• Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Let’s all go see Man of Steel this weekend and then come back here and talk about it Monday!
  • Adam Sandler is going to star in the remake of a Korean comedy in which a man fails to kill himself and then begins to be haunted by a few ghosts called Hello Ghost. Why isn’t it called Hello, Ghost? I don’t know! You can’t click to find out because no one will say! -FilmDrunk
  • HOT THEME PARK RUMOR: Star Wars Land may be coming to Disney in 2018. Don’t think about how old you’ll be by the time it’s there, I promise it will only make you feel weird and bad!! -/Film
  • Linsday Lohan still needs the novenas your grandmother is doing for her. -Dlisted
  • Gene Wilder thinks Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  is an “insult.” He’s correct! That movie, what a mess! -AVClub
  • Benedict Cumberbatch drew a picture of himself for charity. Want to see it? It’s good but it is nowhere near as good as the picture Bono drew of himself. You should at least look at that one. Seriously. Oh my god, Bono.  -Express
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  1. I’m going to Disney World next week (WHAAT?) and I’m very glad I’m missing out on the Star Wars land. Just thinking about seeing all those Chewbaccas in the Florida sun is making me break out in sympathy sweat.

  2. Maybe it’s called “Hello Ghost” because it’s about a ghost who just says “hello” to everybody all the time.

  3. Benedict Cumberbatch seems to think he is Vincent Cassel

  4. Has Bono been hanging out with James Franco recently?

  5. Good grief, Bono. Somehow when I was a kid I thought you were possibly the coolest guy in the universe. Your status continues to drop considerably as I (we) get older.

  6. Let’s all make Bono-style self-portraits!

  7. I’m in awe at how angry that Bono portrait makes me.

  8. Wait a second, I think I saw that movie when it was Australian:


    The worst part is, this is the 2nd time Adam Sandler has ripped off a Paul Hogan movie:


    Adam Sandler! Your choice of inspiration is questionable!

  9. Ok Gene Wilder OBVIOUSLY Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a classic, no one is disputing that. But also, the book is called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and that is what the 2005 Tim Burton movie is – based on the book. I happened to enjoy it more as a avid fan of all things Roald Dahl. I think we can all agree that while your version is great, everyone I’ve ever known has fast forwarded through ‘Cheer up Charlie’ because that song was awful. So let’s just all agree they are 2 different movies and one is based on the book and one is based on you (Gene) being amazing. Enjoy them both for what they are.

    Side note: as a super anal alphabetical DVD organizer, it pains me SO MUCH that these movies are so far apart in my collection. Grr, just grr.

    • I have this eternal DVD alphabetizing dilemma about what order to put Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights in because Shanghai Knights is the sequel but K comes before N! I have changed my mind about this several times.

    • A) These are childrens’ movies, why do you even have them mixed in with your super anal DVDs?

      B) Is your name from a fan fiction wherein Al and Sam get married? Because that would be FANTASTIC.

      C) The real problem with EITHER adaptation, and probably the book, too (although I haven’t read it in about 20 years so I can’t be sure) is that Charlie was a real piece of shit. He was EASILY worse than any of those other kids. He’s basically the most terrible protagonist of all time.

      • Can you elaborate? I want to read a Charlie hatchet job.

        • It was well-established that Charlie’s family was poor. Not like “we should only eat things if we can get a coupon for them” poor, but “we can’t even afford the coupons” poor. They could just barely scrape by enough to survive. Little piece of shit Charlie happens to find some money, and does he use it to buy enough ramen to feed his family for a day? FUCK NO! He buys chocolate for himself! What a little asswipe!

    • I organize DVDs by box color. It looks really good on the shelf and it’s surprising how easily you remember the color of each title you want to find.

      It also helps to keep a master list in a word doc or excel — ideally, one alphabetical list so you can check quickly to see if you already own something you want to buy, and one list in rank order, because nothing is funner than ranking your collection.

      This is my system. I own about 700 DVDs.

    • I will dispute the status of WWATCF as a classic. I didn’t watch it as a child, so I came to it as an adult (this is an important caveat for many films).

      I find it profoundly dull. The pacing sucks. Gene Wilder is awesome because he always is. That doesn’t mean I’m going to ever rewatch fucking See No Evil, Hear No Evil. The music is fine in places, but mostly it’s dated. Again, I acknowledge I came to this with an adult mindset.

      I thought Burton’s version was amazing. Johnny Dep’s bonkers acting choices, aloofness and casual cruelty were terrific. The set design was gorgeous. I really enjoyed myself.

      It’s not as if I would own or regularly rewatch the film, but I think it stands up well to the ‘classic.’

    • I used to own a couple hundred DVDs and obsess about ranking them. I do not regret selling them all and just watching Netflix.

    • Let’s not be so hard on Bono.

      He drew that with his feet.

  10. I love that Bono thinks he needs to draw our attention to the fact that he wears J-Lo’s sunglasses from 2003. Settle down, Bono, we noticed the second you walked in.

    • That’s for the benefit of the people who got bored and stopped paying attention before he managed to get out of that lemon.

    • He somehow managed to get to the point where his image now 100% revolves around obnoxious shades. He is nothing now but a giant pair of blowhard glasses.

  11. The Videogum Movie Club is cancelled! OK, just kidding, I don’t have the authority to do that. But I did see Man of Steel earlier today. If only Superman could have saved me from watching that movie! (If you think that’s a poorly written line, you just wait! Hahaha…Villiams!)

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