  21. I noticed many “Superman as a Christ figure” themes while watching, and what I heard last night made me realize why. It was apparently marketed to Christian groups that way, and that is one reason it did so well at the box office. The pastors talked it up. The “floating in the water” scene was in the crucifix pose, as was the flashback scene where young Clark was “hanging” on the fence while being taunted by the bullies. There were more such obvious attempts.

    • It is kind of unavoidable with the character, to a certain extent- he’s a lone superhuman who is wrestling with his obligation to save everyone. Which is ironic considering the character was created by a couple of Jewish guys as a kind of fuck you response to aryanism.

  22. Superman’s best fight: IHOP or Sears?

  23. Did everyone else notice the LexCorp truck in one of the later destruction scenes?

  24. The product placement was BLATANT and ridiculous. Although I was suddenly in the mood to buy a Nikon, Slurpee, drive a U-Haul and top it off with a Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity breakfast.

    If you aren’t going to do it right, STOP rebooting the franchise.

    But then again….

    How are YOOOU doin????? ;)

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