I miss Game of Thrones! JK. I mean, I do. Game of Thrones is so great. But I am an adult, I can handle there not being new episodes of a show I like for awhile. Not to mention that there are other things to do in life besides just watch TV all of the time, and maybe we can use some of this post Game of Thrones time to figure out what some of them are because I have no idea. The stuff of legends and song! It was a little painful last night, though, since Mad Men wasn’t very good. Right? Do you feel me on this? I have been enjoying this season of Mad Men more than any other season. The only other season that I think you could argue was better would be the first season because it laid the groundwork for the series to come, but I didn’t really like the first season. Blaspheme! It took me awhile to get into this show. But this season: A++ would do business with season again. So what was up last night then? Everything was just…off. The timing was super weird. Everything was hit really hard on the head. Like, it is amazing to open the show with Ken Cosgrove getting shot. Wow wow wow! Everyone is like: wow! Wait, wow. Wait, what? Wow. They killed Kenny, etc. Then the show just weirdly ignores it until after the first commercial break, which is an intense choice. It makes you think every time the phone rings that someone is going to report the news that Ken Cosgrove is dead, because isn’t he dead, because didn’t we just see him die? But no, it is just goddamned Harry Crane calling about juice commercials. Then they finally reveal that Ken Cosgrove isn’t dead, just shot up and possibly blind in one eye, and the first thing he says is, “Chevy is literally killing me.” Gah. And then you have dumb dumb Pete’s face, which is all like, “This gives me an idea so crazy that it just might work.” Oh, I hated that scene. You are going to shoot Ken Cosgrove in the face right in front of my eyes just so that he can deliver the line “Chevy is literally killing me”? DO BETTER.

Then you’ve got Bob Benson who is the new Don Draper, but like Happy Don Draper, I guess? OK, sure. But so now we are in an office with two different people who are lying 100 percent about their identity? And it’s becoming a thing that other people (Pete) are expert at navigating and are finally learning to use to their advantage or something? OK. But are there so few stories in the world? I liked him better when he was just a mysterious, over-eager, possibly gay guy whose job I did not understand who wore shorts at Joan’s house and was in charge of the office’s male nurses. We’ve already got a Don, and he mostly sucks.

The teenager stuff made me uncomfortable.

During last night’s episode I actually turned to my friend Andrew and asked: why is everyone so angry all the time? Which is a very good and funny question to ask in the second to last episode of the sixth season of a TV show. “I can’t believe I just noticed this, but everyone is so crabby!”

The good stuff was the Peggy and Ted stuff. That was pretty well done. BUT EVEN THERE, I don’t like how we went from literally married Ted telling Peggy you are not allowed to look at me in a meeting, or whatever, to married Ted grabbing Peggy’s butt all over the office in front of everyone. Is there no middle ground? I haven’t worked in a proper office in awhile. Is there for sure no middle ground? Please have a middle ground on my desk by the end of the day.

I don’t know what to tell you guys. This season has been so so good. And I am excited for next week’s finale. But last night’s episode was mostly bunk. Oh well. It happens. I guess.

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  1. I agree. The whole time up until we reunite with Kenneth McEyepatch I kept wondering when everybody was going to finally mention he was shot in the freaking face!

  2. It’s because Ted is unhinged. I don’t trust Don but he has Ted’s number completely. Or maybe I just hate Ted. But ugh, Ted, am I right? he’s not that great at his job or socially smart or not a jag is he?

    • It seems Ted isn’t cut out for the drink all day, sleep-around all night life of an advertising firm exec.

      • Yeah, but there’s something else going on with him. Don is a garbage pile, but as they say better the garbage pile you know than the sprite-looking garbage pile who isn’t smart enough to temper his googly eyes at you. Or something.

    • They definitely overplayed the Ted and Peggy flirting stuff this week, I don’t know if they could have possibly underlined that any harder, short of having them yell ISN’T IT INAPPROPRIATE HOW MUCH WE’RE FLIRTING RIGHT NOW? LOL.

      I also thought the “You’re a monster” line and Don getting into the fetal position was weird and didn’t have nearly the impact the show wanted it to have. Don was actually kind of right this time? Like, Ted was acting like a numbskull and he straightened him out and NOW is when Peggy decides to tell him he’s a monster? We get it, Don is the villain.

      Also: I call bullshit on adult males going fetal position. That’s such a dumb, writerly armchair psychologist thing and not something that happens IRL.

  3. I haven’t watched it yet but now I am intrigued, because my other favorite blog started their review with “What a flipping fabulous hour of TV that was, right?” I’ll get back to you about who was right and who was wrong.

  4. I think the fact that the timing was off and everything felt off-kilter was intentional as emotional/visceral anxiety-inducing. I think this episode was meant to present the otherwise shocking as mundane to remind viewers how shocking the outside world had become. Sure, this episode wasn’t as fun as some others from the season, but I’m excited for next week!

    • It felt off because for once, everyone kind of got what they wanted except for two people who seem “good,” Peggy and Ted, and Peggy and Ted were punished because they don’t know how to be sneaky and play the game. Pete thought he knew how to play the game, but he didn’t know what the game was. Now that he knows, he knows how to play it, which is why he seemed visibly more confident and happy at the end of the episode than he’s seemed all season. If you like GoT, you should have loved this episode of Mad Men!

  5. I haven’t watched yet. I’m still starring at Bob Benson’s face.

  6. They almost killed Kenny. You bas… ugh. I can’t even make it through this dated joke. Sorry.

  7. I thought the episode was great, mostly because it defied nearly all of our expectations. How many shows these days can make that claim?

    Cosgrove not being dead: shock!
    Pete not busting Bob Benson: SHOCK!

    Also, some killer scenes in this episode, among the best that have ever been in the show:

    -Don twisting the knife in Ted at that meeting, AND getting a $10,000 increase in the budget. Classic Don.
    -Pete & Bob’s Mexican Handshake Standoff! This was brilliant!

    Come on, don’t be a downer.

  8. I didn’t understand why Don switched from “Harry don’t bother me about Sunkist, I told you to withdraw so go withdraw” to “Hey but actually the exact opposite of that, I love Sunkist and I will sell the hell out of it to the partners”.

    Was it supposed to be a surprise to the audience that the fictional ad agency is changing what fruit juice they are not making ads for?

  9. I liked the part where Megan was dead.

  10. OfTopicGum:
    When I first started reading Videogum a few years ago, I thought Gabe was a middle aged balding guy because of his profile picture. I remember being so impressed that older seemingly out of touch guy had such a unique take on pop culture. A funny one at that too!

    Then he changed his picture to Kyle Chandler, then I realized, I’m an idiot.

  11. True Blood was super boring last night, which is not what I want in an episode of True Blood, especially a season premiere.

    But for the rest of the night I kept thinking “oh boy, happy Father’s Day dad Weiner” because YIKES. And Sally. :( Poor Sally. I worry about her so much. Now Creepy Glen is the hero? THAT IS HOW BAD HER LIFE HAS BECOME. Actually Glen has always been the hero.

  12. Bob Benson could still be a spy or something. That shady background could be made up so he can arrest Dick Whitman and no one would be the wiser.

  13. But what about when Joan played the old jewish neighbor lady? “How about some chicken soup?” (or whatever she said) hahahaha

  14. I knew Kenny wasn’t dead, because they did the exact same thing with the opening scene a couple weeks ago, with the drunk Chevy execs and car accident opening. A full scene later, Kenny walks into the conference room all bandaged up with a cane.

    Makes me think they’re setting something up. It will suck if they kill off Kenny. He’s one of the only reasonable, likeable people on the show.

  15. Oh, I thought it was wonderful! Shooting Ken in the face, ignoring him, then using the answer to the “wtf happened there” question as just a way to move the plot/careers of Pete and Bob was a really great way to emphasize how out of control Ken’s life is and how irrelevant he is to the office now. Remember when Ken called the shots? Remember when Ken a had “work” and his “real life”?

  16. Peggy is being such a baby

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