There have been many phone conversations in many movies over the years, but it is widely agreed that this is the very best one. (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. bet willimas isn’t so upset about that whole “prism” thing now.

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  2. Someone call the NSA!

    Oh never mind guys, they already heard.

  3. The biggest twist comes when the phone rings, and even though there are TWO telephones sitting on the desk, he reaches behind the desk for a THIRD TELEPHONE! There were three phones the whole time!

  4. I’m glad W/Villiams said it wasn’t a bank because I thought it might’ve been, or else.

  5. If Williams doesn’t give money for necessities, the guy should have said it was just for funsies instead. “JK, I just want to buy a luxury item.”

  6. I would 100% watch this whole movie.

  7. Mystery caller’s next move is obvious: stop those letters from being posted until his demands are met!

  8. man, these kickstarter videos are getting real weird.

  9. I deal with many Indian firms and will never stop laughing when email sign offs read “please do the needful and obliged.”

  10. Which guy is more planet, do you think?

  11. Also, that head tilt before he says “immediately” is killing me.

  12. Corey Tieger  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2013 +1

    What movie is this? I think I want to see all of it.

  13. i think it’s comforting to know that asking your parents for money plays out the same in other cultures, too

  14. I didn’t know Perd Hapley directed films.

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