• Behind the scenes on The Great Gatsby. -ONTD
  • Just a week after his first reddit AMA, Ethan Hawke is back being asked more anything with Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater. Just a charming bunch. -Reddit
  • In honor of the Olsen twins’ birthday, which is today, Happy Birthday!, Refinery29 put together a critical reading of some of the twins’ most important work in film. -Refinery29
  • MTV is going to play music videos on the fourth of July. What’s a music video? Tune it to find out! -CBS
  • Jack Nicholson had Maria Menounos and Dane Cook kicked out of a Lakers game. It certainly barely matters why, the sentence is enough, but plz head over to FilmDrunk to find out why. -FilmDrunk
  • You can now play an Arrested Development-themed two-on-two fighting game called Bluthfighter. Do you want to? I don’t know! I don’t want to, but we’re different people! -AVClub
  • Want to watch three minutes of Under The Dome? You can! -/Film
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  1. An afternooon linklater, if you will.

  2. No Olsen Twins retrospective is complete without To Grandmother’s House We Go, which has a place in my heart because my friend’s father declared, “I can’t watch this shit,” and stormed off five minutes in.

  3. “This feature film is a classic coming-of-age tale à la David Copperfield” is a very generous summary for a movie that contains the line “I dinged her with a bounce-bounce in numbers lab.”

  4. Dearest Maria Menounos,

    Fascinating story on Conan, Ms. Menounos – whoever you are. Very interesting and very well told. At no point during your thrill-a-minute ride did I feel like driving industrial staples into my thighs and waiting as the seeping blood began to cool. You seem relatable. I can just tell how down-to-earth you are. If there is one person with whom I’d like to be trapped in an elevator containing nothing but the two of us, a box of Malbec and our thoughts, it’d be you. In the three minutes that it took to watch this story (a story which I’m sure is now being fast-tracked for adaptation by Universal – obviously starring you ;) ), I realized that I would love to pull a Breakfast Club and just be trapped for an entire day to you where we sort out our demons and leave with a greater understanding of the indifferent cosmos into which we’ve been thrust.

    I in no way regret looking at your face and listening to your voice say something about front row seats and Dane Cook for a solid three minutes.

    Call me,
    That One

  5. You actually can’t play the Arrested Development game, it’s just a video.

  6. Guys. I’m not gonna make it. You would not believe the slurping/smacking/chewing noises coming from the cube next to me. Seriously. Coughing and hacking is at least involuntary. This is absurd. Today will be the day I snap…I can feel it… Must be strong…must be strong.

  7. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that the Olsen twins are only two years younger than me. Possibly because they still look like tiny children, albeit chain-smoking, caftan-wearing, creepy French guy-dating ones.

    • I was born only four days apart from them so I always considered myself to be their long-lost triplet from a super-intense labor. Or at least that’s what I say when people ask why I’ve seen all of their made-for-TV movies.

  8. Thank you, Jack, thank you.

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