As the opening notes began to play, I grabbed the mouse and fast-forwarded past the song. “Hey! I was listening to that,” Kenan objected from the couch, and launched into his own rendition of “Way Down in the Hole.” But hadn’t we just heard it? No matter; Kenan couldn’t get enough. As we worked our way through all five seasons of “The Wire,” this division became more apparent.

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  1. I’ve totally been skipping the Homeland intro, but I never skip the Adventure Time one.

    • I never skipped Veronica Mars, because that intro song is one of the best. If I ever watched Pete & Pete on Netflix, I wouldn’t skip that one either.

  2. It is such a pain in the ass to skip forward or backward in Netflix that I just grit my teeth and do my best to power through the 30 seconds of music.

    • Yeah, the Netflix scrubber thing is good at getting you slightly too far forward or backward for whatever you were trying to do. The opening titles on most modern shows are so short anyway that it hardly seems worth it.

      If you’re getting sick of the opening credits from seeing them so many episodes in a row it probably means you need ot stop watching TV and do something else for a while anyway.

  3. All of the songs on Dawson’s on Netflix are weird. My friends would have very specific memories of hearing some song or another during a particular scene, and then when that scene would come on, it’d be some knock-off 90s-ish sounding thing.

    However, as I’ve expressed many times, I will never not watch the OC opening. It’s cathartic.

    • The OC feels like a million years ago. It used to actually be a big deal when you found out certain bands were going to be featured.

      • It was a million years ago!

        I remember I felt hella cool when The Walkmen were on, because I already had a Walkmen CD and no one else knew who they were.

      • I was a big fan of the episode where they all go to the Rooney concert, and Seth’s mom is like “What if they’re death rockers?”

  4. Sometimes you just have to watch the opening credits! You just HAVE to! They’re too good!

    • What are everyone’s favorite opening credits? Mine are from Rome, that HBO tv show where sometimes James Purefoy was naked.

    • Parks & Red, Mad Men, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Community, The Office.

      They are catchy and I have a good time with it. If I watch tv with my mom, she likes to mute the tv at random moments to see if I can keep my doo-doo-doodling in time with the music.

    • I also really liked how they did the opening credits in the first three seasons of Weeds, with a different singer or band doing the song every time. And on that subject, the rare occasions when Psych switches it up are always fantastic.

    • Laverne and Shirley. Golden Girls. Talespin. I can’t get enough of those songs.

  5. This is unrelated to anything, but I feel more or less outraged, and I thought I’d warn anybody else who bothers to read my garbled rants.

    Yahoo just prompted me to switch over to their new e-mail, and since I was looking for the hidden opportunity to decline, I found something that was even more hidden in tiny type at the bottom:

    “To opt out of interest-based and contextual-based advertising resulting from scanned and analyzed communications content, click here. ”


    I should have to opt IN to that shit, not out!

  6. HBO has the best and worst opening credits. Game of Thrones is insanely long (I always skip it), as are classics like The Sopranos or Deadwood, while Girls and Curb Your Enthusiasm use these little punchy moments and then just drop you right into the story.

    I prefer the Girls model. Perhaps, when live-watching, there’s something to the excitement one might feel at the strains of the Mad Men theme, but considering how intense time real estate is on TV, it seems indulgent to have long-form old-school credits.

    Even movies have caught up. I remember how great the Hannah and Where the Wild Things Are credits were specifically because they were like quick accent marks that didn’t kill the momentum of the storytelling.

    • I like girl models, too.

    • Cue someone ranting about how you HAVE to watch the Game of Thrones opening credits because of the location changes in 3, 2, 1….

    • Scream was the first movie I remember in which there was just a short, punchy title card. I saw it in theater and remember how exciting it was, like we were being told, “Alright no time to fuck around, let’s get right to it.”

      • I may be wrong, but I’m pretty certain that C Nolanz doesn’t mess around with titles – after the DC comics intros, the Batman movies are all just like “we are about to do some batmanning, get your shit together, no time for titles.” And the more I thought about that (because I just watched a little of Batman Begins today) the more I realized I don’t remember any of his other films having them either.

        • Inception has a title card, right before the beginning of the movie. I think the Syncopy logo rearranges to say Inception or something like that.

          • But then, later on, when you’re sleeping, a full 15 minute animated title sequence plays in your dreams, and you can never forget who the 2nd best boy grip was….

        • That’s what gives so much energy to the end title cards. Each begininning Batman insignia is a slow creep (the bats, the explosion, the ice cracking) while the story goes slow burn to rapid boil. Love it. There’s an art to the title sequence, but there’s also an art to the lack of a title sequence.

      • The last movie I can recall having a full title sequence rather than the name of the movie just appearing on the screen was Napoleon Dynamite.

  7. I think for the Wire you are required to watch the opening theme once per season, because the song changes are cool and I find sort of relevant to the changes season to season, particularly season 4, which I believe was done specifically for The Wire.

  8. “Looking back just a few years, the habits of the American television viewer seem downright bizarre. Once a week, the viewer would clear her schedule at a time determined by a bunch of network executives somewhere far, far away” blah blah blah

    Hmm, I dunno, though, is that really so bizarre? A lot of people seem to do it even now afaict! Millennials. Am I right?

    Also, wasn’t there an almost as loopy long period where people watched “DVD”s which allowed them to skip the credits too? Even more easily than on Netflix?

  9. Did anybody else watch “Rev” on Hulu. It’s a delight. And I love the opening song. short, fun and to the point. I’m singing right now in my head.

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