This is what it sounds like, but somehow it is also so much more. (Via Joe Mande.)

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  1. I listened to this for 9 minutes before I had to stop. I went through something of an emotional journey:

    0:24 – Ok?
    1:03 – Uncontrollable giggling
    1:42 – This is totally normal and what my life has always been, somehow
    2:36 – Kinda bored now
    3:02 – Giggling again
    3:32 – Wait, is he a robot maybe?
    5:47 – Oh wow, I was totally still listening to this the whole time my coworker was at my desk making me look at funny pictures on Buzzfeed and I didn’t even notice
    7:32 – Ok now I kind of hate this
    7:54 – Giggling again
    9:01 – Words no longer have any meaning to me

  2. I made it 4 seconds. I’d rather watch a supercut of Gustavo Almodovar.

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